Best Earphones Under 600

Hoping to purchase brand new best earphones under 600 in India 2021 but don’t know which is the best earphone for you, don’t worry earphonemarket will help to find the best earphone under 600 budget.

Earphones are really important these days. Whether you’re listening to music, watching movies, making a call, earphones are now a must-have.

It’s challenging to get the best headphone with numerous brands out there and especially if you have a budget below 600 rupees.

If you can increase your budget around then check these best earphones under 1000.

However, there are some brands such as Realme, JBL, pTron, boAt that produce quality headphones you can afford with below 600.

These earphones are portable and can be taken with you anywhere. Now your traveling won’t be boring.

We’ve compiled a list of the best affordable earphones under 600 for you to make your selection easier.

In the cutting-edge world, very hard to find the best pair of earphones and if your budget is low then it more difficult.

We spend a lot of money on purchasing brand new earphones or headphones to experience a high quality of music.

We made this list for you, we compare all of the best earphones under 600 rupees and then we gave them position according to their features and their sound quality.

If you’re interested in earphones with great audio quality, decent workmanship, comfort, and benefit; here are some of the best the market has got to offer.

Best Earphones Under 600 in India 2021

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1. Realme buds 2

realme Buds 2 Wired in...
  • Enjoy the powerful 11.2mm bass boost driver...
  • The inline remote features three tactile...
  • A premium, reinforced braided jacket, and two...

Last update on 2021-12-30 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


  • 1.40m x 0.50cm x 0.50cm dimension
  • 11.2mm drivers
  • 32 ohms impedance rating
  • 108dB sensitivity
  • 20-20, 000Hz frequency response range
  • 3 pairs of ear tips

Realme is now one of the most popular brands in India with several amazing products at an affordable price under its belt.

For audio junkie’s this headphone provides everything you need with its ergonomic build and audio quality. That’s why the earphone is number one on our list of best earphones under 600.

I am Indian and i know that we always looking for a good product at a cheap price.

Realme launched, realme buds 2 neo which is really awesome because in this price range these earphones provide you everything which you really need, this is my dream earphones.


Realme buds 2 has a beautiful design with a matte black exterior which is accentuated by glossy black on the stylish earbuds and a yellow and black color scheme.

The housing of the earbuds is built with thick plastic material.

The earphone uses a 3.5mm aux port to connect with compatible devices.

There’s a clip that can be used to hold the cable in place and on the back of each case are in-built magnets that make the two stick together when you are not using them.

The 11.2mm drivers consist of a multilayer composite diaphragm that gives you a deep and powerful yet precise bass response.

It also has an inline remote with a three-button and a mic attached to the right cord;

the buttons are for call receive/end, volume up and down. These buttons allow you to manage your music, incoming calls.

Realme buds 2 Neo is in 1st position as compared to other best earphones under 600 range

Why Buy

Realme Buds 2 Neo earphones are well built with great sound quality especially for those who love aggressive bass.

  • Premium design and quality build
  • Clean and crisp sound
  • Aggressive bass
  • Tangle-free cable
  • Can become very loud
  • Good price-performance ratio
  • Sometimes the vocals and dialogue get overpowered by the strong bass

2. boAt BassHeads 100

boAt Bassheads 100 in Ear...
  • The perfect way to add some style and stand...
  • The stylish BassHeads 100 superior coated...
  • The powerful 10mm dynamic driver with the...

Last update on 2022-01-01 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


  • 47.24 x 0.04 x 0.08 inches dimension
  • 10mm dynamic driver
  • 16 ohms impedance rating
  • 20-20,000Hz frequency response range
  • 92dB sensitivity rating
  • Hd microphone

The Boat Bassheads 100 are among the most affordable earphones you get from a popular brand today under Rs. 600.

They have features like an inline remote control and microphone. The headphone is simple, conventional, and handy.


The earbud possesses a jet black and frosty white color. It’s equipped with an HD microphone to make crystal clear calls and a standard 3.5mm aux port which can be used for connectivity along with its 1.2 meters length cable.

The powerful 10 mm dynamic driver with a 16-ohm speaker resistance allows the earphones to deliver a powerful, rhythmic response to even the most demanding soundtracks.

These In-Ear earphones are designed to give you an experience that no other product can match. They give you a clear sound with that amplified bass.

The built-in microphone with sound isolation ensures that you won’t miss important calls. The boAt earphones are the ideal choice for anyone who can carry the “Hawk Attitude”.

The headphone is user friendly with an in-line remote button to manage your music and make calls, all you need to do is press the button twice.

The earphones deliver the music directly into your ears with clear sound quality. So these budget-friendly earphones are great value for money.

boAt Bassheads 100 is in 2nd position as compared to other best earphones under 600 range, this earphone has a unique design also.

Why Buy

Boat BassHeads 100 is a simple headphone that provides clean sound for most genres.

  • Good sound quality
  • Excellent build
  • Inline mic
  • Reasonable price
  • Wire length
  • No noise cancellation

3. Redmi Hi-Resolution Audio

Xiaomi Redmi Wired in Ear...
  • Hi-Res Audio:  Certified by Japan Audio...
  • Aluminum alloy sound chamber with precisely...
  • In-built HD microphone: High definition...

Last update on 2022-01-02 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


  • 10mm dynamic driver
  • 32 ohms impedance
  • Weighs 13 g
  • Built-in microphone

Xiaomi Redmi earphones provide a complete and accurate sound quality that makes your music experience alive.


Redmi is designed with an aluminum sound chamber with precision-textured 10mm dynamic drivers for powerful bass, full voices and good treble response.

The earphone is designed aesthetically with an in-ear structure that fits into your ear for lasting comfort.

The silicone earplugs feature an anti-wax fabric that is designed to prevent sweat, moisture or earwax from blocking the sound over time.

The Redmi earphones have a 1.25m long, flexible and robust cable that comfortably allows you to listen to music with your portable devices.

It features a multi-function button for playing/pausing music, answering calls. Also, it has a 3.5mm jack for connectivity to any other device.

Xiaomi Redmi Hi-Resolution Audio is in 3rd position as compared to other best earphones under 600 range, but this earphone has amazing sound quality but the bass is not that much good which is mentioned (deep bass earphone) in amazon

Why Buy

Xiaomi Redmi offers Hi-Res audio that provides excellent sound quality.

  • Good treble performance
  • Great sound quality
  • 90 degrees aux jack for connectivity
  • Control can be improved

4. boAt BassHeads 162

boAt Bassheads 162 in Ear...
  • Tune into Premium Audio with 10mm Drivers and...
  • Vibe in your rhythm all day with its Super...
  • Communicate hands-free in a seamless way with...

Last update on 2022-01-02 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


  • 10mm dynamic driver
  • 20-20,000 Hz frequency range
  • 16 ohms impedance
  • 109dB sensitivity

Another great earphone under 600 is boAt BassHeads 162, they are manufactured with the best quality system. boAt headphones are known for being of acceptable quality and worth their money.


boAt Bassheads 162 earphone is designed for comfort with its in-ear earbuds. It is made of plastic and fits easily into the ear and is lightweight. The earphones are available in different colors.

The cables of the earphone are braided, which ensures the wires is tangle-free and it’s coated in two colors. The earphone has a mic and a built-in single-button remote attached to the 1.2m long cable.

It also has a gold-plated angular 3.5mm jack that offers good connectivity and convenience when used.

It guarantees that there is no breakage of the connection to the lower centers of gravity and extends the life of the object.

The earphone supports a voice-controlled assistant and has a high-quality HD bass sound.

boAt BassHeads 162 is in 4th position as compared to other best earphones under 600 range, this earphone has the amazing build quality.

Why Buy

The boAt BassHeads 162 will adapt to your vibe by peeling out the perfect symphony. It perfectly reproduces high basses and low frequencies.

  • Tangle-free wires
  • HD sound
  • High bass
  • No noise cancellation

5. boAt BassHeads 225 

boAt Bassheads 225 in Ear...
  • Innovative housing design enables for easy...
  • The noise-cancelling microphone enables...
  • Made to fit you and your lifestyle, providing...

Last update on 2022-01-01 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


  • 10mm audio drivers
  • 20Hz – 20,000 Hz frequency range
  • 16 Ohms impedance
  • 98 dB sensitivity

boAt BassHeads 225 is another earphone under 600 designed as a polished metal earphone to provide a mind-blowing experience. It has excellent sound clarity with “super extra bass”.


The headphone is built with quality polished metal, which gives it an attractive look. It is very lightweight and equipped with a tangle-free PVC cable. The cable is 1.2m long and flat.

boAt comes with six pairs of ear tips, a clip, and a pair of ear hooks.

It is compatible with androids and iOS, which can be connected through a 3.5mm aux port.

The gold-plated 3.5mm headphone jack has an L-shaped plug so it does not stick out much when you plug it into a device.

There is a microphone attached to the in-line remote featuring a single button for managing your music and answering calls.

The Bassheads 225 also acts as a passive noise canceller or isolator, allowing users to enjoy music without outside noise getting in.

The medium-sized ear tips work best for comfort. The earphone can get really loud for those who like EDM and the bass quality of the headphone is very good with treble and vocal.

boAt Bassheads 225 is in 5th position as compared to other best earphones under 600 range, this earphone is most selling earphone in amazon.

If you want heavy bass earphones and you ready to compromise sound quality then this is the 1st recommended earphone for you.

Why Buy

If you’re a bass lover who enjoys your music, boAt Bassheads 225 earphones are good for its price at this price

  • Quality build
  • Good audio clarity
  • These earphones can get really loud
  • Bass overpower mids and highs at high volume
  • Sensitive mic

6. JBL C100SI

JBL C100SI In-Ear...
  • JBL Signature Sound
  • Extra Deep Bass, Frequency range: 20-20kHz
  • One-Button Universal Remote with Mic

Last update on 2021-12-30 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


  • 9mm driver
  • 100±3dBSPL sensitivity
  • 16 ohms impedance
  • 20-20,000 Hz frequency range

If you looking for something under 600 that’s charismatic but has a great performance, then you should go for JBL C100SI. These in-ear headphones are lightweight and portable.


It’s available in different colors; black, white, and red and has 3 ear-tips sizes, which can be used for comfortability when worn for long periods.

It also has a sleek, glossy, ergonomic design and a premium metallic finish with a 1.2m long cable.

JBL C100SI is equipped with a universal remote control featuring a single button and mic, which you can manage your call effectively. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

The earphone has gold plating on the 3.5mm jack, which provides better connectivity and data transfer.

The response of JBL Pure Bass makes the musical experience more attractive with intensified notes.

In addition, you can activate the Google Voice Assistant function with a hard press and make use of it with ease. Its size and weight make it comfortable to wear.

JBL C100SI is in 6th position as compared to other best earphones under 600 range, this earphone also most selling earphones in amazon in this price range.

Why Buy

If you’re looking for earphones that give you a great listening experience at a budget-friendly price, then JBL C100SI is for you at this price range.

  • Sleek and glossy design
  • Very light and compact
  • Great sound
  • Magnificent bass
  • Budget-friendly
  • Features only a single button
  • No tangle-free cable

7. Audio Technica ATH-CLR100

  • Crystal-clear sound and excellent detail...
  • Easy-traveling audio performance with...
  • Comfortable long-wearing design

Last update on 2022-01-02 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


  • 8.5mm dynamic drivers
  • 20-25, 000 Hz frequency response
  • 20mW input power
  • Weighs 3.4g
  • 103 dB/mW sensitivity

Audio-Technica is well-known for providing the best of services in the sound-related category.

The in-ear earphones, ATH-CLR100 are proof of this with a range of exciting and compelling specifications including color availability, durability, maximum input power, etc.


This is an in-ear style earphone built with plastic and has a rounded 1.2m long cable.

The earphone comes with three –size ear-tips and it’s lightweight. Available in different colors: white, black, lime green, blue, orange, purple, red, or pink color.

The dynamic driver offers an excellent quality of sound and bass. Canal-like earplugs provide a good fit and noise isolation.

The L-shaped gold plated 3.5mm aux port allows for easy connection to the tablet, CD/DVD player, and others

Audio Technica CLR100 is in 7th position as compared to other best earphones under 600 range amazing parts of this earphone, you will get one amazing earphone case which is really cool.

Why Buy

Audio Technica ATH-CLR100 is aimed at those in the market for earphones under 600 and has basic specs.

  • The earphones are light in weight
  • Crisp and clear sound
  • comfortable
  • No tangle-free cable
  • No inline microphone

8. Ant Audio W56

ANT AUDIO W56 Wired in...
  • Stereo bass sound and noise isolating : Ant...
  • Aluminium alloy housing – ant audio w56 has...
  • Durable cord: The hollow tpe flat cord with...

Last update on 2022-01-02 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


  • 105±3dB sensitivity
  • 16-ohms impedance
  • 20Hz-20, 000 HZ frequency range
  • Noise-canceling microphone

Specifically designed for those who enjoy pop music, rock music, classic music, or game with excellent sound quality.


This in-ear design features a flat cable that prevents it from tangling and angular earbuds with rubber ear hooks. The y-splitter and the microphone unit has a smoothened curve edge.

The earphone comes with 3 sets of ear-tips and a clip for comfortability.

Ant audio w56 consists of an all-aluminum alloy housing that makes it resistant to corrosion and aging. Also, it is available in 4 colors

The model ensures maximum comfort when used for many hours. Thanks to its extremely light construction, you can easily take it with you wherever you go.

Its advanced driver housing contains a sound-absorbing material and also reduces external noise, thereby reducing sound radiation.

Ant audio w56 is built with high-quality dynamic drivers for Stereo bass sound and noise isolation.

The gold-plated 3.5 mm jack socket is located at the end and ensures a reliable connection. In addition, the built-in microphone reduces external noise.

Ant audio w56 is perfectly equipped with effective drivers that produce powerful, deep bass, resulting in an entertaining listening experience.

The 1-button inline metal remote control allows you to answer and end phone calls, control music with one button press. Compatible with Android/iOS/ PC.

Ant Audio w56 is in 8th position as compared to other best earphones under 600 range amazing parts of this earphone, you will get one amazing metallic case with a cool sticker which is really awesome.

Why Buy

Ant Audio W56 has a fantastic stereo bass sound and isolation of external noise. This is one of the best earphones you can buy today under Rs 600.

  • Elegant design
  • Good Bass and Treble
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Basic microphone
  • A single button control

9. pTron Boom Ultima 4D Dual Driver

pTron Boom Ultima 4D Dual...
  • In-ear Dual Driver Wired Earphones with...
  • In-line Remote Control with Mic, Music & Call...
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty

Last update on 2022-01-01 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


  • Dual driver (8mm)
  • Inline remote control with mic
  • Universal 3.5 audio jack
  • Lightweight
  • Voice assistant

pTron is a popular company that manufactures various products like pTron Boom Ultima 4D. In this price range, no other headphones can compete with pTron Boom Ultima 4D for the best PubG gaming experience.


The ergonomics design along with the 120°angled in-ear wearing and the extremely flexible medical grade silicone earbud can smoothly surround the ear canal. The TPE-sheathed cable ensures that it will not wear out.

It has an integrated in-line remote control with a built-in microphone, so you can easily make and receive phone calls and have a clear and fluid hands-free conversation.

pTron Boom Ultima earphones feature 8mm dual drivers in each earbud, providing more high and mid frequencies and much more bass for a richer music experience.  

It also boosts your music quotient with highly reliable audio for better sound quality.

It is equipped with a beautiful gold-plated 3.5mm audio jack and a 1.2m tangle-free cable that is extremely well protected by TPE for a slim and soft feel.

It creates a stronger sound isolation effect. Another feature of these earphones is that they’re easily multitasking able, such as remote control operation.

if you like unique earphones then this is 1st recommended earphone for you.

pTron Boom3 is in 9th position as compared to other best earphones under 600 range in this earphone dual-driver which helps to improve sound quality and this earphone has an amazing unique body

Why Buy

pTron Boom Ultima 4D offers high-quality audio quality at a very affordable price.

  • Great sound and the best bass
  • Excellent build quality
  • Supports Google Assistant and Siri
  • No water resistance

10. pTron Pride Lite HBE 

pTron Pride Lite HBE...
  • Stylish, metallic look, in-ear stereo audio...
  • Ergonomic in-ear design allows passive noise...
  • Lightweight metal earphones come with 10mm...

Last update on 2022-01-02 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


  • Lightweight
  • Wide compatibility audio jack
  • Passive noise cancellation

pTron Pride HBE is one of the best headphones that offers crystal clear sound quality with a fantastic musical experience.


The ergonomic design of this headphone gives you clear, powerful low-end audio. It is designed with metal earbuds, silicone ear-tips, and is lightweight.

The earphones are durable and last much longer than others.

The earbud features a high-strength 1.2m long, tangle-free cable, and gold-plated 3.5mm audio jack.

The 3.5 mm audio jack has a wide compatibility range, like a Music player, Pcs.

PTron pride in-ear headsets offer you absolutely clear and stable quality due to their metal shell.

The 2 mm dynamic speaker driver delivers perfect music with precise and full-bodied stereo sound quality.

The built-in microphone and controller enable you to multitask, that is, you can effortlessly switch between calls and music. Managing your calls and music hands-free without any problem.

PTron pride HBE is in 10th position as compared to other best earphones under 600 range in this earphone wire cable is awesome I really like wire quality of this earphone.

Why Buy

PTron pride HBE is another quality headphone under 600 that provides quality audio and hand-free control of call or music.

  • Sound and build quality is great
  • Give metal shell
  • In-built receiver
  • Poor wire quality

Wrapping Up

If you’re looking for earphones you can buy under 600 online, we’ve made the search easy for you.

We’ve discussed different brands of earphones under 600 that won’t cost you much and still offer you quality sound.

You can try Realme buds or boAt Bassheads; they all have different features to offer that might suit your needs.

Top 3 best earphones under 600 in Build Quality:

1. boAt BassHeads 162

This earphone gives the best and attractive design at an affordable price.

This gives a guarantee of no breakage in cable. So, this overall good in

build quality.

2. boAt BassHeads 225 

This earphone offer fully metal body to protect from damage. And this gold-plated earphone only available in under 600.

3.   boAt BassHeads 100 

It has long-lasting build quality with a powerful plastic coating. These us basic and useful earphones at affordable prices.

Top 4 best earphones under 600 in Sound Quality:

1. Realme buds 2

The sound quality of the Realme buds 2 it’s really amazing as compared to previous Realme Earbuds.

This time realme really improves the sound quality mid – Highs are really awesome.

If I want to give you an example of how good it is, this earphone easily compete with 2000 price range earphones

  2. Xiaomi Redmi Hi-Resolution Audio

This earphone has a damping framework that gives clear and improving sound quality.

It has aluminum chambers for the clearness of sound. This gives superb music.

  3. Audio Technica ATH-CLR100

This earphone brand promises to give amazing sound. This earphone creates clean and clear sound. This never disappoints the user.

 4. pTron Pride HBE 

This gives fabulous sounding. It has great sound quality. It has a speaker with a metal shell that produces stable sound.

Best earphones in overall quality:

  1. Realme Earbuds 2

This is a big surprise for android. This extraordinary earphone with 3 inline buttons. This earphone gives perfect sound with great bass.

 2. pTron Boom3 

It has an outstanding build and sound quality. It has a dual driver that gives clear and stable sound.

Without contacting the cellphone receives a call. This is too attractive a design and awesome-sounding earphones.

Conclusion of best earphones under 600

Regardless of whether you don’t have thoughts to purchase such the brand earphone at a low cost in the market, here the above article help to arrange reasonable earphones in the market.

Pretty much every earphone worked with remarkable highlights so you can appreciate the genuine sound nature of any melody and make use to call just as reject with no danger of it.

Here we have attempted to pick some best earphones under 600 INR.

You may choose anybody from this rundown as per your spending plan and utilize your telephone close by free mode.

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  2. which headphone is the best form boat and jbl

    • If you are asking according to our list then it’s a boat, but if you increase 100rs then JBL C200SI is the one you can go with. You can check our best JBL earphones under 1000 list.

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