Bose QC 45: Everything we know about future noise-canceling headphones

After QuietComfort 35 and 35 II very well received by the public and still one of the best Bluetooth headsets, Bose returns with a Bose QC 45 which promises to be the worthy replacement of the old version. 

With Ma Reduc, discover all the information and rumors about this future Bluetooth headset that will compete with the Sony WH-1000XM4.


When it was released 4/5 years ago, the Bose QC 35 II cost around € 279. We can therefore think that the price of the future Bose QuietComfort 45 should cost between 280 and 300 €. 

However, nothing is official, the price could be much higher depending on future specifications, these are only guessed about the price of the old headphones that are the Bose QC 35 II and the Bose Headphones 700.  

Release date

For the moment we have no idea of ​​even the approximate release date of this future helmet. However, since the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) confidentiality agreement is only valid until December 1, 2021, there is a good chance that the device will be released before that date. 

We can even take the reasoning further by assuming that with headsets being popular Christmas gifts, the Bose QC 45 could be released around October / November 2021 to make it a Black Friday and/or star product of Christmas.

Everything we know about the Bose QC 45

Now let’s move on to the known features and lingering rumors about this headset. 

The design of the future Bose QC 45

Bose QC 45

The first images of the headphones seem to show that this Bluetooth headset would take the design of the old Bose QC 35 II. This means that the helmet would have a pretty sober design but quite pretty.

The build quality should be there with a plastic helmet still very solid. The weight should be around 234g, which will make it a very light and comfortable helmet to wear even for many hours. 

Finally, regarding the colors, we should find black, creamy white and silver. The ear cups should be foldable to facilitate storage of the headset. 

The characteristics of the future Bose QC 45

At the moment, we don’t know much about the future features of the Bose QuietComfort 45, so we can only speculate on what we might find on the 35 II.

Top autonomy and ultra-fast charging

Bose QC 45
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However, one thing is certain, the charging should be very fast with this headset since it will have a USB-C port. 

Knowing that the QuietComfort recharged in barely an hour with the Mini USB, we can easily imagine that to go from 0 to 100% battery, it will hardly take more than 30 minutes to recharge this future model. 

Autonomy should not be outdone, the QC 35 II offered more than 20 hours of listening with noise reduction activated, so we can imagine that this version should do at least as well. 

We even hope that the Bose QC 45 will do better by going to titillate the 30 hours of autonomy offered by the competitor Sony WH-1000XM4.

Beautiful sound and powerful noise reduction

Bose QC 45
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When it comes to sound quality, we’re sure the headphones will offer some heavyweight, with the QC 35 II still being one of the headphones with the best sound quality to this day. 

As for compatible codecs, we hope that the QC 45 will support AAC and SBC, this is currently the best way to keep the music pure. 

The reduction of active noise unsurprisingly will be back on this model. 

As noise-reduction technologies are impressive on the brand’s older headphones, be it the QuietComfort 35 II or the Headphones 700, we can already tell you that it will be the same here. So you will never be parasitized by outside noises when you enjoy your playlists, all noises will be suppressed, even if you are in an overcrowded subway. 

Express fitting with compatible devices

Bose QC 45
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For the Bluetooth pairing, again we have no information on the version used by the QuietComfort 45. However, we put a small part on possible compatibility with Bluetooth 5.2 which appeared in 2020.

Like the other version of Bluetooth would make it possible to have extremely fast pairing with all Bluetooth compatible devices as well as very few problems of untimely disconnection. 

The ability to control everything by voice with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa

Finally, now let’s talk about compatibility with voice assistants. Whether you are a fan of Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, you will no doubt be delighted.

Indeed, even if again, there is nothing official about it yet, the old headsets are compatible with these assistants, it seems obvious that these features are available here. 

Thus, you will be able to make a call, pick up, control the sound, or even the music played using your voice by commanding your voice assistants. 

Questions answers

Where will it be possible to buy the Bose QC 45 at the cheapest price?

To buy this future noise canceling Bluetooth headset at the lowest price, we recommend purchasing online.

We will update this My Reduce page every day with the best current offers available on the Bose QC 45. So do not hesitate to come and consult this page as often as possible. 

When will the Bose QC 45 be released?

At this time, there is no official release date for this headset. However, everything indicates that it should be available on the shelves before the end of 2021. We expect an October / November 2021 so that Bose can take advantage of the end-of-year sales boom. 

How much will the Bose QuietComfort 45 cost?

Again, we have nothing official to say about the price. On the other hand, knowing that the QuietComfort 35 II was marketed at a price of 279 €, we think of a selling price between 280 and 300 €.

Will the Bose QC 45 be waterproof?

As the Bose QC 35 is not waterproof and the QC 45 incorporates its ergonomics and design, we believe (although nothing official again) that the Bose QC 45 will not be waterproof either, unfortunately. 

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