can you connect bluetooth headphones to xbox one

If you are here to know can you connect bluetooth headphones to xbox one, the official answer is no. You can’t connect your bluetooth headphones to your xbox, but there’s another way to do it.

Don’t worry you don’t have to buy any bluetooth dongle, but if you have bluetooth dongle an go with that process also.

But if you are like me and you don’t want to invest anything then just take your time and read this article so you don’t miss any step.

We’re gonna use one device as a middle man so that device passes the voice to our bluetooth headphone from our xbox in sometimes you feel Sound delay on Bluetooth Headphones that’s ok.

Many people start thinking, just now he mentioned that we don’t have to buy anything. And now he is telling us that we have to use another device as a middle man.” WTF is this?”  Don’t worry guys, you all have that device. I am talking about your mobile phone, So please cool down guys. 

It could be any OS whether it is android or iPhone, this will work on both devices so don’t worry.

You have to download the app from playstore or if you have iPhone download it from the app store

we’re going to be basically streaming our Xbox to this device, then we are going to be listening to that device from our headphones.

can you connect bluetooth headphones to xbox one

  1. Open SETTING > Devices & Connections > Remote features.
can you connect bluetooth headphones to xbox one
  1. Make sure Remote features is Enable.
can you connect bluetooth headphones to xbox one

Now we are done, we don’t have to mess with Xbox one anymore. I know many of you know that, but if you don’t know it let me tell you that last year Microsoft launched their update that you can play games from your mobile or tablet instant of the console.

Download app for your device and log in with the same ID, Few things you have to remember.

First, very important you have to be sure that you’re at the same location as your Xbox right now and you are connected with the wifi signal.   

When everything is going fine open your Xbox app, you see at the top there is one xbox icon you have to click on that.

Now you have to click on the Remote play on this device to allow,  it will take few time and tries so don’t worry. When it’s connect its show like that

Now you have to click on your xbox on the buttom half of the dispaly and you will see that the stream over to your iphone or your android or whatever.

After that everything setup nicely you have to connect your bluetooth headphone to you mobile or tabet device, then just keep your device side and you can enjoy wherever seeing on the screen.


How do I connect my Bluetooth headset to my Xbox one?

You have to download the xbox app for your android device or iPhone, then you have to log in with the same ID and the same location, it may take some time or some tries when its connect you can connect your headphone with your mobile device.

Can you use normal Bluetooth headphones on Xbox one?

Yes you can use normal bluetooth headphones on Xbox one with the help of your mobile device.

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