Best Earphones Under 500 in India

We check each and every earphone reviews and customer ratings according to their experience, then we made this list of best earphones under 500 with mic and if you can increase 100 rs then check this list of earphones under 600

We categorize a list of overall best earphones, but if you want to know which is best wired earphones under 500 in sound quality, build quality or bass quality you can check FAQ.

best earphones under 500 with microphone

Name Price
Realme buds 2 Amazon
Xiaomi Redmi Hi-Resolution Audio Amazon
boAt BassHeads 100 Amazon
Boult Audio BassBuds X1  Amazon
Boult Audio BassBuds Loop Amazon
boAt BassHeads 152  Amazon
boAt bassheads 225 Amazon
pTron Boom Ultima 4D Amazon
JBL C50 HI Amazon
Ant Audio Wave 702 Amazon

Realme buds 2

Best earphones under 500


  • It has perfect sound quality.
  • This device comes with a braided cable.
  • It offers bass, which boosts its drivers for high-quality sound. 
  • You will get an in-line mic and remote for calls and sound control


  • Real bass with 11.2 mm drivers
  • 3-button mic button system
  • Magnetic buds for easy carrying
  • TPU cable with tangle-free design
  • Free cable organizer for convenience


  • Sometimes at high volume bass overcome

The first one on the list is the buds 2 from Realme which comes within a built mic for audio call support.

The product comes with a warranty of 6 months which ensures that you get a good aftersales service from the company.

The headphone jack is 3.5mm silver plated and it weighs around 13.6 grams.

There is a dedicated button near the mic with which you can control the playback or accept and reject calls.

The company claims to provide real bass with its powerful yet compact 11.2 mm bass boosters which consist of different layers of sophisticated diaphragm bringing you a joyful experience each time you put them in your ear.

The built-in magnets that are attached to the earphone make it a very handy tool when you want it to pack anywhere.

The magnet instantly sticks together thus creating a single wire-like structure. Also, the design of the headphone cable is such that it doesn’t tangle itself.

So, you don’t have to worry about a tangled piece of tech each time you want to plug them in your ear.

Overall Realme Buds is the 1st position earphone in the list of best earphones under 500.

Xiaomi Redmi Hi-Resolution Audio

Best earphones under 600


  • Aluminum sound chambers for great audio
  • HD microphone built-in
  • Y-shaped tangle-free design
  • Mini buttons for controls
  • Anti-earwax earbuds for hygienic experience


  • Very lightweight design
  • HD quality sound
  • Right-angle jack
  • 25 m long cable
  • Warranty of 6 months


  • Impedance is only 32 ohms

The audio jack is capable of transmitting audio through a 3.5 mm gold plated jack.

The product is surprisingly very lightweight and only weighs around 13 grams.

The company claims it to be water-resistant and the material type is aluminum, which makes it very durable and strong.

The high definition, as well as clear sound, delivers a quality listening experience to any user making it very popular amongst most people who want to invest a small amount for this piece of tech.

the frequency range can be extended up to 40 thousand Hz and has been certified by Japan audio society.

The aluminum sound chamber in the earphone makes it very capable of giving HIFI level experience which most premium earphones these days give.

The strong vocals, as well as good treble, can be easily enjoyed with the earphone.

Also, you get an in-built HD microphone which makes sure you don’t have to worry about a lack of connectivity during a call.

boAt BassHeads 100

Best earphones under 500


  • Active noise cancellation system
  • Inline mic for calls and connectivity
  • Great cable length with tangle-free design
  • 1 year of warranty service
  • 5 mm aux cable


  • Amazing design with color choices
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Supports calls with the mic
  • Compatible with most devices
  • Great quality of sound


  • The cable is thinner than normal

This is probably one of the most affordable yet efficient earphones which promise to deliver premium quality sound and that too in an economic price range.

And what sets it apart from the others is that there is a dedicated 1 year of warranty on the product which the users can trust without blinking their eyes.

The form factor for this earphone is an in-ear type and it has a 3.5mm jack.

The earphone is capable of great sound isolation for noise control and gives you a pleasant and soothing listening experience.

The frequency range is from 20 Hz to 20 kHz making it capable of great bass.

The durable PVC cable is tangle-free and is compatible with most android or iOS devices.

It has an active noise cancellation so you don’t have to worry about the background noises. And as if all these weren’t enough, this also has an in-line mic for audio connectivity during calls.

Boult Audio BassBuds X1 

best earphones under 500


  • Attractive and lightweight design
  • Premium finish and snug fit
  • 1-year warranty
  • Easy play pause controls
  • Great sound experience


  • High-quality acoustics from drivers
  • Tangle-free design of cables
  • One button universal control
  • Water-resistant and durable
  • Great warranty period


  • Ear loop design sometimes hurts

The next one on the list is the Boult Bass bud with model X1 which has large 10 mm drivers making it very promising in-ear earphones. With this earphone, you can enjoy a great quality of punchy bass when you are listening to anything.

The sound quality is HD with crystal clear calling thanks to its inline mic.

The button that’s near the mic helps you with the play pause or accepting and rejecting calls whenever you need a handy tool.

Also, the mic can be assisted for the voice command to reach out to your device assistant AI.

You get 1 year of warranty with this product which makes sure you get a nice experience even after the sale.

The lightweight design of the earphone makes it easier for you to wear it every time you want without irritating with any extra weight.

Also, the premium finish with attractive design makes a good impression when you’re putting on them.

The snug fit design makes sure that you don’t drop it while wearing it. The body is made of aluminum adding extra durability to the product.

Overall Boult X1 is the 4th position earphone in the best wired earphones under 500. But if you want earphones for jogging or gyming then this is the 1st recommended earphone for you.

Boult Audio BassBuds Loop

Best earphones under 500


  • Great quality sound from drivers
  • Passive noise cancellation system
  • Weighs around 32 grams
  • Different colors in design available
  • One button control for handy tasks


  • Great quality audio
  • Inline mic with voice command
  • Attractive and tangle-free design
  • 1 year of great warranty
  • Comfortable earplugs


  • Very heavy than others
  • No active noise cancellation

The fifth one in the list is also from boult and has a customizable ear loop.

The earphone has a 12 mm driver making it a good competitor with other premium earphones and delivers what it promises to do.

With these earphones, you get a deep bass experience which makes you enjoy each audio.

Also, the price of this earphone is the lowest in the list with such premium features which makes it very popular among many users.

The earphone has a 1-year warranty and the company makes sure that you don’t face any issue even after the sales.

The connector has a 3.5 mm jack. The product weighs around 32 grams also making it the heaviest on the list.

This earphone is capable of passive noise cancellation and the aluminum body is very durable and long-lasting.

The one-button universal control has features like controlling the audio playback or accepting or rejecting a call.

The built-in mic also supports voice commands for the assistants making it a handy feature.

Overall Boult Audio bass buds are the 5th position earphone in the best wired earphones under 500. But if you are looking for a jogging or gyming purpose earphone then this is the 2nd recommended earphone for you.

boAt BassHeads 152 

Best earphones under 500


  • Great quality sound from drivers
  • Active noise cancellation with bass booster
  • Inline mic for call
  • One button control for all
  • Different variants of colors


  • 5 mm jack compatible with most devices
  • Attractive and radiant design
  • 1 year of warranty
  • Cable is durable and superior
  • Metallic finish for earbuds


  • Cable length is short

This earphone from boAt is one of the most selling earphones because of the affordable price and a lot of features.

To start with, this earphone has half of the cable braided which not only makes it attractive but serves the purpose of making it tangle-free as well as durable.

This ensures that you have this earphone as your companion for a long time.And the company also gives you 1 year of warranty making it very promising choose to invest on.

This product has a 3.5 mm audio jack which is compatible with most devices.

It also has active noise cancellation which makes sure that you aren’t bothered by the background noises and can focus on what you’re doing.

Also, the drivers are embedded within the buds of metallic finish giving it a classy touch.

The durable and superior coated cable is easier to carry around on your body.

The drivers are very capable of delivering crystal clear sound. And the inline mic available in the earphone helps you get great calling connectivity whenever you need it and that’s why this is the best earphones under 500 for pubg.

boAt bassheads 225

Best earphones under 500 in 2020


  • Drivers with powerful bass sounds
  • Noise isolation for a better experience
  • PVC tangle free cable
  • Attractive metallic design
  • 1 year of warranty


  • 5 mm audio jack
  • 10 mm drivers for HD sound
  • Inline mic with button controls
  • Amazing design with long cable
  • Affordable pricing


  • Feels slightly heavy in the ears

The next earphone you should look for investing in the boAt bassheads 225.

This earphone from the company has one of the finest bass experiences you will ever find in this price range.

Not only the bass is strong with this one, but the trebles are satisfactory whenever you plug in one of these.

The sound isolation is very efficient and makes you feel as if you’re sitting alone without any disturbances.

It has a 3.5 mm jack which is supported in most devices. And surprisingly it just weighs 18 grams thus making your listening experience very pleasant. There are built-in controls integrated with the mic.

Also, this has dynamic 10 mm drivers that are very punchy when you want to listen to pure music.

The buds are engraved with a metallic finish which makes them very attractive.

Along with all these, the cable is tangle-free with different color variations to choose from.

It also has a 1-year warranty making sure you’re satisfied with the product.

pTron Boom Ultima 4D

Best earphones under 500


  • Ultimate hi-fi stereo sound
  • Easy controls from one button
  • Sealed and snug fit design
  • 2 m long cable
  • Four 8mm drivers


  • A great quality audio experience
  • 1 year of warranty
  • Quadcore dynamic drivers
  • 5 mm audio jack
  • One button universal control


  • Slightly heavier than others

One of the highly sophisticated earphones in the market at an affordable price range is this earphone from pTron.

Not only the designs, but the capabilities of this earphone are very efficient.

It has not just one but two sound drivers in each of the earplugs which gives a surround sound experience when you plug it in.

The sound isolation is so amazing that you won’t feel a thing from outside. It has a 3.5 mm jack which is suitable for most devices these days.

The ergonomic design fit claims to be one of the most comfortable designs of all time.

The long 1.2 m cable that is tangle-free makes sure that you move freely whenever you need to.

With an HD mic is built in it, it gives you that great audio quality when you’re on a call.

The drivers are 8mm each and it has a passive noise cancellation system.

The cable is made from TPE which is very durable itself. The stereo sound and bass are very clear from both the buds in this earphone.


Best earphones under 500


  • Simple yet sleek design
  • Active noise cancellation
  • 5 mm audio jack
  • Thin cable for lightweight


  • Unique design and lightweight
  • Universal 3.5 mm jack
  • 1 year of warranty
  • Signature bass sound


  • Wires are too thin

The next one on the list is this excellent earphone from JBL. We all know how good the audio is from JBL devices. And this one also fulfills all those promises.

The 3.5 mm audio jack supports most of the audio devices and the in-ear design makes it easier for you to plug it anywhere.

The earphone has very little weight and feels very comfortable while putting it on.

The design is very simple yet classy which gives you that feeling of superiority over others.

The JBL true bass experience is an unmatchable one and you get pure surround sound experience with no additional noise.

There is also an inline mic included in the product that can help you with HD sound during calls.

You can also ask the voice assistant with one tap of the button in this earphone.

There is one button system for mic and other media playbacks which is a pretty handy feature.

The audio jack is also right-angle mounted which is another plus point for this design.

Ant Audio Wave 702

Best earphones under 500


  • Deep bass functionality
  • 5 mm audio jack support
  • 1 year of great warranty
  • Weighs around 18 grams
  • Built-in mic for HD calls


  • Noise isolation with 10 mm drivers
  • Crisp highs and lows
  • Metallic body for durability
  • Long 1.2 m anti-tangle cord
  • One button control


  • Relatively high priced

The last one on the list is an excellent earphone you should always consider when planning to invest in such an audio device.

This product from Ant is capable of providing extra heavy bass and comes with 1 year of warranty.

It weighs around 18 grams and has a long cable with a 3.5 mm audio jack.

The sound isolation is very good with this earphone and is capable of canceling different frequencies of background noises providing you pure bass and treble.

This also has a mic that is capable of HD quality calls. The components are made of metal which gives a promise of long-lasting use and extended durability than others.

Moreover, the cord is also durable with a flat tangle-free design. And the one-button universal control lets you use it for different purposes such as playback controls or accepting and rejecting any call.

Overall, this product is a combination of all the premium qualities one good earphone should have made it very popular.



In the list of best earphones under 500 there is few earphones has amazing build quality few have metallic body and few have amazing plastic body.

Here is the list of Best earphones under 500 in build quality 
1 . Realme Earbud
2 . Mi Basic 
3 . boAt BassHeads 152


In this list of best earphones under 500 in sound quality, we are adding only those earphones which is good in only sound quality not in bass.

Here is the list of Best earphones under 500 in Sound quality 
1 .  Mi Basic
2 . Realme Earbud
3 . Boult Audio BassBuds X1


In this list of best earphones under 500 in Bass quality, we are adding only those earphones which is good in only Bass quality not in other category.

Here is the list of Best earphones under 500 in Bass quality 
1 .  boAt bassheads 225
2 . Realme Earbud
3 . Boult Audio BassBuds X1

Overall best earphones with mic under 500

If we want to give you One Earphone  name which is best earphones under 500 range includingsound quality, build quality and Bass quality

Realme Earbud

Magnetic earbuds – if you compare with other earphones under 500 range, there is no earphones which have magnetic 

Braided cable   –In this 500 price range, only  1  or 2 % earphones company provides braided cable and the good thing about this earphone that you will get braided cable in this earphone.

Build & Design  – If you check all earphones under 500 rs this earphone has amazing design, as well as eye, catching color combination


All the headphones that are mentioned in the list have a great quality of material in terms of quality and they each have special qualities with a different pitch of sound.

Some of them are excellent at bass and treble while others are great for audio and calls.

You first should decide what kind of headphones you want and then decide your investment in any of these products.

However, we suggest that you should go for Boat bassheads 100 as your first buy since it’s cheaper than others and if you want to go for a little more price range, then JBL C50 HI is the best quality sound provider in the market.

Highlights You will get in these modest and moderate earbuds list-

  • Sleek structure, high solace level, and great form quality.
  • Headphones are entirely OK with extraordinary bass.
  • They are generally excellent for calling and music.
  • Perfect for Portable Android games like PubG Mobile.
  • The earphones are financial plan inviting and entirely strong
  • They give flawless clamor separation.
  • Some of them are best for exercise and rec centers.

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