5 Best Earphones under 3000

With a vast majority dependent on online calling, zoom meetings, and more, the need for using earphones or non-wired earphones has risen rapidly.

We are constantly bombarded with work calls especially the ones who are still working from home.

So, if you are one of those people, you must invest in a product that will not just help you go through the day at work but also allow you to cut noise so as to not make you feel interrupted at any time.

And hence, enlisted are the 5 best noise-canceling earphones under 3000, which you may consider investing into. incase you don’t like any earphones on this list you can check out 2000rs earphones list

However, make sure to go through their specifications, features, and all details and choose from them depending upon your need.

Best Earphones under 3000 in India 2021

11MORE Single DriverAmazon
2Sony MDR-XB55AP PremiumAmazon
3Sony MDR-XB510ASAmazon
4Marshall 4090939Amazon
5Beyerdynamic Beat Byrd Wired Amazon

1. 1MORE Single Driver

1MORE 1M301 Wired in Ear...
  • Dynamic Driver - Each driver has a triple...
  • Expertly Tuned - 1MORE collaborated with...
  • Comfortable Ergonomic Design - The oblique...

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  • Weighs 15 g
  • The frequency range is between 20 and 20,000 Hz
  • The remote control is provided
  • It’s equipped with double resonators that are further developed in precision metal
  • Good enough soundstage 
  • It’s equipped with a tangle-free cable
  • They ensure phone calling that is crystal clear with MEMS microphone.

Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, this is one of the best Earphones under 3000 rs at present by the 1MORE store.

It means this works with many devices such as iPad, PC, MP3 Player, Macbook, Laptop, iPhone, iPod, Smartphone, etc.

Also, it comes equipped with an in-line mic. Moreover, in order to deliver a bass that is powerful, it comes equipped with a triple-layer diaphragm.

Now, that further comes with aerospace-grade metal (i.e. of titanium grade) so as to ensure providing a good outcome.

Moreover, with the inclusion of intelligent control technology, you are able to select your song, control volume, make calls, and more.

You are provided with the oblique angled fitting for the ear and hence, maximum comfort of wearing them.

This is because they match your ear canals really well and ensure a proper fitting.

Moreover, your ears don’t get into unease when you wear these earphones for long hours as they tend to align with your ears’ curve.

  • Great level of comfort
  • Good sound output along with improved highs as well as mids
  • You can use this anywhere without the hassle
  • It supports every music genre.
  • Its equipped with a hybrid amplifier
  • The sound output could be better

2. Sony MDR-XB55AP Premium

Sony MDR-XB55AP Premium...
  • Headphones made for Electronic Dance Music...
  • In-line mic for hands-free phone calling
  • 12 mm neodymium drivers for powerful extra...

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  • Headphones made for Electronic Dance Music (EDM)
  • In order to call on a hands-free option, an In-line mic has been provided.
  • The length of the cord provided is 1.2 m 
  • It’s equipped with a pouch for carrying it
  • You are provided with a serrated cord that is tangle-free.

If you are someone who requires attending or listening to calls, audios, videos, etc. for long hours, you may look forward to these earphones by Sony.

This is the reason why it’s listed as one of the best earphones under 3000 rupees.

These come equipped with neodymium drivers of 12 mm in order to further provide you with a great bass sound.

They are very comfortable to be worn into your ears and you don’t get tired of using them for a long time every day.

This is also because of the great fitting of the silicone earbuds, which are provided.

Also, you are provided with 3 pairs of earbuds in case if anyone is misplaced or gets destroyed.

Moreover, they are extremely light when it comes to weighing them, and hence, you can carry them anytime and wherever that you want.

  • Sound output is good enough
  • Build quality is good and they are highly durable
  • Its mic has good quality
  • Not that comfortable to wear for long duration.

3. Sony MDR-XB510AS

Sony MDR-XB510AS Wired in...
  • Made to move with you
  • Fuel your performance

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  • These are best wired earphones under 3000 with a cord length of around 1.2 m i.e. Y-type
  • It weighs around 9g
  • Labeled as Waterproof IPX5/7
  • The headphone type is Closed Dynamic 
  • Compatible with devices such as laptops, mobiles, tablets, etc.

With an availability to be worn in any weather, these headphones by Sony are even washable (Yes, they indeed are and they won’t get destroyed) after an extreme workout or run.

Moreover, with the extra bass technology that it’s equipped with, this product is highly recommended among the best gaming earphones under 3000.

So, your music won’t be interrupted while you run or do some cardio sessions. 

Moreover, given the smart key feature, you can customize the mic or volume controls on these earphones as per your liking or needs.

You are also given many color options i.e. red, black, green, blue, etc. to choose from.

Apart from that, it has a frequency response of 4 to 24,000 Hz, which is good enough.

However, the microphone’s frequency is around 20 to 20,000 Hz. Furthermore, it comes with an in-ear style of wearing, which ensures there is proper hearing available to you.

  • Great noise cancelation
  • Good quality when it comes to its build
  • Great bass performance
  • Bit heavy
  • Not many color options

4. Marshall 4090939

Marshall 4090939 Mode...
  • Marshall mode in-ear headphones
  • Durable connection - mode’s l-plug design...
  • The perfect fit - ears come in all shapes and...

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  • It’s equipped with a cord that is tangle-resistant 
  • At minimal distortion, you can expect high-output sound
  • Available in black or white color 
  • In-Ear fit type
  • You are provided with a better and durable driver with the L-Plug design.

Being one of the best noise-canceling earphones under 3000, these headphones by Marshall comes with a mode that further comes with various size sleeves.

They are 4 in number, so you get the fit that you require depending upon the size of your ears. Also, these are in-ear Marshall Headphones.

These come equipped with the l-plug design of the mode that shows compatibility to any music player with a receiver jack of 35mm.

Moreover, these headphones are equipped with both a remote and a microphone. And hence, you are able to receive your phone calls using them without any hassle.

You can also answer your calls while listening to music in a click and hang up too in the same manner.

You can have full control when it comes to playing the music or pausing it.

Furthermore, you may also opt for fast-forwarding it if you prefer that by just clicking a few times.

  • Great ear fitting and comfortable in overall to wear for long time.
  • Build quality is good enough at this price range
  • Not heavy and hence, could be used anytime without draining your energy.
  • Durable product and a great investment for a few years that are still to come.
  • The sound quality needs to be improved

5. Beyerdynamic Beat Byrd Wired 

beyerdynamic Beat Byrd...
  • Well-balanced sound tuning and punchy bass
  • Ergonomically shaped housing ensures secure...
  • Flexible and well-designed cable, remains...

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  • It weighs around 40 gms.
  • They have the in-Ear type of fit.
  • These are available in black color only.
  • You can expect powerful sound using these headphones.
  • Ergonomically shaped housing

Not just if you are looking for a next-to-perfect fit but considering the overall quality, these Beyerdynamic Beat Byrd in-Ear Headphones are a good option to check out.

Here, in these headphones, you are able to get S, M and L sized options for your perfect ear fit so you can use it conveniently.

Moreover, the use of silicone in making these headphones makes them stand apart and comfortable to wear.

This is because that makes them fit into your ears’ curve/shape without much hassle.

Even when you listen to call or music while laying down or so, you can never get interrupted as they work smoothly.

Furthermore, when it comes to its sound performance, you can expect a high-quality bass and overall sound output.

Since they don’t get moved much because of the great fit, you can use them while running or during some sport activity and have complete fun doing so.

  • Sound quality is great at this cost
  • Value for every paisa paid for it because of its build quality and design in general.
  • Crystal clear calling experience
  • The bass quality could be improved a little.
  • Not many controls are provided.

Conclusion of Best Earphones under 3000

Considering the need for using headphones, nowadays, finding the best noise-canceling earphones under 3000 becomes difficult.

So, with the help of the five above-listed headphones, you will be able to go through the specifications and features of each.

This way, you can decide what things you require having in your headphones and choose accordingly.

However, the most important thing that you must consider while investing in the overall fit and noise-canceling properties to ensure great sound output and overall comfort.

Sony MDR-XB55AP Wired Extra Bass

Rs. 2,490
Rs. 2,099  in stock
9 new from Rs. 2,099
Free shipping
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as of 21/01/2022 9:18 am


  • Headphones made for Electronic Dance Music (EDM). Plug : L-shaped gold-plated 4-pole mini plug. Cord Type: Y-shape
  • In-line mic for hands-free phone calling ; Sensitivities (dB/mW): 110 dB / mW ; Impedance (Ohm): 16 ohm (1 kHz)
  • 12 mm neodymium drivers for powerful extra bass sound
  • Shiny metallic finish housing, HEADPHONE TYPE: Closed, Dynamic
  • Comfortable, secure-fitting silicone earbuds for long listening hours

Sony MDR-XB510AS

Rs. 2,990
Rs. 2,939  in stock
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as of 21/01/2022 9:18 am


  • Made to move with you
  • Fuel your performance

Marshall 4090939 Mode

Rs. 4,499
Rs. 2,745  in stock
3 new from Rs. 2,745
Free shipping
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as of 21/01/2022 9:18 am


  • Marshall mode in-ear headphones
  • Durable connection - mode’s l-plug design offers a more durable connection to your device, the plug is compatible with any music player that receives a 35mm jack
  • The perfect fit - ears come in all shapes and sizes, which is why mode comes with four different size sleeves in order for you to find the perfect fit
  • Microphone and remote - using mode to receive phone calls and control music is a breeze, click once to answer incoming calls or hang up, as well as play and pause your music, click twice to fast-forward your music, click three times to go back
  • Country of Origin: China

Beyerdynamic Beat Byrd

 out of stock
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as of 21/01/2022 9:18 am


  • Well-balanced sound tuning and punchy bass
  • Ergonomically shaped housing ensures secure and snug fit in the ear
  • Flexible and well-designed cable, remains free of zigzag distortions and is pleasant to wear
  • True reliability and extremely sustainable
  • Country of Origin: China

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