3 Best Gaming Headphones for Mobile under 1000

In recent times gaming has evolved from the basic 2-D animations to ultra-realistic experiences as well as VR setups which give the user a feel of another world being down at one’s feet.

These evolutions have also boosted the production of advanced technological gadgets and such highly functioning mechanisms.

And one such component is gaming headphones. Normal headphones do come with a good sound experience, but if you ask a gamer, they would say differently.

Gamers want the sounds to be crispy and immersive and which is why gaming headphones are being so popular.

Below is a list of the best gaming headphones under 1000 for mobile under the price range of 1000 rupees:

Best Gaming Headphones for Mobile under 1000

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1.Redgear Cloak Wired RGB

Redgear Cloak Wired RGB...
  • Sound Quality: Redgear Cloak comes equipped...
  • Microphone: It comes equipped with a...
  • Build Quality: It’s luxurious...

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  • Redgear is equipped with 50 mm drivers which have enhanced bass and clarity thus making it an elevated experience for the user.
  • The gaming headphone has luxurious noise-canceling memory foam earpads and an adjustable split headband which reduces the pressure and provides optimal comfort for long-lasting gaming sessions.
  • It has a sliding volume control feature for easier scrolling control options. This enables the user for effortless manipulation of the system during heavy gaming sessions.
  • It comes with one year of manufacturer’s warranty which covers all of the internal system failures that one reports to the company.

The first one in the “best headphones under 1000 for gaming” list is a top-of-the-class headphone designed by the Redgear engineers with a colored RGB side LED making it one of the coolest gaming headphones one can get under this one thousand price range.

The Redgear Company did an excellent job in meeting the expectations of the gamers by beautifully designing this piece of tech with top-of-the-class stereo boosters for an immersive experience.

The amazing part about this headphone is that it can auto-adjust it making it a good choice than others. And the RGB lighting does put a show in giving it a classy look.

  • It comes with an over-ear design making it extra efficient
  • This design not only ensures the comfort of the user but also accounts for many more productive features
  • Build quality is very strong thus making it very durable, and the warranty covers any damages in the internal systems
  • The memory foam on the earpads makes it super comfy and easy-to-use gaming headphones.
  • It is a wired headphone and now in these updated technological times, wireless features steal the show.
  • Sound quality by the drivers produces much bass that the mid and the lows are a little indifferent while using.

2. Cosmic-Byte-GS430

Cosmic Byte GS430 Gaming...

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  • It has a driver diameter of 40 mm with an impedance value of 20 Ohms+15% thus providing the gamers with crystal clear sounds.
  • The sound frequency is in the range of 15 kHz-20 kHz which is the nominal frequency and can provide a lag-free sound experience.
  • It also has a flexible noise cancellation boom mic which is designed for gamers who don’t want external noises in their streaming as well as gaming sessions. Cosmic byte Headsets accurately pick up the voice and can easily differentiate between the gamers’ voice and the background noises.
  • It has a 120-degree flexible design which allows the user to adjust any mic position they want thus making the game chatting more comfortable and easier in many scenarios.

The next one on the “best gaming headphones for mobile under 1000” list is this one, which was developed by Logitech Company and is powered by Lightspeed.

It has cutting-edge capabilities which include an immersive sound experience in 3d gaming as well as exhilarating gameplay.

These guys have successfully tackled the problem of muffled voices and this is an industrial revolution that brings the user a completely new experience.

The headsets provide the user a complete soundscape that is 360-degree thus bringing a sense of realism in the mind of the user.

Also with the high precision magnetic neodymium drivers, the gamers are able to listen to the slightest of vibrations in the sound.

This is why it has the capability to transform the gaming perspective of any user. And hence, these have come out to be the best gaming headphones under 1000 with mic.

  • These have ergonomic soft earmuffs thus making the use very comfy.
  • The cosmic byte headphones are designed to fit users’ heads perfectly and the soft memory foam makes it smooth for the ears
  • It also has multi-platform compatibility and a plug-and-play system with a universal 3.5mm jack which is easily compatible with all mobile phones
  • These guys provide reliable after-sale support and give the user a one-year warranty on any damages that goes with the company policy
  • These have 40mm, drivers, as compared to 50mm in other headphones that comes under this price range. This does affect the gaming experience as the sound quality is mostly better with larger mm drivers.
  • The LED lightings have a single color as compared to the RGB effects in other headphones. Technically this may not be a negative point, but it all depends on the user’s perspective.

3. Cosmic Byte GS410

Cosmic Byte GS410 Wired...
  • Primary kind of gaming headset, perfect for...
  • Soft cushion head-pad and ear-pad, as well as...
  • Delivers clear sound and Deep Bass for Real...

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  • This comes with a 2.1 m cable and headset with a noise-canceling mic.
  • The impedance value in this headset is 32 ohms and the sensitivity is 105 dB plus-minus 3dB.
  • It delivers great sounds and has deep bass for a real-life feel in the games.
  • It has a soft cushion head-pad and ear-pad as well as adjustable length hinges which guarantees hours of gaming comfort.
  • This also has a little smart in-line remote control for sound and mic.

The last one in the “best gaming headphones under 1000 for mobile
“ list is also developed by Logitech Company and is a slightly higher version as compared to the last one described in this article.

This piece of technology has top-of-the-class calibrated features which can bring the world of gaming and streaming to another level.

It is a multi-purpose gaming headset that is perfect for playing games and listening to music. Since this comes with a headphone jack of 3.5mm, this makes it a suitable choice for people who are into mobile gaming and streaming.

  • It is a multi-purpose gaming headset, which makes it extra efficient for listening to music.
  • This particular attribute isn’t present in the other gaming headphones enlisted here
  • The cushions are really comfortable which have memory foams and can be a great piece of relaxation in heavy streaming and gaming sessions.
  • The noise-canceling microphone is really good and does an excellent job in reducing the surrounding sounds
  • It is slightly expensive as compared to the other headphones in this price range.
  • This doesn’t have LED lights which are a bit strange in this price range since the others in this range to have more appealing looks and designs than this one.
  • It does feel slightly heavy than the GS430 version mentioned above which makes it tough for the user to go for choosing this one.

Things to Know Before Buying Gaming Headphones

The world of gaming has evolved from the day computer-generated games came to the world. These games along with their accessories come in different forms.

So the user also needs to pay attention to the different requirements that the game pose. Below are certain things one should consider before buying the best gaming headphones under 1000 for pubg:

Know what you are looking for

Simply going to a store and asking for the best headphones for gaming under 1000 isn’t a solution to one’s gaming needs. One needs to understand that gaming headphones are not the same as traditional headphones.

Games need no lagging features in headphones. Wired headphones overcome this problem whereas wireless ones do face connectivity and fluency issues. The user must think about these things before selecting a headphone.

Know the type of headphone you need

Based on the system requirements, some need to choose the best gaming headphones with mic under 1000. One can’t simply just put any type of headphone in any device like play station or Xbox or PC or mobile.

Everything has its own customized settings and the user must understand this fact. Then accordingly they can go for purchasing one.


The last thing that should be in the mind of a consumer is the price range they’re willing to go for buying the best gaming headphones under 1000 rs. One must understand that with good price come extra features.

However, this never means one would flow away with spending an extra couple of hundreds on a good product.

The user must also see the quality, the customer reviews on the product along the specifications so that they can get a great deal with the money tag.


The needs and capabilities of these particular headphones are widely varying ones and one needs to be very selective on what they want in their price range as well as their interests.

The best-suited ones should be considered and compared before buying.

Although these three have nearly the same production facilities as compared to one another, the tiniest of details may sometimes become the deciding factor.

The users’ point of thinking should be oriented on the type of field they want to work with and then choose any of these gaming headphones would definitely be a deal of a lifetime.

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