Best Headphones Under 7000

We are living in a technologically advanced world where the use of modern science isn’t just limited to our aids in daily life, but also has been utilized for various other uses such as amusing us with any new upgrades or helping out us with redefining the world of entertainment.

We all know that entertainment is a big part of life and now all the things that make us relaxed like movies, games, shows, etc. are at the reach of our hands.

Our smart devices these days are capable of such things with just a single click.

Moreover, a good audio device is like a cherry on top. Here is a list of the top 5 best headphones bluetooth India that comes under the 7000-price range.

Best Headphones Under 7000 in India 2021

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1. Skullcandy Crusher

Skullcandy Crusher...
  • Delivers seamless integration with any...
  • Provides hours of untethered listening thanks...
  • Transforms music and movies in a way that...

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  • Immersive sound experience
  • Great looking design
  • Dual-channel haptic bass drivers
  • Refined memory foam for extra comfort
  • Bluetooth connectivity

The first one on the best headphones with noise cancelling list is the Skullcandy with an amazing look and durable design.

It is a wireless type headphone that is over the ear in case of form factor.

Skullcandy Crusher weighs around 0.61 pounds and it is available with Bluetooth connectivity.

It comes with a 1-year warranty and has stereo speakers which are very powerful providing punchy bass and a good amount of treble.

The headphone has a 40 hour of long battery life once fully charged which should be long enough for a great session of listening for you.

And once you are done, it is also very easy to carry around because of its compact design.

Talking about the looks, it gives a premium feel whenever you put them on.

Also, the powerful and dual-channel haptic bass provides an immersive experience whenever you’re listening to anything.

The bass is so good that you’ll almost feel isolated once you are with any music in the drivers.

The active noise canceling system is very good which will give you a 3D experience.

The headphone also has a mic inside which allows you to go handsfree whenever you want to engage in a call.

  • Powerful drivers capable of excellent audio
  • 40 hours of long battery life
  • Comfortable fit for over the head experience
  • Bluetooth connectivity with great distance
  • Handsfree call availability with mic
  • Design is too simple

2. Marshall Major III

Marshall Major III Wired...
  • Major III features custom-tuned 40 mm drivers...
  • Major III features streamlined ear cushions,...
  • Control your headphones and phone...

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  • Long-range Bluetooth connectivity
  • 30 hours of extended battery life
  • 40 mm bass drivers
  • Active noise cancellation system
  • Weighs around 6.28 ounces

The next one on the best headphones noise cancelling list is from Marshall which is an over-the-ear type headphone.

It is one of the most popular headphones in recent times that have millions of buyers across the globe.

The product comes with a 1-year warranty and the soft cushions provided on the ear give a comfortable fit for long use. The deluxe experience is one of the finest in the industry.

Not only the comfort, but the looks of this headphone is also appealing. You get a premium feel whenever you put on these headphones.

The connectivity in this headphone is through Bluetooth and it weighs around 0.628 pounds.

The volume control types are very easy to use and it even comes with a mic.

The mic makes you capable of connecting through calls with HD sound experience.

The drivers that are included in the headphone are very capable of providing a complete surround sound experience and the soft cushions provide you the freedom for long use without any issues.

The battery included in this headphone gives you a charge of 30 plus hours once fully charged.

The control knob is also another handy tool that is included in the product to help you to control playback or receive and end calls whenever you need to.

The Bluetooth aptX gives you the freedom to move anywhere and won’t have to worry about tangled cables anymore.

The custom-tuned drivers are 40mm dia which are capable of giving that authentic punchy bass and great HD sound.

  • Interesting and attractive design
  • Bluetooth connectivity for free use
  • Great volume control system
  • Inline mic for hands-free calls
  • 1 year of great warranty
  • Slightly overpriced than others

3. Skullcandy Hesh Evo

Skullcandy Hesh Evo...
  • GO-ANYWHERE DESIGN. Thanks to rugged,...
  • COMFORT FOR HOURS. With an ultralight...
  • EASY, CONVENIENT CONTROLS. Simple, intuitive...

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  • Built-in finding technology
  • Easy and convenient controls
  • Comfortable fit for long use
  • 36 hours of battery life
  • 1 year of warranty

The third one on the best headphones to cancel noise list is the Skullcandy Hesh famous for its sleek yet amazing designs.

The rapid charge in this headphone is the main highlight of this product that enables you to enjoy 3 hours of music with just 10 mins of charging time.

This also supports aux cable connectivity along with Bluetooth that provides an additional benefit over others.

The noise-isolating fit provides a great surround sound experience.

The HD calls capability through the mic is another feature that most users like when using this.

Also, it has 1 year of warranty which provides you that trust of long-lasting use and great after-sale service.

The item weighs around 200 grams which is very lightweight and is suitable for long use.

The massive battery is very durable and provides 36 hours of playback which is more than enough for average users.

The tile finding technology is built-in which gives that authentic bass boosted feel whenever you’re enjoying your listening session.

The design is flat-folding and is collapsible allowing you to travel with ease and carry anywhere you want.

There are buttons in the headphone that provides that helps you control the calling or playback.

So, with this headphone, your requirements for a great headphone are met.

  • Rapid charging system
  • Active noise cancellation system
  • Flat and foldable design
  • Comfortable earcups for long use
  • Great battery life
  • Highly-priced than others

4. JBL Tune 700BT

JBL Tune 700BT by Harman,...
  • 27 Hours of Battery Life under optium audio...
  • Quick Charging with 5min charge providing 2...
  • Wireless Bluetooth Streaming

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  • 15 hours of battery life
  • Active noise cancellation system
  • 1 year of service warranty
  • JBL Pure bass sound
  • Multi-point connection

One of the most mid-range and the best headphones cancelling noise headphones with some of the tops of class features is from JBL.

We all are familiar with the widely acknowledged sound system of JBL and its excellence in audio devices. The JBL Tune is one of the most popular headphones in the world.

It has a Bluetooth connectivity range of 10 meters availing you the ability to freely move anywhere while listening to your favorite stuff.

This also has 1 year of warranty so you don’t have to worry about what happens when you encounter an issue with the device. The headphone has an ear-type design and comes with a built mic.

The mic is capable of HD calls and helps you connect to live chats during calls and games handsfree.

Also, the active noise cancellation in this headphone is so great that you can enjoy every little bit of crisp sounds and bass while listening to audio.

The product has a long battery life of 15 hours and the charging time is just only 2 hours.

For over 70 years JBL has had expertise in audio systems and this is why the bass is so authentic while listening to music in this headphone.

You almost can forget the outside world when the noise cancellation mode is on.

  • Supports more than one device
  • Extended warranty period
  • Attractive design
  • One button assistant control
  • Only 15 hours of battery life

5. Noise Defy headphones

Noise Defy Over Ear...
  • [Active Noise Cancellation] : Get pure...
  • [Sound] : The 40mm speaker driver delivers...
  • [30-Hour Playtime] : Offers playtime of up to...

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  • 1 year of warranty
  • Great sound experience with pure bass
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Great battery life
  • Comfortable design

The last one in the list is from Noise and is an excellent headphone that has 40 mm of dynamic drivers.

The headphones provide 30 hours of long and extended battery life.

Also, the headphone has memory foams in the earcups, which are very comfortable and this is the best headphones with noise canceling.

All these factors can make you enjoy long sessions of listening to music or playing games.

Also, the latency in these headphones is very low which makes sure you get a lag-free experience.

This also has 1 year of service warranty which makes sure about the commitment from the company for a quality experience.

It weighs around 310 grams and feels almost very light and doesn’t hurt after pronged use.

The active noise cancellation system in this headphone is very satisfactory and isolates every bit of background noise.

Last but not the least, its attractive design gives you a premium feel whenever you use it.

  • A great noise isolation system
  • Speed charging available
  • Padded earcups for comfort
  • 20- hours ANC mode battery life
  • One-touch assistant control
  • Little heavier than others

Buying guide for the Best Headphones Under 7000

Choosing the best headphones noise cancelling device from a market where there are tons of choices available is sometimes overwhelming.

And you may get confused for what you should look when buying a headphone.

Because we all can admit that everyone wants a headphone that is affordable in our price range, has the required features, and should last long.

The following section is about the characteristics you should always look into when buying a the best headphones for noise cancellation:

1. Type of headphone

The first thing you should decide when you are going to buy a headphone is the type of headphone you want for yourself. Type here refers to many properties.

First, you should choose to want a wired headphone or wireless one depending on your needs.

Then you should decide the different wearing type such as in-ear or over-the-ear type.

In-ear type headphones generally are inside your ear while over-the-ear types are on your head.

All have their pros and cons and you should go for your convenience to choose a type.

2. Sound drivers

We all know how important sound drivers are to any audio device.

For those who don’t know what a sound driver is, it’s a speaker in simple language.

It is a general rule in the audio industry that the better the sound driver is, the better audio output will be from the device.

Sometimes large audio drivers do not necessarily provide good sound.

While choosing a headphone, dig deep about the kind of sound drivers they have before buying.

3. Comfort and fit

This is probably one of the most important parts of buying any headphones.

Imagine this, you bought a headphone and it’s providing you with superb quality music. But your neck or ear hurts after prolong use, and then you automatically will dislike it.

This is what you should think about before buying any headphones.

A good pair of headphones should be always comfortable for long use and should give you a pleasant experience whenever you want to enjoy a long session of a movie or gaming.

4. Noise cancellation

The next big thing that you should consider while buying any headphones is the type of noise cancellation it has in its system.

There are generally two noise controls that are active noise cancelation or ANC and passive noise cancellation.

Moreover, these days ANC is more popular because it has a better audio effect than the passive one.

So, you should choose a headphone that has an active noise cancellation system in it.

5. Sensitivity

Sensitivity can be defined as how loud can be your headphone. In other words, how much amount of sound can your headphone produce when on maximum volume.

If you aren’t picky about listening to loud music, then you don’t have to worry about this factor.

Otherwise, you should consider forgoing with a headphone that has good sensitivity.

Conclusion of best headphones under 7000

There are thousands of headphones available in the market, which are affordable and comes with many features. And these are some of the best headphones on ear available in the stores.

But it is up to you who have to choose what kind of headphones you want for your needs. Your requirements define the parameters of your purchase.

Also, your budget is another thing you should consider while choosing such a product.

From the above list, JBL Tune 750 BTNC is the most appropriate purchase because of its sound quality.

The other one that we suggest is the Skullcandy Hesh Evo which produces excellent bass while listening to anything.

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