Top 3 New Best Earphones under 300

With each passing day, our world is becoming more tech-savvy. Hence, everyone wants to upgrade their technological devices quickly and effortlessly.

The need for such updates in the market has given rise to stiff competition over different companies in the market.

These tech advancements and products are not only bringing more comfort to the users but also are available at a cheaper price. One of such sections of technology is the earphone segment.

Earphones, which come in different varieties of colors, shapes, and sizes, perform one simple job; that is making our listening experience more immersive as well as real.

The incorporation of small drivers in our ears lets us enjoy music like never before.

Also, you can go through an intense gaming session with no issues. And interestingly, in a very economic price range, they are packed with a tonne of features.

Below is a list of some of the best earphones under 300 rupees range and if you can increase your budget then you can check these best earphones under 600

best earphones under 300 rupees

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#1. Boult Audio BassBuds X1

Boult Audio BassBuds X1 in-Ear Wired Earphones with 10mm Extra Bass Driver
  • In-line Controls: Answer/reject/ calls,...
  • Ergonomically designed drivers: Aerospace...
  • Ear fins for Sport Fit: Ear loop hold your...

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  • In-line controls for audio or calls
  • Ergonomically designed Drivers
  • Earloop for sport fit
  • Neodymium technology for extra bass
  • Built-in microphone
  • Compatibility with almost all the devices
  • The earphone is very lightweight and its attractive design is what attracts most of the customers to buy it
  • The single button for accepting or rejecting any calls and using it to command the assistant is very handy at times
  • The tangle-free cables ensure that there is no mess when the user winds up the earphone in a pile
  • It provides a 1-year manufacturer warranty which is very attractive looking at the price range
  • After prolonged use, the ear hurts a little bit.

The first one in the best earphones under 300 rs in India list is the Audio Bass Buds from Boult.

This is a wired type earphone with an in-ear configuration. It comes with in-line controls that are capable of answering, rejecting, playing, or pausing the music.

The ergonomically designed drivers in the speakers are of aerospace-grade AL alloys.

These are best according to the industry standards giving the best acoustics as well as a sense of 3D sound and punchy bass.

The ear loop provided in the product package is for sport fit, which helps the user hold the buds in-ear with précised stability.

Thus, it helps in making it a perfect companion for different outdoor activities such as running or hiking, or cycling.

Boult has also included the Neodymium technology for the speakers, which lets the drivers give delivery of extra punch as well as deep bass.

This ensures that the drivers enable the users to experience a very deep bass with the Accenture of warm mids as well as crystal clear sounds of sparky highs.

It also has a built-in mic, which is basically a condenser microphone. This allows HD video calls as well as one-tap activation of Siri or Google voice assistants with different voice commands.

Along with all these, Boult also ensured that this earphone syncs and works perfectly with popular electronic devices.

These involve any audio-enabled smartphones or laptops or PCs or Tablets from every brand regardless of the operating system that has been installed in the device.

And the most important highlight, which can attract a lot of attention from the customers, is that it just weighs 50 grams. Moreover, the microphone factor is inline making it a perfect choice for the user. 

#2. Boult Audio Bass Buds Storm-X

Boult Audio BassBuds Storm-X in-Ear Wired Earphones
  • In line controls: This feature allows you to...
  • Compatibility: Compatible with a range of...
  • Drivers: It has neodymium magnet drivers...

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  • Weight is around 50 grams
  • Hardware platform- Laptop, Tablet, smartphone
  • Material type is metal
  • Stylish design
  • Punchy bass and dynamic sounds
  • Neodymium drivers
  • The mids and the highs are pretty accurate with a great punch in the bass.
  • Charming and premium look along with the metallic body.
  • Compatible with almost all the devices.
  • The earbuds tend to fall out while doing any outdoor activity.
  • The metallic earbuds kind of get hot due to the temperature rise in the environment.

The second one in the best budget earphones under 300 list is also designed by Boult and is an in-ear wired type earphone.

Finished with a fully metallic body, this earphone is a complete package of extra bass as well as HD sound that comes with passive noise cancellation.

It could be the charming look or the snug fit in the ear along with tough and steady Kevlar reinforced cable; every little detail about this earphone feels premium.

Now talking about the quality of the sound, it is not just premium in the matter of aesthetics but also is equipped with micro woofers.

Now, these make it capable of providing extra bass as well as 3d acoustics sounds.

The impeccable audio experience can be bliss for any user since it has that immersive in its configuration.

The neodymium magnetic drivers make sure that the user gets an enriched amount of high-quality sounds.

Now going over its technical specifications, it is fully equipped with a passive noise cancellation system.

This enables the user to sustain a long session of music or gaming without any outside world interference.

Moreover, the in-line controls generally allow the user to follow controls such as skipping tracks, pausing any song, or even connecting or rejecting a call.

This in return enables the user experience to be much better by allowing them to complete every essential function without even touching the earphone.

Also, this particular earphone is compatible with a large number of smart devices.

These involve Mac or iOS operated devices, laptops, PCs, and Android phones.

One just simply has to opt for plugging this into just any device, which supports an earphone jack.

These earphones are top-of-the-class engineered and are designed to produce deep bass that further has balanced tones.

Now, these make it suitable for all music playbacks. The details and crispiness in the sound that is delivered are way beyond its competitors. 

#3. WeCool W013

WeCool W013 in Ear Wired Earphones
  • WeCool Introducing the Best Earphones. Easy...
  • WeCool Headset is Covered with 6 Months Brand...
  • Earphones Wired made of Tiny Metallic Earbuds...

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  • Hi-Fi calling facility
  • Built-in microphone
  • Lightweight
  • Noise isolation for better sound
  • Premium metallic body
  • 8 mm dynamic drivers for clear sound
  • Voice assistance activation with one button
  • The design and lightweight are a plus point for this earphone and the long cable is surely a highlight of this product.
  • The earbuds design lets it stay in the ear for long durations
  • The sound quality is pretty decent as compared to its competitors.

The last one on the “best bass earphones under 300 list” is an in-ear wired earphone from WeCool W013.

This gives a rich music experience with a mic for hands-free calling. Along with this, the earphone material is also tangle-free, which makes it super effective when the user puts the earphone in a hurry.

The earphone is equipped with a hi-fi stereo and a built-in microphone for great quality in the calling sounds.

The lightweight and visually stunning design give it a very aesthetic as well as premium look.

The metallic body makes sure that the feel is also top of the class.

This earphone is equipped with 8 mm drivers and the one button on the line can activate any assistant on the smart device.

Also, the anti-fallout design makes sure that the user can get the music experience also while doing any outdoor activity such as running, jumping, or hiking.

Along with all these features, this also has its highlight for being compatible with most of the devices such as windows, android operated devices, and tablets.

This covers 6 months of manufacturer warranty, which can be redeemed anywhere in the world through online customer care service by the company.

It’s made up of very small metallic earbuds which suit the user with a better musical experience.

The headphone with mic also enables the user to go free while talking. The important highlight of this earphone is that it consists of a length of 3 feet.

Now, this is the longest between any known competing earphones in this price segment. 

Conclusion of Best Earphones under 300

The end choice is always up to the user to chose whatever they want from this list for a thrilling audio experience.

The above list is a summary from above all price comparisons among different earphones at this price range with their specific characteristics.

Not every time it is important that a great pair of earphone costs a lot. Sometimes the best technological gadgets come at an economical price when customer searches the usability from it.

However, the customer should always take into account different reviews about the product before going to purchasing it.

This is so that they can be cleared about any confusion about the after buying results from the product.

The consumer should also keep in mind that the warranty and its terms also matter when buying any product.

Thus, after comparing all these little details about every product from the list, the consumer can choose the best suitable earphone for them.

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