Boat Bassheads 220 vs 225

Have you ever felt at any point about the envisioned how inappropriate it looks, a modest, low-quality headphone with a new cell phone?

When to comes to earphones, nobody needs to compromise their energy on helpless sound quality. The series of boat bassheads 220 vs 225 is exceptionally popular in the scope of low cost. 

In this series of headsets, the most current well-known ones among youth are boat bassheads. From wired headphones to headsets consistently, individual inclines toward boAt these days. 

Have you ever wondered at any point of asking why the boat is acquiring this much fame among us? 

Well, in light of its very economical cost and weighty quality sound. The boat can give a lot of characteristics at a meager price. these earphones are one the best earphones under 1000 rs

The boat had made its name in the market with its reasonable scope of earphones and bass heads and disconnected as well as the name boat is administering over the internet-based world also. The boat is the hit among its rivals in the on-the-web and disconnected market.

Today, in this article, we will assist you with picking one for you along these lines. Today, it will be regarding which one is better, boAt bassheads 220 vs 225? 

Before looking at between boat bassheads 220 Vs 225, we should flip back to the detail pages of both of these items. Assuming you are more into wired headphones, these are the ideal expert set for you.

boAt bassheads 220

Either it’s the planned look or quality, boAt bassheads 220 has got an unbelieving component. Boat bassheads 220 has a verified metal look, which draws in a solitary look. 

We all hate tangled wires. Shouldn’t something be the same about you? 

The most irritating thing with headphones is placing them such that they don’t get tangled, and it no not as much as making a canine’s tail straight. 

Thus, in exact words, it’s harmful to prevent them from getting tangled. 

It appears as though they are intended to be tangled. 

In any case, not presently. 

Boat bassheads 220 

boat bassheads 220 vs 225

These BoAt bassheads 220 have a 1.2-meter long wire, which is sans tangle. That’s right! Presently put them in any capacity. They will consistently be this piece of cake. 

The boAt bassheads has other clever elements like an inline controller, an in-constructed mic, and a solitary button for the order. This bass head is just 50g in weight: an excessive number of elements but excessively light-weighted. 

The most outstanding aspect of this you have a rundown of shadings to browse. Indeed! It resembles a treats store. 

You can get this in-Black, Blue, Frosty white, Molten Orange, Neon lime, and Red. 

Believe me. No other headphone has this many shading varieties. These tones will give you an excited and lively look. Presently, you can groove while working out, running, strolling, or during any activity.


  • Model Name- BassHeads 220 Wired Earphones
  • Launched on – 28 May 2018.
  • Colour options- Black, blue, red, Frosty white, Molten Orange, Neon lime
  • Type of headphone- Wired
  • Connectivity – Wired(L- shaped Jack)
  • Inline remote.
  • Driver Size- 10mm

Key Features

  • It has an inbuilt mic.
  • 3.5 mm long connector.
  • Tangle-free and pocket fit the wire.
  • Weight of 50g


  • splendid product.
  • Crystal clear sound.
  • High bass quality.
  • Exceptional quality with an in-built mic.
  • Offers extra pair of earbuds.
  • Tangle Free wire set.
  • Noise cancellation option in earphones.


  • a bit uncomfortable in the fitting.
  • earphones feel fantastic to ears in winter due to metal finishing
  • Earbuds are pretty unfit for earphones.

BoAt bassheads 220 reviews

The more we attempted to investigate boat bassheads 220, the more certain audits we scanned. We are not saying this; individuals like you, or among you, have been encountered it without anyone else and offered it to us. 

Indeed! There are not many cons. However, there are a lot of provisions for this headphone, making this headphone stick out.

BoAt bassheads 225

BoAt bassheads 225

Coming up to our next item, the boat bassheads 225. Life in the cake to the music sweethearts. 

These thoroughly cleaned metallic headphones are apples to the eye of music darlings. The nature of these headphones is incredible to some other brands. This boat bassheads 225 satisfies every one of the necessities of an audience with its other substantial bass quality and affordability. 

Giving a verified and clear solid quality check, these boat bassheads 225 headphones are made of reliable metal quality that is very weighty to the ears. Have cumbersome earbuds which are not entirely agreeable for extended periods. 

This excellent plan has accompanied these earbuds with a cleaned metal look. 

The bass has got a solid mic sound that is of extraordinary quality. With its metallic value, this boat bassheads 225 thinks of an Astonishing cost.


  • Model Name- BassHeads 225 Wired Earphones
  • Launched on – 1 January 2017.
  • Colour options- Black, blue, red, Frosty white, Molten Orange, Neon lime
  • Type of headphone- Wired
  • Connectivity – Wired(3.5 mm L- shaped Jack)
  • Inline remote.
  • Sweatproof.
  • Sensitivity – 98 dB
  • 10 mm drivers.
  • The frequency range of – 20 Hz to 20KHz.

Key Features

  • A 10 mm driver for a clear and crisp sound quality.
  • A noise cancellation property.
  • Polished metal
  • Tangle-free wires.
  • The lightweight of 32g.


  • Extremely comfortable while wearing.
  • Noise cancellation earphones.
  • Tangle Free wire set.
  • Wire quality is solid and durable.
  • Multiple color options.
  • Crystal clear sound.
  • High bass quality.
  • Exceptional quality with an in-built mic.
  • Extra pair of earbuds.
  • Replacement and warranty.


  • more than 75% have distorted sound by raising the sound.

BoAt bassheads 225 reviews-

Many clients use BoAt bassheads 225, and all have just a single word, which is noteworthy. Boat bassheads 225 is truly possibly the most innovative and beautiful earphone arrangement made by BoAt, either solid or look. 

Boat bassheads 225 has up to stamp voice and sound in either calling, music, or video call. 

When you get it, you won’t regret the arrangement. 

What’s more, on the off chance that you have wanted to buy these adorable headphone, Amazon is the best spot to get it, even at more limited rates.

You now have an option- BoAt bassheads 220 vs 225

Yet, you presently have a choice, BoAt bassheads 225. 

Boat bassheads 225 has a clamor dropping component that drops the foundation commotion at an extremely high breaking point. 

Furthermore, with regards to music, this headphone gives you a fresh and clear tune. You will hear each low and high, making your temperament enchanted. 

This BoAt bassheads 225 is the ideal choice for exercise and running as it is sweatproof and runs each drop of your headwork with music. 

Not neglecting to specify shading decisions, BoAt bassheads 225 has comparable shading choices as BoAt bassheads 220, and those are Black, blue, red, Frosty white, Molten Orange, Neon lime. 

Boat bassheads 225 is super brilliant, or you can say fifty shades of tones.

Detailed Comparision

Design and quality

Boat bassheads 220 accompanies a lightweight and rousing falcon design. These earphones concoct a cleaned metal search for an unmistakable and improved sharp look. 

While the boat bassheads 225 is made of metallic design. This earphone had a head structure with a metal and plastic combo, making the wire multiple times more grounded. The earbuds of these boat bassheads 225 are made of cleaned metal. 

Sound quality

The second most highlight is centered around getting another headphone set for you is the sound quality. 

Both boat bassheads 220 vs 225 headphones have a phenomenal quality of sound with a decent condition among bass and other sound frequencies. A truly agreeable boat sets at a truly reasonable cost. 

What is the response towards frequency? 

Boat bassheads 220 conveys an astounding sound quality by giving an absolute detachment between the mids and lows. It has perfect and quality bass. 

The main difference between the boat bassheads is 220 Vs 225 is that boat bassheads 225 yields punchy profound bass. 

Wire set

The most badly designed piece of utilizing headphones is the messy, tangled wires. Thus, here boat has thought of these most recent unraveling wire set headphones. 

Boat bassheads 220 concoct a level, sans tangle, metallic link.


Do boat bassheads 220 and 250 come in variant colors or only black?

Yes, the boat bassheads 220 and 250 think of 5 lively shadings: lime green, red, blue, and highly contrasting. You can pick your favored shading. 

Is there any difference in the performance of boats 220, 225, or 200?

There is no separation in the design and execution of every one of the three of the boat headphones. 

Will I get an extra set of earbuds with these earphones?

Yes, in addition to the guaranteed time frame, however, you’ll get an entire parcel of extra earbuds with this set of earphones.


It’s sufficient looking at now. 

We’ve effectively shown every detail of both Boat bassheads 220 vs 225 to you. The turn is yours to decide for yourself, what you love, what you need. 

We’ve shown you the pros, cons, and every component of this excellent feature of BoAt. 

NOW, it’s your time, you call.

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