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Top 10+ Best earphones under 500 in 2020

We check each and every earphone reviews and customer ratings according to there experience, then we made this list of best earphones under 500 with mic and you can Best earphones under 600 in 2020

We categorize a list of overall best earphones, but if you want to know which is best wired earphones under 500 in sound quality, build quality or bass quality you can check FAQ.

Best earphones under 500

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Realme Earbud

 Best earphones under 500 in 2020

Realme Buds is created with 160 percent profound bass yield and yes the headphone satisfies the company’s case.

In any case, there’s a major concern in regards to its vocals.

Design and Build Quality

Realme Buds are genuinely standard for ease in-ear earphones.

Highlighting an in-channel fit, customary silicone ear tips, and a 1m-long link, all the nuts and bolts are set up.

At the point when you think about the Rs. 499 value, you get a couple of extra features that make this an amazing worth for-cash offering.

The ‘more’ incorporates a Kevlar fiber fold over the link beneath the Y-splitter for toughness, and an attractive cinching component between the two earbuds for simple conveying.

The three-button remote fills in true to form to control volume, playback, and call controls on good gadgets.

The Realme Buds utilize the standard 3.5mm fitting to interface with a source gadget, which makes it perfect with an enormous number of cell phones, sound players, and PCs.

Speakers and Sound Quality

Realme Buds are required to create 160% stronger and profound bass.

Essentially, it is a bass-overwhelming headphone that accompanies 11mm driver in the two earpieces with a recurrence pace of 20-20,000 Hz which is professed to deliver 106 dB of sound yield.

Going to the sound quality, the drivers are tuned to support lows and highs more than the vocals and mids and that reflects in the sound yield as well.

Overall Realme Buds is the 1st position earphone in the best bass earphones under 500.

  • Excellent design and build quality
  • Three-button remote and mouthpiece function admirably
  • Bass-heavy
  • Very much estimated for the list of capabilities on offer
  • Unpleasant sound
  • Unnecessary bass

Mi Basic

 Best earphones under 500 in 2020

Xiaomi needn’t bother with any prologue to the Indian market.

With the presentation of best quality reasonable cell phones, they have caught the hearts of a large number of individuals in India, and here they are, with another assistant to their wide item list – the Mi Fundamental headphones.

Design and Build Quality

In the past we as a whole thought that the Chinese items had modest form quality and that is the reason they are evaluated less.

However, Xiaomi has changed that viewpoint with their items, and with these headphones, they are taking it to the following level.

The structure of this headphone is negligible, best case scenario. 

Be that as it may, from the outset, we saw the degree of itemizing Xiaomi has done in structuring this item.

From the one of a kind formed earpiece to the alluring catch on the in-line mic, the Mi Essential headphone has surpassed our desires.

The silicone ear tips are agreeable to wear and don’t effortlessly evade the ears.

The mic and the catch are of incredible quality and lets you work the telephone hands-free for tuning in to music and going to voice calls.

The gold-plated calculated headphone jack gives negligible protection from the sign and assumes a huge job in perfect and clear stable yield.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Mi Essential accompanies a 10mm neodymium driver inside that sounds noisy and clear with unmistakable vocal clearness.

The degree of bass is alright to state the best and it doesn’t dominate the mids and highs in classes of music, for example, EDMs and hip bounces.

Be that as it may, in case you’re a resolute bass head, we encourage you to consider different models recorded in this article.

The in-line mic functions admirably and conveys HD quality voice calls.

With the mix of neodymium drivers and a more extensive recurrence reaction run, the subtleties in the music are articulated and a treat to tune in to.

The aluminum amalgam sound chamber inside the earpiece intensifies the sound further and improves the sound yield.

Overall MI Basic is the number 2st earphone in the list of best earphones under 500 with mic because the sound quality is amazing and as compare to other earphones bass is also good not as mentioned in amazon but quite good.

  • Negligible structure
  • Incredible form quality
  • Unrivaled solace
  • Bass levels are not unreasonably acceptable

boAt BassHeads 100

Best earphones under 500 in 2020

the boAt is a truly outstanding brand concerning sound-related tech on a cautious spending plan. The BassHeads 100 is really that. 

Design and Build Quality

The total length of the line is a not too bad 1.2m to give you enough length to work with. 

They create quality regardless, being plastic has an extremely tough arrangement. 

The wire is stylish and has a premium coating structure.

The boAt Bassheads 100 is essential, ordinary, and valuable. 

It gives plastic lodgings and standard versatile secured joins, yet at any rate you are doing get a singular catch remote and an enhancer for voice moves toward the Y-splitter. 

Accessibility is a common 3.5 mm fitting. The boAt Bassheads 100 has 10 mm ground-breaking drivers, a repeat response extent of 20-20,000Hz, 16Ohms of impedance, and an affectability rating of 92dB. 

The business pack consolidates an entirety of three arrangements of silicone ear tips, and consequently, the assault of the earphones was pleasing for us.

It furthermore goes with an in-line mouthpiece control with a collector for sans hands calling. 

It goes with physical gets to play, delay and forward the music. 

Speakers and Sound Quality

The BassHeads 100 goes with a 10mm driver which siphons progressively steady just as sound with better bass. 

The sound is uproarious, and hence, the sonic imprint suits most well known music classes with hardly raised responses inside the lows, and highs. 

With the amount low, the sound was with none enthusiasm, yet siphoning the degree up to around 80 percent immediately improved sound quality. 

The sound is flawless, with decent stable framework segment and an astonishing soundstage for two or three headphones While the mid range is detectably controlled by a piece by the earphones, this doesn’t through and through impact the listening experience. 

The general music quality is really better than normal and you won’t be frustrated with them. 

It has HD microphone to produce crystal clear calls.

Overall BassHeads 100 is the 3rd position earphone in the best earphones under 500 with mic.

  • Good structure, huge amounts of concealing other options
  • Remote and intensifier included
  • Clean sound, extraordinary sound stage
  • Good regard for money
  • Cable uproar is huge
  • Dull mid-go, not for the most part amazing with talk

Boult Audio BassBuds X1 

Best earphones under 500 in 2020

Boult X1’s ergonomically planned drivers joined super-delicate and adaptable ear blades making them very agreeable for long music meetings and calls. Defending its name, Boult X1 is amazing! 

Design and Build Quality

The exception completes the process of relating to the shading and material utilized in the item, makes it stick out and makes certain to stop people in their tracks. 

It has an ear circle holding your buds in ear steadily, completely fit for running, climbing, climbing, cycling, and so forth. 

It’s three sizes of ear plugs and a calculated fit which makes the headphones progressively agreeable to be worn for longer hours. 

This is Lightweight , agreeable and premium metallic completion 

Speakers and Sound Quality

AL grade aluminum drivers and inherent small scale woofer make a smooth synchronized sound with a punchy bass. 

It gives best acoustics, 3D superior quality sound and incredible punchy bass. 

The miniaturized scale woofers gracefully a perfectly clear HD sound convey an inconceivably nitty gritty Top quality sound with 3D encompass sound. 

Normal Wood conveys a mark sound with rich, fresh Bass Reaction and warm brilliant tones with unimaginable exactness. 

It has a solitary catch remote with clamor confinement amplifier empowers you to reply and deal with your calls easily and with no deterrent. 

By utilizing this receiver additionally works google collaborators voice. 

Overall Boult X1 is the 4th position earphone in the best wired earphones under 500. But if you want earphones for jogging or gyming then this is the 1st recommended earphone for you.

  • Great sound quality
  • Lightweight and agreeable for ear
  • Built-in microphone
  • Noise cancellation not all that greatly improved

Boult Audio BassBuds Loop

Best earphones under 500

Boult Audio is a showcasing organization simply like the Vessel which as of late began to offer spending plan valued sound related items in the Indian market.

The Boult Audio bass buds are one of the least expensive in-ear style headphones with not too bad solid yield quality.

Design and Build Quality

The Boult Audio Bass buds Circle accompanies a one of a kind two-tone shading plan that looks invigorating and appealing.

Despite the fact that the development is of plastic, the general headphone feels tough close by.

The 1.2m link is adequately thick yet not a plaited one nor is tangle safe.

The straight 3.5mm earphone jack is gold plated for insignificant sign misfortune, in this way improving the sound yield through the speakers.

The earpiece likewise accompanies an extra ear snare to keep the speakers inside the ear in any event, during quick exercise meetings or running.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Boult Audio bass buds Circle highlight 10mm aluminum drivers with insignificant impedance for conveying top-notch sound yield.

Covering the whole perceptible recurrence range, this headphone offers rich and profound bass sound yield without overwhelming the mid and very good quality tones.

By and large the nature of the sound yield from the speakers is extremely satisfying to the ears.

In-ear receiver and Calls

The three-fastens in-line remote on this wired headphone lets you take or end voice calls and skip follows ease.

The voice call quality is fair with the coordinated mouthpiece, in any event when utilized in the midst of a loud foundation.

Overall Boult Audio bass buds are the 5th position earphone in the best wired earphones under 500. But if you are looking for a jogging or gyming purpose earphone then this is the 2nd recommended earphone for you.

  • Movable link clasp
  • Worked in small scale woofers for additional bass
  • One year guarantee
  • No knot-free link

boAt BassHeads 152 

Best earphones under 500 in 2020

The boAt is a lifestyle brand arranged in Mumbai started just a few years earlier in 2016 that oversees rich buyer devices. 

Design and Build Quality

boAt BassHeads 152 structure quality is truly superior to average. 

The fit covering on the wire feels unimaginable. The covering is from the pin to the mic.

The body is significantly adaptable. It is a palatable impelling force for money. 

The boAt BassHeads 152 goes with a 3.5mm Gold plated determined jack close by 10mm drivers. 

It’s lightweight and has plaited sans tangle connect. 

This earphone is particularly lightweight. 

It just measures 18 grams. Pontoon will by and large make things which will be anything besides hard to pass on yet will have veritable captivating sound. 

These earphones go with an intertwined interface which feels incredibly fragile.

Likewise, the best part is you don’t have to consume your time unwinding your earphones cause these are without tangle. 

The contorted connections are tangle flexible. 

The boAt BassHeads 152 has an inline mic with various limits now. 

We can bestow Handsfree with the verifiable mouthpiece and its gets which let us go to our calls. 

It has high affectability and is perfect for us to have an authoritative experience. 

Speakers and Sound Quality

This headphone has a 10 mm driver that produces precious stone clear sound to your ears to upgrade your sense with boAt BassHeads 152. 

The sound yield of these earphones are of Prevalent quality and extremely disorderly and clear. 

No differentiation in sound quality whether or not we are tuning in at high volume. No contorted sounds. Improve our resources with BassHead 152

The idea of bass that boAt BassHeads 152 is giving can without a doubt fight various high range earphones. 

Each beat of the tunes is astoundingly earth shattering and totally clear even at full volume. 

The Disturbance separation of this headset is truly astounding. 

Overall boAt BassHeads 152 is the 6th position earphone in the best earphones under 500 in india.

  • Clear steady and amazing bass
  • Build quality is amazing
  • 1-year warranty
  • Heavy bass

pTron Boom 2 4D 

Best earphones under 500

Using PTron Boom 2 earphones you can tune in to your music for longer with an agreeable, secure fit that won’t tumble off.

Design and Build Quality

PTron Boom 2 headphones are comprehensively good with gadgets which have a 3.5 mm interface, for example, cell phones, tablets, PC/PC, MP3/MP4 players and so on. 

Simply interface it through the given sound jack and you can hear in everything about your preferred music running from the fresh strings of old style music or the ground-breaking bass beats of popular or hip jump music. 

It has a 3.5 mm gold-plated erosion free sound connector that affirms better sound transmission for consistent network.

It proficiently keeps up the conductivity of current, with the goal that you can appreciate the music whenever and wherever. 

The inherent In-line remote empowers you to control and oversee calls and music without the need of removing a cell phone out of your pocket. 

The in-line controller incorporates an inherent receiver, empowering you to effortlessly make and get calls and gives a reasonable and smooth sans hands discussion. 

It’s 120° sideways in-ear wearing and the high-adaptability clinical evaluation delicate silicone ear-buds can all the more likely encase ear trench which guarantees solid sound protection impact for sound system encompass audio effect with commotion disconnection that can obstruct outside clamor. 

You can tune in to your music and calls obviously even in swarmed and loud situations. 

This headphone is solid worked with high rigidity without tangle wound link with in-line mic and volume control. 

Speakers and Sound Quality

In this earphone you able to see gold plated Double Unique Drivers which give you the extraordinary encompass sound, fresh mid range, no mutilation on bass and perfectly clear treble, you will possess the astonishing music experience. 

Blast 2 is reasonable for all classes of music be it Pop, Rock, Nation, Hip-Jump or Jazz. 

pTron Boom earphones accompany double drivers, every earpiece contains two separate speakers to obviously isolate the mids and highs from the bass. 

You can appreciate sizzling highs, lovely mids and amazing bass. 

Overall pTron Boom is the 7th position earphone in the best bass earphones under 500.

  • Build material is acceptable
  • Sound is clear
  • Wire material is durable.
  • Bass is not that much good


Best earphones under 500

JBL C50 HI Greetings is the organization’s most recent financial plan arranged in-ear style headphones discharged in the Indian market for a spending plan under Rs.500.

The JBL guarantees the mark exclusively tuned drivers will let you appreciate vivid music, regardless of the class you’re keen on.

Design and Build Quality

Talking about the plan, the JBL C50 HI accompanies the standard shape and size that all in-ear earphones in this value run accompany.

The development of the earpiece shell is made of plastic, which makes this headphone one of the lightest in its portion.

Shockingly, the 1.2m link isn’t without tangle and feels delicate. Toward the end, there is a calculated 3.5mm earphone jack, which again needs gold covering for evident valuing reasons.

Speakers and Sound Quality

JBL is widely praised for its mark bass rich sound profile.

The JBL C50 HI highlights an 8.6mm exclusively tuned driver from JBL for improved acoustic execution.

The bass levels true to form are comparable to its rivals.

The mid and highs are perfect and perceptible even at higher volume levels.

In the event that you wrench the volume excessively higher, a few twists do happen at the same time, under ordinary listening conditions, it doesn’t check.

In-ear receiver and Calls

The JBL C50HI comes with a solitary catch in-line remote with a receiver for noting approaches.

The single catch can be squeezed once to acknowledge/dismiss the calls, twice to avoid the track advances and threefold to skirt the track in reverse.

The amplifier accompanies clamor retraction and the yielding nature of sound during calls is very useful at the cost.

Overall JBL C50 HI is the 8th position earphone in the Best earphones under 500 in india.

  • Lightweight
  • Clean stable audio output
  • Long cable
  • No knot free wire

Ant Audio Wave 702

Best earphones under 500

Ant Audio is a UK based sound hardware producer well known for its audiophile-grade speakers and headphones.

The Wave 702 from Ant Audio is one of the section level headphones that the organization has as of late presented in the Indian market.

Design and Build Quality

The assembly quality is another territory where the Ant Audio shows its ability.

The 1.2m cable, however non-meshed, is level and offers a strong vibe. 

The wire inside is made utilizing unadulterated copper without oxygen coming about in almost zero protection from the signs.

The wire is sans tangle and can be effectively kept inside the provided pocket without the dread of untiring the bunch each time you need to tune in to the music.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Ant Audio Wave includes a 10mm neodymium magnet driver which yields the most ideal sound yield at a cost under Rs.500.

There is no mutilation in sound even at most extreme volume levels. 

The bass impact is on point without overwhelming the vocals by any means.

This will let the headphone convey clean greetings loyalty sounded.

Overall Ant AudioWave 702 is the 9th position earphone in the Best earphones under 500 in india.

  • 10 mm neodymium driver
  • Inactive commotion wiping out functions admirably
  • Great form quality
  • Non-twisted link

SoundMagic ES11S

Best earphones under 500 in 2020

SoundMagic could be a Chinese gadget producer who represents respectable authority in wonderful sound things.

This earphone offers unimaginable execution contrasted with its rivals and you will not get such extraordinary lucidity in sound even from those that price doubly its price.

Design and Build Quality

The siloxane ear tips usually provide wonderful solace and facilitate to seal the ears from outside commotion well overall. 

It has an L-molded 3.5 millimeter jack that is gold-plated. The link is 1.25 m, the elastic artifact at every finish signifies the assembly quality. 

The general type quality is nice too, it will while not abundant of a stretch endure some unplanned drops and imprudent addressing.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The sound-phase of SoundMagic E11S is better than various alternative relatively evaluated headphones out there.

In spite of the very fact that it does not have the pounding bass you move some high picks, with relevance the lucidity of sound the ES11S is miles ahead.

The bass and treble levels are totally offset to give you a tonally rich sound yield.

In-ear receiver and Calls

The SoundMagic ES11S accompanies a solitary catch remote highlighting an able mouthpiece for completely clear approaching the go.

The single catch present on the in-line remote is extremely material and receptive to the snaps.

It very well may be utilized to acknowledge/dismiss calls and to play or respite the media.

Overall SoundMagic ES11S is the 10th position earphone in the Best earphones under 500 in india.

  • Negligible structure
  • Incredible form quality
  • Unrivaled solace
  • Bass levels are not unreasonably acceptable

 Sound One E10

Best earphones under 500 in 2020

Sound One is an Indian organization well known for its reasonably evaluated headphones and earphones that got famous among the majority with its fine form quality and appealing plans.

The Sound One E10 is a financial plan in-ear headphone valued under Rs.500 that vows to convey a full range sound for charming music listening experience.

Design and Build Quality

The Sound One E10 accompanies a double tone shading plan that looks alluring to the eyes from the outset itself.

The vertical metallic in-ear earpieces are astutely structured at an edge to sit flush in the ear channel, giving a kind of latent commotion undoing.

The 1.2m wire is adequately thick however the elastic helps at the parts of the bargains missing. 

This makes it exceptionally delicate even with a slight draw.

The in-line remote catch feels somewhat abundant plastic yet functions admirably with the controls.

Speakers and Sound Quality

In case we’re to say a high point regarding the sound yield from this headphone from Sound One E10, it will be about the bass.

The bass generation is light however especially agreeable.

 It won’t cause your eardrums to vibrate, yet absolutely, enough for a normal joey to get happy with.

The mids and highs are unmistakable and tuning in to vocal rich melodies is a breeze.

The light bass out of sight remunerates with the wide recurrence run that unmistakably conveys notes from either end of the range.

Voice call lucidity is one region where this headphone bests others in this rundown easily.

The voice on either side was fresh and completely clear, in the first place. 

There were no mutilations in the middle of the calls too.

Overall Sound One E10 is the 11th position earphone in the Best earphones under 500 in india.

  • Smooth plan
  • Three-button remote
  • half-year guarantee
  • Soft catch on inline remote

Portronics Conch 204

Best earphones under 500

Portronics has been in the market for quite a while with its standard Bluetooth speakers as other electronic peripherals.

 The Conch 204 from Portronics is an entry level in-ear styled earphone with a mic that is esteemed barely short of Rs.500.

Design and Build Quality

Structure wise, this earphone beats various contenders on this overview by a remarkable edge.

 The moderate yet smooth finishing confers a sentiment of premium quality at the chief look.

 The level style connect feels strong and intense and is tangle safe.

Speakers and Sound Quality

Outfitted with two speaker drivers of 8 mm each, the Portronics Conch 204 passes on clear mids and not all that terrible bass.

 The bass yield isn’t overpowering as a part of the bass fan may wish, anyway, the earphone makes a general enchanting sound yield.

 This in-ear earphone goes with an inline remote for going to calls.

Overall Portronics Conch 204 is the 12th position earphone in the Best earphones under 500 in india.

  • Smooth structure
  • Level, sans tangle links
  • The inline volume rocker button
  • Bass levels are not unreasonably much incredible

boAt bassheads 225

Best earphones under 500 in 2020

boAt as you may have definitely known is a genuine contender in the Indian customer sound gadgets industry.

The bass heads 225 from BoAt is a spending plan wired headphone offering from the organization estimated under the Rs.500 mark, explicitly providing food to individuals who have a fondness for bass-rich sound yield.

Design and Build Quality

Beginning with the style, the bass heads arrangement headphones from Vessel accompanies extraordinary earpiece plans which stand totally unware of present circumstances when contrasted and the conventional structure of its rivals.

The Vessel bass heads 225 have a wonderfully finished earpiece plan which is, actually, a metal packaging as opposed to the regular plastic one.

The metal packaging allows in for a superior acoustic presentation of this in-ear style headphone.

The level “memory wire” utilized in this headset is sans tangle and decreases the danger of harm because of dangling.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The BoAt bass heads 225 comes furnished with a decent 10 mm speaker driver inside.

The sound profile in favor of the individuals who might want thumping bass, subsequently the name bass heads.

The bass delivered by this headphone is so spotless and profound, which will fulfill a bad-to-the-bone bass enthusiast.

Indeed, even with the roaring bass, the mids and highs remain totally discernible and makes for a brilliant all-around entertainer.

This headset has an affectability level around 100 dB/mW which offers the best of both the universes – din of the sound yield and insignificant speaker mutilation impacts.

In-ear receiver and Calls

The Vessel bass heads 225 accompanies an inline remote and mic for voice calling purposes.

The amplifier quality is normal and works best in the event that you are inside.

The catch is somewhat recessed and you may think that it’s somewhat troublesome now and again to acknowledge and dismiss the call.

Overall BoAt bass heads 225 is the 13th position earphone in the Best earphones under 500.

  • Remarkable structure
  • Defensive case
  • Level enemy of tangle link
  • Recessed inline remote catch

Audio-Technica ATH-CLR100BK

Best earphones under 500

Audio- Technica is a Japanese organization that is one of the most looked for after brands with regards to sound hardware, for example, proficient earphones and headphones.

The Audio-Technica ATH-CLR100BK, their contribution under Rs.500 is one of the top headphones at this value on account of the point by point sound lucidity it offers.

Design and Build Quality

The ear units on this headphone are intended to stand apart from the remainder of the rivals in the market.

It is exceptionally smooth and a la mode, furnishing a top-notch feel despite the fact that with an all-plastic form.

The nature of wires however is average and feels exceptionally unstable.

Speakers and Sound Quality

High Acoustic Goals innovation guarantees the sound yield from this flawless little bit of equipment is refined and sufficient.

These in-ear headphones accompany an 8.5mm driver that conveys incredible lucidity sound with an even punch.

The mids and highs are particular gratitude to the recurrence reaction that ranges between 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz.

Overall Audio-Technica ATH-CLR100BK is the 14th position earphone in the Best earphones under 500.

Philips IN-SHE1515BK/94

Best earphones under 500

Philips discharges plenty of spending plan in-ear headphones in India which consolidates magnificent form quality and not too bad stable quality under a moderate value run.

The Philips IN-SHE1515BK/94 is one such headphone that is well known among thrifty purchasers searching for a dependable headphone from a presumed organization, estimated under Rs.500.

Design and Build Quality

The Philips IN-SHE1515BK/94 has an insignificant yet rich structure that looks luxurious and premium, regardless of its plastic form.

The dark and metallic silver paintwork covers the normal form nature of this gadget to a degree that you won’t notice it much.

The delicate silicone tip and the earpiece tube fits cozy inside the ear channel and offers a kind of detached commotion crossing out the impact. 

The main significant drawback of this headphone is that the 3.5mm jack is neither gold plated nor calculated.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Philips IN-SHE1515BK/94 highlights littler 8.6mm speakers, contrasted with the greater part of its rivals in this value fragment.

The drivers, however little convey not too bad quality sound yield with entirely regular bass and similarly perceptible mids and highs.

On the off chance that you are the sort of fellow, who cherishes tuning in to vocals and light music, this headphone will suit you the most.

The recurrence reaction runs between 10-20,000 Hz in a paper ought to compare to profound bass, yet with this headphone, you shouldn’t anticipate anything marvelous.

Perhaps the non-gold plated jack hoses the signs, in this manner, decreasing the impact of low contribution sounds the last yield.

In-ear receiver and Calls

This in-ear style headphone comes furnished with an in-line remote which has a solitary catch to acknowledge/dismiss approaching voice calls.

The nature of the remote is related to the general form nature of this headphone, which is only alright at the cost.

The amplifier inside gets voices very well, and there is no solid mutilation on the opposite finish of the call.

Overall Philips IN-SHE1515BK/94 is the 15th position earphone in the Best earphones under 500.

  • Incredible clearness sound
  • Even punch
  • Smooth and a la mode plan
  • No inline-receiver to go to calls
  • Wire quality is average



In the list of best earphones under 500 there is few earphones has amazing build quality few have metallic body and few have amazing plastic body.

Here is the list of Best earphones under 500 in build quality 

1 . Realme Earbud

2 . Mi Basic 

3 . boAt BassHeads 152


In this list of best earphones under 500 in sound quality, we are adding only those earphones which is good in only sound quality not in bass.

Here is the list of Best earphones under 500 in Sound quality 

1 .  Mi Basic

2 . Realme Earbud

3 . Boult Audio BassBuds X1


In this list of best earphones under 500 in Bass quality, we are adding only those earphones which is good in only Bass quality not in other category.

Here is the list of Best earphones under 500 in Bass quality 

1 .  boAt bassheads 225

2 . Realme Earbud

3 . Boult Audio BassBuds X1


If we want to give you One Earphone  name which is best earphones under 500 range includingsound quality, build quality and Bass quality

Realme Earbud

Magnetic earbuds – if you compare with other earphones under 500 range, there is no earphones which have magnetic 

Braided cable   –In this 500 price range, only  1  or 2 % earphones company provides braided cable and the good thing about this earphone that you will get braided cable in this earphone.

Build & Design  – If you check all earphones under 500 rs this earphone has amazing design, as well as eye, catching color combination

Conclusion of best earphones under 500

Highlights You will get in these modest and moderate earbuds list-

  • Sleek structure, high solace level, and great form quality.
  • Headphones are entirely OK with extraordinary bass.
  • They are generally excellent for calling and music.
  • Perfect for Portable Android games like PubG Mobile.
  • The earphones are financial plan inviting and entirely strong
  • They give flawless clamor separation.
  • Some of them are best for exercise and rec centers.
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