Best over ear headphones under 1500

There is no doubt that several Indian brands like Boat are one of the leading Headphone brands in India which is known for their excellent product quality with magnificent sound quality.

Here in this article, we are gonna tell you about some of the incredible best over ear headphones under 1500 options that can suit you best. 

Most of the low-budget headphones of other brands usually end up damaged soon due to poor build quality. 

However, the same cannot be said for the boat headphones as they are best in the business when it comes to the low-budget segment. 

Best quality Headphones of big brands are usually quite expensive and that’s why customers try to avoid spending too much on them. 

We will now head towards our latest list of best over ear headphones under 1500 that will certainly help you out to pick up the best option out of the best options.

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best headphones under 1500 wireless with mic in India

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#1. Boat Rockerz 450

boAt Rockerz 450 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphone with Mic(Luscious Black)
  • Its 40mm dynamic drivers help pump out...
  • It provides a massive battery backup of upto...
  • It has been ergonomically designed and...

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  • connectivity is pretty fast and good
  • premium matte finish
  • nice bass and sound quality
  • battery backup more than 8 hrs in high volume


  • As it was not fully over ear
  • Buttons are very flat

First in our bucket list is Boat Rockerz 450 product which is undoubtedly the best in the market.

There is so much to talk about this product that makes it quite exceptional among its competitors.   

It was launched in March last year by the company and it did receive a very huge response from the customers. 

Everything that a user expects from a great headphone product is available in it that makes it an ideal choice for the best wireless headphones under 1500 segment.  

The best thing is that it comes with a price tag of 1499INR which is something that makes it quite popular in the market.   

Sound and Bass Quality

Sound quality of Boat Rockerz 450 is superbly amazing with a magnificent bass in it. 

A superior and non-stop playback time of 15 Hours is something that is remarkable in this segment.  

Listening to your favorite songs in HD audio quality can also be experienced with its superior 40mm drivers.

Furthermore, padded ear cushions and head cushions ensure a seamless experience of hours of gaming.

Any user can adjust the sound quality through the use of voice controls with these headphones.

Good quality Microphone is also there in the headphones making it quite easiest for the user to talk over call. 

It also comes with a Brand warranty of 1 Year with universal compatibility features.

Build Quality

The build quality of these headphones is quite decent and they are made up of light-weight yet rigid material. 

They can’t be easily broken down because they are manufactured with a good quality material.

Users can easily adjust the microphone in any alignment according to their convenience without worrying for any physical damage possibility. 

These headphones can be connected to any device using both Bluetooth and AUX cable options. 

The ear-pads and head-pads are built up of soft cushion material for extra-convenience and comfort. 

Other Features

There are thousands of reviews made for this product by the users on Amazon and majority of them are pretty much satisfied with the quality. 

This headphone product is nearly half of the average weight of the Rockerz 450 that makes it super splendid for the users. 

With optimum Bluetooth V4.2 connectivity, users can connect headphones to their devices instantly. 

Thanks to the foldable feature of these headphones that allows users to carry their headphones along with them while travelling very conveniently. 

However, the major concern that needs to be highlighted here is that you should take care of these headphones a little extra. 

If they are not used with handle and care, then there will be a possibility of breakdown because of its light-weight. 

#2. Boat Rockerz 400

boAt Rockerz 400 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphone with Mic(Black/Blue)
  • Battery: Rockerz 400 offers a playback time...
  • Bluetooth: It has Bluetooth v5.0 with a range...
  • ANC: NA

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  • Portable
  • Value for money
  • 6 hours of battery backup after 2 hours of charging
  • Sound quality and Base is pretty good
  • Good build quality is good


  • Itchy on ears(if you use more then an hour)

Second, in our list is Boat Rockerz 400 which is another very good option that falls under the best on ear headphones under 1500 segment. 

It is known for its super bass quality feature that attracts most of the hard core music listeners. 

Boat Rockerz 400 comes with incredible 40mm drivers that produce a great bass with excellent sound quality. 

Boat had launched this product way back in May 2016 and from then and till now, this product is still one of the largest selling headphone products on Amazon.  

Average battery backup is around 8 Hours of playback as claimed by the company. 

They are pretty comfortable to wear because of the soft head and ear cushion pads in it. 

Furthermore, this headphone product has retained its position in the top 10 list of Best On-ear Headphones on Amazon.

It is listed on Amazon at the price tag of 1399INR which is again something that can be considered as a budget-friendly. 

Apart from the battery backup difference, every other feature seems to be pretty similar with the Boat Rockerz 450 product. 

Sound and Bass Quality

This model can simply be considered as the beast of this segment of best on ear headphones under 1500 because of its high-end superb sound quality. 

The 40mm drivers are responsible to recreate a powerful and dynamic sound quality without any quality compromise. 

Users can easily control the volume levels and calls through the use of voice control command buttons.

Users will get an uninterrupted and continuous music streaming experience for around 8 hours straight without any sound quality difference. 

These headphones can be best used for streaming online PC games because a lot better sound quality is there in the headphones beyond any doubt.

Build Quality

Superb build quality is another very interesting factor of these headphones that makes it a commendable choice for all. 

These headphones actually have a very soft cushion material form on the headpads and earpads. 

These soft cushions will make sure users will get a seamless experience of music streaming for hours without getting annoyed.

Both Bluetooth (Wireless) and AUX types of connectivity are available with these headphones making it a great choice for best headphones under 1500 segment.  

Other Features

The sleek design of Boat Rockerz 400 simply makes them amazing and pretty much stylish in looks. 

1-year brand warranty from the date of purchase is also included with these headphones. 

One of the major concerns which is frequently reported by it’s customers is that the battery life of these headphones quickly degrades with time. 

But overall, it’s a great product that comes in a good price and suits everyone’s budget. 

Getting this type of excellent build and sound quality at an affordable price tag is something which is responsible for its huge success in the market.  

#3. Boat Bassheads 900

boAt Bassheads 900 On Ear Wired Headphones(Pearl White)
  • Has a PVC cable which is durable and tangle...
  • Compatibility and Connectivity: Compatible...
  • IPX Rating: NA

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  • stylish design
  • Mic for calls
  • Excellent sound and Bass quality
  • Durable and lengthy Cable
  • Good build quality is good


  • You cannot wear it for more than one hour
  • Slight distortion at 100% volume

Boat Bassheads 900 is actually a wired on-ear headphone which is super excellent with its bass quality. 

It does not come with the wireless bluetooth connectivity option that is annoying for the users. 

However, the price tag of these headphones will only demand INR799 from your pocket that makes it a perfect budget-friendly choice. 

Super extra bass, in-line microphone and its lightweight foldable design are some of its key features.

Furthermore, it comes with a tangle-resistant cable with 3.5mm audio jack along with audio controls on it. 

Sound and Bass Quality

Sound and Bass quality of these headphones is actually pretty impressive. 

Wired headphones generally produce more bass and good sound quality as compared to wireless headphones. 

And in this price range, these headphones are surely the best shot you are going to get in the market. 

Clear and Balanced sound quality is produced with the responsive 40mm neodymium drivers. 

Additionally, users will witness the feel of super bass in every track even if it is at full volumes. 

There is no issue with the play time limit of these headphones as they only come with wired connectivity methods in which there is no need for a battery.

Build Quality

Just like its superb sound and bass quality, build quality is also up to the mark. 

Boat Bassheads 900 headphones are manufactured with a quality material which is touch and rigid. 

The durability of these headphones can’t be questioned as there are very few cases reported of its breakdown. 

These headphones are both compact and foldable which is easy to carry along with other utilities while travelling. 

Soft-cushion ear pads are of very good quality and unlike other headphones, there is no head cushion available in this product. 

But that doesn’t mean users will not get that pleasurable music streaming experience they want. 

However, it is perhaps an important thing that should be mentioned here.

This product only comes in sleek black color that makes the headphones look pretty attractive and stylish. 

Other Features

There are thousands of positive ratings done by the customers on Amazon which clearly shows how much people have loved this product. 

The unavailability of wireless connectivity method is perhaps one of its major drawbacks that doesn’t insist the buyers who are looking out for options that support both wireless and wired connectivity. 

But for users who want a low-budget wired boat headphone, it is surely the best option for them. 

#4. Mi Super Bass 

Mi Super Bass On-Ear Wireless Headphones with Mic, (Black & Red)
  • BreaktheWire : Up to 20 hours battery life |...
  • Battery backup : 20 hours and charging time :...
  • Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 with up to 10 m...

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  • 20 hours of battery backup
  • Bluetooth connectivity is awesome
  • bass is very good
  • very lightweight
  • it looks very premium


  • its not foldable
  • its material is not good.

This headphone product from Mi is yet another very comprehensive choice for the buyers in this low-budget segment. 

These headphones come in a multi-color frame with a super attractive and sleek design.

Moreover, the best thing is that it offers a playback time of 20 Hours straight which is really very impressive. 

Latest bluetooth 5.0 version is supported that makes connectivity convenient and will cover a wider distance.

Sound and Bass Quality

The 40mm dynamic drivers present in these headphones constantly delivers powerful bass and super-splendid sound quality. 

Cushion ear pads of superb quality also contribute towards experiencing a great sound quality as they don’t allow external noise to interrupt your music streaming. 

Users can wear these headphones for straight many hours and still they can end up in a good mood. 

These compact-sized headphones look really very amazing when compared to other similar options. 

The sound quality is totally perfect with a magnificent build quality. 

Build Quality

There can be issues with the build quality if it is not used with proper care. 

Actually these headphones are compact-sized and that’s why, if you stretch too much and too many times, then it may lead to breakdown. 

Rest of the other factors and parameters are upto the mark. 

Whether it is audio control button quality or cushion pad quality, everything just seems to be perfect with this product making it one of the best headphones under 1500. 

Other Features

Both wired and wireless ways of connectivity are available in this product. 

Pressure-less ear muffs will make sure you will get a comfortable music streaming experience.

#5. Boat Rockerz 510    

Mi Super Bass On-Ear Wireless Headphones with Mic, (Black & Red)
  • BreaktheWire : Up to 20 hours battery life |...
  • Battery backup : 20 hours and charging time :...
  • Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 with up to 10 m...

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  • cushioning is good
  • Bass is good
  • 10 hours of battery backup
  • these have a premium gaming looking headphone


  • these are not flexible and not foldable
  • hard to carry
  • specially design for gaming

Last in our bucket list of best over ear headphones under 1500 is Boat Rockerz 510 that is superbly amazing in quality. 

There are a lot of similar features that are present in these headphones as compared to Rockerz 450 and Rockerz 400.

However, these headphones are designed with 50mm music drivers that continuously delivers unimaginable sound quality. 

The super sleek design of Rockerz 510 product is pretty much attractive. 

The headphones are designed with both Black and Green color which really look very stylish. 

Sound and Bass Quality

Both the sound quality and Bass quality of Rockerz 510 is superbly amazing as compared to its competitors. 

Good quality music drivers work continuously for hours without getting any issues. 

Boat Rockerz 510 is definitely one of the finest choices of best over ear headphones under 1500 segment. 

Let’s explore its other parameters now.  

Build Quality

Like the Sound quality of Rockerz 510, Build quality is also up to the satisfactory mark. 

Form present inside the ear pads makes it comfortable for the users to experience an authentic sound quality. 

The quality of build material is also very good and provides a great level of durability. 

Other Features

Average battery backup of these headphones which is claimed by the company is minimum 10 hours straight. 

Extra Audio control buttons are also present on the earphones that will help you to assist incoming calls, voice assistant etc. 

Conclusion of Best over ear headphones under 1500

So this was our list of best over ear headphones under 1500 that can be helpful for you in selecting the headphone product according to the requirements. 

We really hope you have enjoyed reading our blog and exploring these excellent options. 

These all options are excellent over each other as every product provides different features according to its respective price tag. 

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