5 Best Earphones Brand in India to Look forward to in 2021

If you are Indian and you want to know about the best earphones brand in India, read this article. Here, we have given detailed information about the top 5 earphone brands.

As you all know, the Indian government banned china products in India and the Indian community also supports the Indian government. Hence, as Indians, we boycott china products.

Now here is the main challenge that has come up, now, all people want to buy Indian brand earphones/headphones. However, they don’t know about the best earphones brand in India.

So they look forward to watching YouTube videos or reading blogs. However, everyone has come up with a different list, and making a decision has become a huge task before buying one.

Well, you don’t require worrying as the earphones market will give you correct knowledge about the best earphones brand in India. The following are the five of the best earphone brands in India.

You will be able to select the one with excellent sound quality, comfort, and an overall superior listening experience within your budget.

I hope this mini-guide will help a bit in your ambiguity of choosing a desired pair of earphones. So without wasting your time let me give you the first Indian earphone or headphone brand name that is boAt. 

Best Earphones Brand in India


For the current generation, earphones have become their comrade and a solution to escape from the world at least for while. Whether you are an introvert or a party person, a great pair of earphones is a companion for all.

But it is also a fact that listening to music becomes an entertaining and joyful experience only when it is accompanied by amazing sound quality.

And from the number of brands available in the market now, has created a lot of dilemmas among consumers in choosing the right pair of earphones.

boAt company got launched in 2015. We all know that boAt headphones sound quality is one of the best sound quality in the good price range.

We also all know that boat earphones and headphones design is super cool and the price range is also very reasonable. Here, I am giving you some boat earphones list, which are really popular in India:

  • BASSHEADS 225: This earphone is priced around 600 and we all know that this is the oldest earphone but still now; this earphone comes in list best earphones under 600 (you can check this list).
  • boAt Rockerz 255: This earphone’s price is around 1500 to 2000. This is a wireless earphone and one of the best sport wireless earphones under 2000 in India (you can check this list).
  • boAt Airdopes 201 TWS: This is a wireless earbud and the price of these earbuds is around 2500. Moreover, this is one of the best earbuds under 2500 price range.
  • boAt Rockerz 510: This is a wireless Bluetooth headphone and this headphone is specially designed for a gamer. However, you can use it for music also and this headphone price is around 2000 and this is one the best headphone under 2000 you can check this list.
  • boAt Nirvanaa 717 ANC: This is a Bluetooth headphone with active noise cancellation

Boult Audio

Boult Audio is a high-end consumer electronics company. It focuses on the designs and manufacturing of innovative audio products along with supreme comfort.

This is the most favorite Indian brand among celebrities and is considered to be one of the best earphones brands in India.

Though it is an Indian origin brand it is known to have to manufacture its products in China.

However, this brand claims to provide a powerful and enhanced audio listening experience.

The sound delivered through these earphones is well-engineered and crafted which gives lets you into an outstanding experience.

This brand provides a wide range of products from wireless headphones to TWS, and the most popular, in-ear earphones.

Boult Audio offers earphone models for both professionals and casuals at an affordable price.

This makes it a go-to choice while searching for an Indian origin earphone.

Here, I am giving you some Boult Audio earphones list that is really popular in India:

  • AirBass Combuds Bluetooth Headset
  • BassBuds Storm Wired Headset

Pro Bass Curve Pro Bluetooth Headset


It is an Indian origin company, founded back in 1997 in Chennai (India).

Zebronics deals with Indian Audio, IT & Gaming Peripherals, Mobile/ Lifestyle Accessories, Power Solutions, Healthcare & Surveillance Solutions.

This way, it provides products with Great design, performance yet within your budget.

Also, Zebronics focuses on quality as a priority and on the design of the product. You bring home a product you can rely on.

When it comes to earphones, they are known to offer highly affordable products.

They are worth checking out, for delivering ultimate performance with pro-level bass and sonics. It would send shivers you’re your spine.

With many useful features such as an in-line microphone, volume control, metallic earpieces, and strong and long-lasting cables, earphones from this brand are integrated into all of their broad product range i.e. wireless as well as wired earphones.

Moreover, the prices are specifically budgeted to make these products accessible for everyday use. Furthermore, the overall quality always remains consistent. Some good Zebronics earphones involve:

  • Zebronics ZEB-BRO Wired Headset
  • Zeb-lark Bluetooth Headset
  • ZEB-Thunder Bluetooth Headset


PTron is an electronics and mobile accessories company of Indian origin founded in 2014 and headquartered in Hyderabad, India.

Though it has been manufacturing its products in China, it’s only in August 2019 that PTron announced its intention of setting an assembly plant in Hyderabad.

This was due to the ongoing Make in India movement, which will be designed to handle two-thirds of its manufacturing requirements.

It is a youth-oriented brand. This offers the best quality mobile accessories and earphones ranked among the highest on Amazon, which speaks loads about its quality.

They provide some of the latest and the best high bass and stereo sound.

They further comprise wireless or wired earphones with or without a microphone as per your requirements.

This brand focuses on providing an incredibly clear and satisfying high-resolution audio experience featuring.

This involves 4-D deep bass dual drivers in most models. With well-designed features for better comfort and music experience, their earphones can be worn all day with ease.

Here is a PTron earphones list you can opt for:

  • Avento Pro v4.2 Sports Earbuds
  • Spunk True Wireless Ear Pods Headset (comes with Bluetooth option and Mic)


Portronics Digital Private Limited is an Indian origin company, incorporated on 07 Jun 2010.

Portronics is known to be the very first company that gave the idea of introducing our Indian technology to offer Innovative Portable Bluetooth speakers, earphones, car accessories, hubs & cables, power banks, and many more.

After years of working and development, currently, Portronics is a class-leading provider of Innovative, Digital, and Portable Solutions and gadgets who are committed to offering quality, simplicity & elegance in all of their products.

And when it comes to earphones it sells a variety of wireless earphones, headphones, and other sound systems with a budget-friendly price range.

Yes, indeed, there are hardly a very few Pure “Made In India” brands available in the Indian market right now but with such increasing demand, that time is not that far when all Indians brands will be manufacturing their products with materials produced in India itself.

Some good Portronics earphones involve:

  • Harmonics Klip 4
  • Harmonics 300
  • Harmonics 224


Evidson is an Indian company that originated in Cochin, India back in 2015, just after the launching of the ‘Make in India’ program in our country. Evidson is a company that manufactures all its headphones completely in India.

And when we say completely it also includes the rest of things like design and R&D.

Apart from these neither they manufacture in neither China nor do they use any of their parts.

If your searching for a 100% manufactured true Indian brand then Evidson is there for you.

So, without any doubt, this brand is going to help you in the ongoing boycott of China campaign.

Now with years, the company has earned a good reputation among its customers.

Now if we talk about its quality it is known for its strong, consistent sound with rich bass. 

It gives you the same outstanding experience which you find in most of the other popular brands within the same range.

Besides, it comes with an inline mic that is handy when it comes to phone calls.

Final words

Now get your perfect pair of earphones and travel into a world of heaven with your serene music experience.

Comfort, sound quality (audio codec’s), driver size, noise cancellation, and adaptability to gaming are some of the common features.

You should be looking for these before purchasing your earphones.

Note: Earphone brands create a lot of difference from local earphones. This is because they hardly compromise with their quality. They can be trustworthy of providing a good value for money.

A lot of people may say that brand is not everything for a perfect pair of earphones. Moreover, you may also have noticed them claiming them to be too expensive.

Well, let them try your favorite pair of earphones for a while to set themselves into a new world experience.

After all what good is listening to music without a superior audio quality for a heavenly musical experience?

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