Best earphones under 200

If you want to purchase a earphone and your budget is low and you are looking for best earphones under 200 with mic, then you are in right place.

In earphonesmarket you get all the best earphone under your budget range, you can search in the search bar like best earphones under 300 or best earphones under 500

The market is flooded with various different kinds of earphones and finding the cheapest and Best earphones under 200 with mic is really something which is pretty hard for everybody.

There are a whole lot of different options available in this segment and finding the best deal will really save a lot of bucks for sure.

It has been a challenging issue for every user to search for low-priced earphones with superb sound quality.

That’s why in this article, we will be providing our readers a fantastic list of five different options that are probably the best in this segment.

Best Earphones under 200 with mic

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#1. Clavier Neo in-Ear

CLAVIER Neo Wired in Ear...
  • Excellent Design in 2019: It's combined with...
  • Perfect Stereo : It has perfect stereo sound...
  • Lightweight : Ergonomic and ultra-lightweight...

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  • Looks pretty sleek and stylish.
  • Reasonable price and better quality.
  • An ideal choice for listening to music during workout sessions.
  • Ultra-Lightweight with external noise cancellation feature.
  • Compatibility with almost every smartphone in the market.


  • It is not waterproof.

Moreover, it doesn’t cover any kind of warranty period.

These earphones by Clavier are built with one of the finest quality that makes them a high-end product.

They are priced for just INR199 on Amazon from where you can grab this deal in just two clicks.

Let’s explore more about these earphones and find out what’s special in them:

Build Quality

The build quality of the Clavier Neo earphones is pretty decent and users are quite satisfied with its performance.

These earphones are designed with solid sound-insulating material which simply reduces the external noise to a great extent.

On top of that, sound leakage is minimized because of its high-end quality build material that provides a great continuous experience of music listening.

These earphones also feature an in-line controller for easy tasking to play or pause music tracks in one go.

The Microphone which is the main center of attraction in this cheap-priced segment of earphones works really fine.

Voice quality captured by the mic is great and users can use these earphones continuously to attend calls or seminars.  

Users can also use these earphones for listening to music while traveling.

They are quite rigid and will not break down anyhow soon.

However, their working validity is not too long and they will stop working after some time if you don’t care for them properly.

Many customers have faced this issue while there are also many customers who say that their earphones have been working fine for months.

So, no doubt that these earphones are quite worth the purchase especially when build quality is concerned.

Sound Quality

The superb build quality of these earphones also contributes towards a better sound quality as well.

Needless to say, users can enjoy listening to music with these earphones continuously for hours without having any issues.

The sound is quite loud and clear with a high bass experience.

Furthermore, its sleek and stylish design is quite impressive for these earphones.

It comes with a universal 3.5mm connector which is compatible with almost every smartphone.    

#2. pTron HBE5 Raptor

PTron HBE5 Raptor in-Ear Stereo Sound Wired Headphones with Mic
  • Ergonomic Design; Passive Noise Cancellation;...
  • Universal 3.5mm Audio Jack; Wide...
  • 6 months manufacturer warranty from the date...

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  • Superb build quality with excellent super bass.
  • Available in a stylish multi-color design.
  • Featured with Noise Cancellation and powered by 10mm dynamic drivers.
  • 6-months manufacturer warranty.
  • In-Line remote for easy accessibility to respond to calls and other activities.


  • The sound quality is not so good.
  • Less wire length is also among one of its major drawbacks.  

These earphones are another very great choice for users who have a very limited budget.

pTron HBE5 earphone features a wide range of magnificent specifications that makes it a great fit for this list.  

Let’s have a quick look over the detailed specs:

Build Quality

Build Quality of pTron HBE5 Raptor earphones is quite good in this price segment.

But on the other side, the sound quality and bass quality are not too good.

Powerful dynamic drivers of these earphones deliver a decent music streaming experience.

The microphone also works quite well and users can attend their important calls and meetings easily with their earphones.

Build material of these earphones is of high-end quality which makes it quite a perfect product in terms of build quality.

That’s why pTron HBE5 earphones are definitely worth purchasing mainly because of their great build quality.

Sound Quality

There are some issues with Sound quality as we already mentioned above.

But I really think that it is acceptable because the product is available at such a low price on Amazon for the customers. 

Users can also use these earphones for streaming music during workout sessions.

On top of that, the overall working life of these earphones is also very good which makes it quite a good choice for the second spot in this list. 

#3. pTron HBE6 Headphone

pTron HBE6 Headphone...
  • In-ear stereo wired earphones with 10mm...
  • In-line Remote Control with Mic, Music & Call...
  • Erogonomic design; passive noise...

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  • Available in multicolor options with a sleek and stylish design.
  • Powerful 10mm dynamic driver for extra bass. 
  • In-line music controller for direct Mic access and music controls.
  • Comes with a 6-months manufacturer’s warranty period.
  • Compatible with all smartphones.


  • It might stop working soon when it is used continuously for hours.
  • The Noise Cancellation feature doesn’t work up to the expectations.

This earphone product by pTron is another very astonishing choice available on Amazon that costs around INR 200.

It has a superb build quality and sound quality with powerful super bass.

Let’s have a quick look at its detailed specs:

Build Quality

The build quality of HBE6 earphones is literally a magnificent feature for their massive popularity.

The wire length of the earphones is around 1 meter and it is quite durable and strong.

Moreover, the ergo fit design of these earphones provides a great sense of pleasure and comfort while using them on a regular basis.

Neatly packed earphones will be delivered to your doorstep with proper billing and warranty card.

Microphone works pretty fine and users are quite satisfied with its functionality according to the overall reviews.

Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality, HBE6 headphones are considered one of the finest products in the market.

It delivers a constant high bass music streaming experience because of its powerful dynamic drivers and highly adjustable sleek fit design.

The music streaming experience is enhanced exponentially while using them during workout sessions.

At this price range, I would really appreciate the sound quality which these earphones deliver to their valuable customers.

That’s why overall pTron HBE6 earphones are really a very worthy choice for this segment of under INR 200 picks.  

#4. uBon GPR 411

ubon Earphones Universal...
  • Wired Earphones with Mic is designed for...
  • Headphones with Mic is designed to provide a...
  • Earphone Wired is made of light weight metal...

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  • Comes with a complete 6-months warranty and it is compatible with all smartphones of every Brand.
  • A great choice for long hours of continuous usage.
  • Comfortable design with lightweight metal finish.
  • Best-in-class powerful bass experience with magnificent sound quality.


  • No proper packaging of these earphones by uBon.
  • Issues with both wire length and overall build quality.
  • Not recommended for longer lifetime validity.

These earphones are another very commendable choice of this segment which can be as worthy as buying expensive earphones.

Overall music streaming quality and brand value of these earphones makes it an interesting choice over other options.

Below are its detailed specs that you should look on it:

Build Quality

The build quality is not too good as per the expectations from uBon.

Many users have complained about the related issues with the wire quality of the earphones.

Moreover, it might stop working if not used properly with care due to excess stretching of low-quality wire.

However, it would definitely keep working if you handle it and use it with proper care.

Its performance is good, especially in this price range.

Customers can ignore the build quality issues for short-term use as it comes with a full 6-months brand warranty.

Sound Quality

When it comes to the sound quality, then it is definitely one of the champions of this segment.

Basically, the powerfully driven drivers of these earphones deliver constant power to the earphone plugs and because of that, users get a pleasant music experience.       

An in-line Microphone with a multifunctional control button is also available. Overall, a great music product for music lovers with awesome sound quality.

#5. EDICT by Boat EEP01

EDICT by Boat EEP01 Wired...
  • 1 year warranty from the date of purchase
  • EEP01 pumps out pure powerful bass via its...
  • Get ready to scale any terrain with your...

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  • High-end build quality with superb sound quality and powerful bass.
  • Lightweight and Securefit aerodynamic earbuds with proper fitting.
  • Powerful 10mm dynamic drivers for extra bass with super music effects.
  • Tangle-free cable with a large length and high durability.
  • One-year brand warranty with easy returns/exchange.


  • It is available only in a Single color option.
  • Compatibility issues with a few smartphones as per the user’s reviews.  

Last but not least, this earphone option is yet another very high-quality product in the market.

It is always in high demand among the customers and that’s why you will usually see this product out of stock most of the time.

Let’s have a quick look at its specifications:

Build Quality

EDICT EEP01 has a great build quality due to its high-end manufacturing material.

Earphone wire is pretty strong and highly durable.

It can also be used while doing workout sessions or exercises in the gym.

Hassle-free controls over the calls and music volume via the in-line music controller.

Sound Quality

Without any second thought, the Sound quality of EDICT EEP01 is really good.

It is driven with powerful bass and clear music with comprehensive in-ear fitting.

Music lovers will surely have a great experience with these earphones, especially those who are fond of listening to music continuously for hours.


To conclude this article on a good note, we would highly recommend our readers to go for one of these 5 options.

Because of their high popularity in the market, these earphones have a high sales volume.

The options in this list are specially added for our readers who have a very strict budget.

You may leave your thoughts about these earphone options in the comments section below.

To contribute more towards this list, don’t forget to mention your ideal earphone option other than these listed ones.

These earphones may not give a feel of 1000 rupees earphones, but at the price of 200, they won’t disappoint you.

As you all know that 200 price budget is very low so we can’t expect too much from these earphones. but in this price range these are the top 5 best earphones you can consider.

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