Newly launched Boult Audio Unveils the AirBass SoulPods in India

Have a tranquil discussion without the unsettling influence of any disarray around you with Boult Audio’s first Active Noise Cancellation victim – earbuds. An exceptional sound brand notable for its inventive plans and standard sound quality, Boult Audio is good to go to stir up the business by offering the most reasonable ANC TWS Earbuds on the lookout.

Boult Audio Unveils earbuds

The unveil earbuds offer a decent 24-hour battery subsistence without supposing twice about perpetration. The Boult Audio Unveil earbuds are high on victuals and perpetration while being incredibly light on the resources. It includes the most recent Bluetooth invention that involves a really good quality Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) chip and a puissant 10 mm wheelman for sheer perpetration.

Presently address your intimates and family or pay attention to your# 1 music without being upset by those marketplace sounds or the tumult around you. Either, there’s likewise the Ambient Mode that permits you to know about your environmental factors by handicapping ANC at the hint of a button.

The unveil earbuds have a particularly assembled configuration that’s made for high ergonomics. It includes a reasoned sprat with extra-delicate silicone tips for added solace during long use.

Boult Audio Unveils earbuds

The body is worked with an excellent and precious- finish ABS shell which further shields it from water and sweat. So don’t let the rainfall or sweat keep you from your outside exercises.

The earbuds are further contact delicate so you can helpfully harness your fingertips to change the volume, change tracks, go to calls or order your voice helper. 

Habit quality

One point that’s valid without distrust is that everybody needs to look brilliant. These headphones will make you look up-to-date. The headphones look great while we wear them.

Boult Audio Unveils earbuds

The headphone case appears to be extremely current and rich. It’s not delicate to hold because of its bent edges. The headphones look one of a kind, as there’s no cable around the neck to ruin the look. The fabricated nature of the case is astonishing and looks extremely current. As the name says, these headphones are remote, and all the inline controls are in full touch. Overseeing calls, controlling music volume is presently at your fingertips. Twofold cock to respite and play the music, Triple cock to skirt the track, and long hold contact for empowering google adjunct. The attack of these earbuds is great. 

Calling Performance 

Boult Audio Unveils earbuds

As no one can live without talking to their amigos and loved bones, these Bluetooth earbuds help to make you feel better while talking to your loved ones. 

  • The Noise cancellation attribute filters the sound which you do not want to hear. 
  • The Boult Propods also support stereo calling giving you the call audio on both the earbuds. 
  • Ultimate of the headphones available in the request gives you the call audio on just one earbud. 
  • These true wireless Bluetooth earbuds also support the Monopod property, which means that after a successful pairing, these earbuds can be used single-handedly for taking calls and heeding to music. 

Audio Performance 

Boult Audio Unveil earbuds give you a soothing experience while harkening to music, and it delivers you full HD and clear sound. 

  • You can freely use the sound for an extended period. 
  • The earbuds aren’t too loud but they’re decent for your attention you can freely hear music at full volume without any problem. 
  • You’ll be competent to hear the beats of the music definitely, as these earbuds give you really clear sound. 


On the details front, the new Boult Audio Unveil earbuds accompany 10 mm motorists to convey an unconceivable sound. 

  • From ANC, the headphones likewise include an Ambient Mode that allows in natural sounds for the patron to know about their environmental factors when needed. 
  • The earbuds illuminate a studied sprat with delicate silicone tips for solace. 
  • The body is worked with an ABS shell that the sodality says wards the earbuds from water and sweat. 
  • Boult Audio Unveil earbuds include IPX7 water-trammel that keeps injury from wet, water and sweat up as far as possible. 
  • They support Bluetooth and are contact touchy so punters can reply or reject calls, change the volume, control music tracks, or order the matched cell phone’s voice consort with signals. 


  • The earbuds offer USB Type-C emptiness and are said to convey as long as 24 hours of recess with the charging case. 
  • Each earbud is professed to present as long as six hours of constant recess on a solitary charge. 
  • The earbuds support Type-C quick charging. 
  • Bluetooth5.0 is there. 
  • It also has an angled design with surplus soft tips for a comfortable experience. 

Reviews conclusion

If you have a medium spending plan however are on a post for a couple of earbuds that give incredible sound quality, you should get the Boult Audio Unveil earbuds point of fact. At Rs 2400, it gloats of honorable sound quality and a plan that will pacify most clients. In any case, the fit could be somewhat touchy so on the off chance that you have little ear trenches, you can avoid this one. Aside from that, I had no bad things to say from this little marvel at a reasonable sticker price. At this price you won’t get anything better than this.

Enjoy your music with these amazing earbuds. They have been delivering the best quality and have been reviewed as one of the topmost recommendable earbuds till now. Now at affordable rates, you can enjoy your music.

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