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This amazing and best quality headphone was released on 23rd January 2014. All around, it only cost $99 USD (United States Dollar). It’s cable dimension is around 1.2cm(centimetre). It only weighs 240g. This product’s model number is AUD ATH-M40X. And most people asked about its waterproof feature, and sadly it’s not waterproof property. It has more than one cable. If someone is using this Audio-Technica ATH-M40x and if they have large ears, they will find the ATH-M40X accommodating. Audio Technica m40x is one the best headphone under 10000

As this product has synthetic ear pads, they keep on heating. It’s atrocious for those who are wearing glasses. It is an oversized puddle spinner. It has a ¼ inch accessory. It has cinch bags. It uses an exclusive locking mechanism to secure the cable headset. The skilful design prevents the cable from ripping out, but it also makes replacement a bit costly. 

When you wear these headphones, you feel as if it does not properly fit on your ears, but there is no issue in that it just takes a little time and then it fits your ears properly. If we discuss design and elegance, it’s the best example you’ll ever get. And it’s really very simple. And it’s really low impedance at just 30 ohms. 

The frequency range is from 15 thousand to 25 thousand hertz. It provides adjustable cables. It is closed back. It does not have a hard case for mobility. The carrying bag that you get with these Audio-Technica ATH-M40x headphones looks cool. 


  • Brand: – Audio Technica
  • Model: – ATH M40 X
  • Connectivity: – Wired
  • Form Factor: – Over the ear

Key Features


audio technica m40x review

Its features seem studio-friendly. It has a large headset. It’s an odalisque headphone. It has a 40mm dynamic driver. 

It’s two to three metres long and has 3.5mm audio cables in which one is straight, and another one is coiled. It is the topmost in terms of design and the way it is structured. 

Material is made up of heavy-duty plastic with an aluminium chaplet and aluminium extender. If you observe headphones, it feels as if they are solid and strong. It has elegant earcups. If you use this for a few hours also, then you don’t sweat because the material is airy enough. 

The colour available for these headphones is only one, and that’s black, and it suits the most. It rotates up to 90 degrees. It has clear indicators For the left ear and right ear, and it gives L and R markings which are located on the inner side of the headdress, so they can’t be easily visible. 

Two ambulatory cable options connect to the left ear cup. The coiled cable measures 4-10 feet (1.2-3 meters), and the straight cable is 10 feet(3 meters). 


It does not have that much louder bass. If you are using these headphones and if anyone sitting next to or beside you will have an idea of what you are listening to. It has high-pitched incidental sounds around 6 to 8 kHz. 

It has a quite low frequency. It has an audible bass. A lot of people want bass-heavy and bass- louder sounds. The upper midrange notes are clear and accurate. Overall it has astonishing sound quality. These headphones are an example of Excellent pair of monitoring headphones.

Audio-Technica ATH-M40x has another level of clear sound quality. Its frame is built strongly. The frequency response of Audio-Technica ATH-M40x closely follows our consumer curve. It’s an enthusiast headset. But some audiophiles refer to it as flat, but the output given by this headphone isn’t exactly the same. Sound quality is not perfect enough for a critical analysis. 


audio technica m40x review

The only way to connect Audio Technica Ath M40X is using a wire. There is no wireless system in Audio Technica Ath M40X. Though you will not face the issue of losing connection, there is a high chance that the wires get tangled.


It’s really very easy to wear the headset for hours, and you don’t feel any discomfort while using this product. It’s a really very comfortable experience while using these headphones for music or any other purpose. 

If there is someone who has a medium head size or small size so this will fit on their head exactly. These are the over the ear headphones. It is closed, and it is back designed. It has quite effective noise isolation. 

Audio Technica m40x review

These ear cups perfectly sit on the ears to give a good fit. The cushioning on it is thick. It feels comfortable when you wear this over your ears. The diadem looks luxurious. And it also looks classy with the Corporation logo. 

They also take care that while you wear these headphones, there is a space between your ears and the ear cups. And due to this gap, one feels more comfortable. Axle ear cups and quality detachable cables are of extra benefit. 

Noise cancellation

It’s not an active noise cancelling device. And if you want to avoid background noises, you must fit these ear pads around your ear perfectly. 


 This Audio-Technica ATH-M40x works amazingly in studio and office type environments. Because of the large and bulky design, they aren’t the best when you are travelling. The 

Hinge and rotatory design allow them to fold up. The copper-clad aluminium wire connecting these two earcups drivers can be damaged from a lot of bending or adjustment. The wires are adjustable, so one can replace them whenever one wants.

This type of headphones is most popular for music systems. It makes a separate Bluetooth adapter/amplifier (BAL-M40x), so it can be used to quickly convert these wired headphones to wireless operation.


Audio Technica ATH M-40X comes with a warranty of 3 years that is pretty good in this price range.


The main question you might be wondering is the cost of Audio Technica Ath M40X. So, it costs only 99$, which is pretty less considering the features and sound quality.


  1. One the best sound quality it provides, which you’ll get over from other headphones.
  2. Another feature I would like to add is it will last a long time which any other headphones could or could not.
  3. It provides many different and vast ranges In frequency response.
  4. You can rotate this headphone and turn the ear cups freely.
  5. It has a clear sound quality.
  6. They are highly movable.
  7. They are highly durable
  8. They are made up of pro-grade material.


  1. It’s large and heavy compared to other headphones 
  2. Earpads (act as cushioning and provide grip) heat up a lot over time. 
  3. It does not have the best isolation 
  4. It’s not the best choice for bass heads.
  5. The carrying case that comes with the headphones feels a little fragile.
  6. The cables used in this material are exclusive. And we aren’t allowed to use any other cable in this device 
  7. Impedance is low
  8. Ear cups rotate only 90 degrees
  9. Cables are so long that Can be cumbersome anytime.

Should we buy Audio Technica Ath M40X?

Audio Technica Ath M40X is a headphone full of features and is a great choice if your budget is under 100$. Audio Technica Ath M40X has impressive sound quality, and as a music lover, you would definitely enjoy hearing music or watching movies with these headphones. The design and comfort are also good, which gives a premium feel to the user.

On the other hand, Audio Technica Ath M40X heats up fast. There are no touch controls or a good microphone. So if you are considering it to attend calls or meetings, then you will get disappointed. So we if you want a headphone for gaming or to attend calls then you can go for A Audio Technica ATH G1 which has low latency rate and the microphone quality is also good.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Audio Technica Ath M40X block outside noise?

Audio Technica Ath M40X is not a noise-cancelling headphone and so if you do not ear the headphones properly, you will hear a lot of background noise. Audio Technica Ath M40X still comes with passive noise cancellation, but at this price range, noise-cancelling must be there.

Is Audio Technica Ath M40X good for gaming?

 Audio Technica Ath M40X is not for gaming. The latency rate is high in Audio Technica Ath M40X, and you would feel latency while gaming. So it is advisable that you buy Audio Technica Ath G1 for gaming.

Is Audio Technica Ath M40X waterproof?

There has been no IP rating of Audio Technica Ath M40X, which shows it is waterproof or not. But Audio Technica Ath M40X is sweatproof, so you can easily use it during gym or exercise.

How is the sound quality of Audio Technica Ath M40X?

The sound quality of Audio Technica Ath M40X is quite balanced with good bass. 

Final Verdict

So, this was a detailed review of Audio Technica Ath M40X, and we hope that you got a clear idea about these headphones. For your better examination, we have added pros and cons about Audio Technica Ath M40X, which will help you know if this headphone is for you or not. 

So if you liked this review of Audio Technica Ath M40X, do share it with your friends, and if you have any queries, you can mention it in the comment section and we will try to resolve it soon.

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