5 best headphones under 1000 with mic

If you visiting this page then surely you are finding the best headphones under 1000 with mic for you and if still, you didn’t get one then make sure read this article till the end, you will surely find the best headphone for you.

Last time under 1000 category we have covered best earphones under 1000 but this time we are going to reveal the list of best headphones under 1000 with mic 2021 in India and these all headphones are only overheard headphones.

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Best headphones under 1000 with mic

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Sony MDR-ZX110A

best headphones under 1000 with mic
  • Bass is so correct
  • Easy to carry for traveling
  • Superb sound quality.
  • Build quality is good considering the price point
  • Most selling headphones by Sony
  • Only 6 months of warranty
  • No microphone

Sound & Bass Quality

The sound quality is actually very good, in terms of vocals its good but not great and the base is also boosted which may be a good point for bass lovers.

Build Quality

The ear cups are flexible which makes the headphones more comfortable.

Padding on-ear cups are ok, they are not so soft after long usage they may hurt your ears.

Other Features

Sony MDR-ZX110A is one of the best budget-oriented headphones from Sony.

If you are looking for the best headphone under 1000 don’t think twice just buy it. The entire headphone is made up of plastic and it’s easily foldable.

The wire quality and the audio jack quality is so nice in this price range.

Sony MDR-ZX110A got 1st place among all the best headphones under 1000 with mic 2021 in India.

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best headphones under 1000 with mic
  • Easy to carry because of the lightweight and foldable design
  • Best headphone under 1000 for active lifestyle person.
  • They are sweatproof.
  • Inbuilt microphone and the inline remote.
  • Foldable design.
  • Sound quality is ok.

Sound & Bass Quality

They are bass-heavy headsets if you are a bass lover and your lifestyle is active then this is the best headphones under 1000 with mic for you.

Build Quality

The design of the headphone is super cool even the 3.5 mm jack is made of metal which looks really great.

Other Features

First of all these specially made for the active lifestyle like if you are a gymer or any other athlete then just grab them right now.

The cautioning on the earcups are so soft and they also feel very comfortable on the ears.

BOAT BASSHEAD 900 got 2nd place among all the best headphones under 1000 with mic 2021 in India

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Philips Bass+ SHL3070

best headphones under 1000 with mic
  • Build quality is good.
  • They provide good comfort.
  • Extra bass on papers is really extra in real life.
  • Minimal sound leakage.
  • Over the ear design.
  • Great noise isolation.
  • No padding under the head band.
  • Sound quality could be better.

Sound & Bass Quality

The sound quality of this headphone is not that great but the bass it’s outstanding.

This will give you Dj feel if you are Bass lover then you will love them

As the name says bass+ these headphones really produce extra bass which is punchy and feels good to hear.

The Mid and high tones are well saturated.

Build Quality

The earcups can rotate inside which is good to carry them for traveling and the wire is long enough so you can use it from your pocket easily.

The pads on the ear cups are soft they will give you a comfortable feel. You won’t feel any kind of pain even after using them for more than 2 hours.

The overall build quality is good enough even is wire quality is good but the wire is not tangled free.

Other Features

The best part of these earphones is the sound leakage is too minimal even at the high volume.

These headphones come in two colors black and white but I think black looks more premium.

The 3.5 mm headphone jack is straight and it’s silver-plated not gold plated so keep that in your mind.

Philips Bass+ SHL3070 got 3rd place among all the best headphones under 1000 with mic 2021 in India

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best headphones under 1000 with mic
  • Lightweight
  • Bass is superb in this price range, great bass.
  • Sound clarity is ok.
  • Nice padding under the headband feels more comfortable.
  • You can use them for hours.
  • Padding under the ear cups is soft.
  • No inline remote and no mic.
  • Because of non-foldable design, it is not a very good thing to carry them while you travel.

Sound & Bass Quality

A 30 mm driver gives you a good amount of bass and even sound quality is also good.

They are bass-heavy headphones, they can easily satisfy the bass lovers.

Build Quality

The headphones look pretty good and attractive, left and right mentioned on the earcups.

Most of the headphones build with plastic but there is no creaking sound which means its a good quality plastic.

The cautioning of the earpads feels soft and very good even the earcups can rotate which offers you a great comfort.

The adjustable band made of steel so you can adjust that as per your head size which is a good thing.

On top of headphones, you get a good amount of padding which is the best thing about these headphones normally you won’t get good padding under 1000 rs.

Other Features

The packaging of the headphones is simple, on the back of the cover you will see the specifications and user manual.

If you are looking for great bass, good quality, stylish and sturdy headphones they are the one for you among all the best headphones under 1000 with mic 2021.

The quality of the cable is good and it is long enough but it’s not a tangle-free cable.

Overall JBL C300SI is the best as compare to other best headphones under 1000 with mic in 2021

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Cosmic Byte GS410

best headphones under 1000 with mic
  • Amazing sound and build quality.
  • Delivers deep bass and clear sound quality.
  • The frequency range is approximate 15-20KHz
  • A flexible microphone is available for exact positioning to deliver a clear voice quality to the listener.
  • Soft cushion head-pad and ear-pad makes it extra comfortable for the users.
  • The major concern with these headphones is that they require proper care and protection.
  • Slow Customer Support service is another major concern that you should consider while purchasing it.

This awesome headphone product from Cosmic Byte is an incredible option for the gamers and music enthusiasts. This headphone is probably the best headphones under 1000 with mic price range for the users. 

There are undoubtedly a lot of significant features that makes it a perfect choice for all buyers. 

It is a multi-purpose type of headphones that can be used both for listening to music and to play PC games.

Clear sound with no lags and Deep bass makes it a perfect choice for the gamers who want to purchase a low-budget headphone product. 

There are a very few headphones options that are available in the market with the best headphones under 1000 with mic sections.

However, Cosmic Byte earphones can be considered as best in class headphones with a low-budget price tag for sure. 

Sound and Bass Quality

The Sound and Bass quality of Cosmic Byte Earphones is just magnificent. 

Majority of its users are pretty much satisfied with the sound quality they are getting, especially in this price range. 

Apart from the sound quality, this headphone also comes with a high-quality adjustable microphone.

Additionally, the great voice picking up sensitivity of the mic of these headphones makes it an ideal choice for all. 

A clear and transparent voice quality can be observed by the listener that cannot be simply ignored when we look at its decent price tag.

Furthermore, these headphones come with a single 3.5mm jack for sound and mic which definitely makes it the best headphones under 1000 with mic in India. 

Build Quality

The headphones are made up of solid and high-quality build material that provides a good level of durability. 

There is a soft-cushion head pad and ear-pad that will ensure hours of seamless gaming or music experience. 

This headphone product comes in two different color options Green and Black. 

They are compatible with Xbox One, PS4, Laptop, PC, iPhone and Android phones.

This compatibility feature is something that a user won’t usually get with similar competitors in best headphones under 1000 with mic segments.

These headphones look pretty stylish and sleek in design that makes them an attractive choice for the buyers.

The cable length is 2.1m in length with a headset interface of 3.5mm. 

Additionally, these earphones will fit onto your ears perfectly that will terminate your fear of falling them down.  

Cosmic byte earphones are totally a perfect package with an excellent build quality and sound bass quality.    

There wouldn’t be a single possibility of a breakdown of these headphones before a specific time limit if users use them properly with care and a sense of responsibility.      

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