How to claim warranty on boAt earphones

Earphones are a necessity of everyone’s life as they ensure privacy but at the same time if your earphones are not working as good as you expected or if there is any defect or internal damage, they can give you serious tension. However, many earphones companies like Boat offer replacement and repair service of the products under warranty period.

The good news is that Boat follow “No Question Asked” replacement policy if the product is in warranty period and in some Metro cities where there are service centres of Boat, it is very easy to claim the product.

Claiming warranty on Boat products is very easy if you know the process and essential steps. So, in this article we will guide you through all those steps and process about how to claim warranty on Boat earphones. 

Before starting with the claiming process, let us tell you about:-

Terms and Conditions of Boat

When a company offers services and convenience to its customers, it also applies some terms and conditions to ensure transparency and benefits for both parties. Just like Boat apply various terms and conditions on warranty of earphones which means you can not claim the warranty on Boat earphones if the damage or defect are caused by the following

  • Physical damage
  • Electrical damage
  • Wear and tear
  • Misuse
  • Accidental damage
  • Any destruction due to rude behaviour

Boat never entertains overcharging and overheating damage and physical damage due to testing, installing or carelessness are not repaired by Boat. 

However, Boat always recommend not to overcharge the earphones and not let them heat. The customer service team of Boat have all the rights reserved about the final decision on all warranty claims regarding service, repairing and replacement. 

Now, we are going to tell you about how to claim warranty on Boat earphones step by step:-

How to claim warranty on boat earphones

Step 1. Go on the, there you will see an option button “Register a Complaint”.

How to claim Boat warranty

Step 2. When you select that option, you will land on a new page.

Now fill all the empty brackets Product group, Product, and Pin code and then click on the submit button

How to claim Boat warranty

After submitting this information, two things will happen. Either your complaint will be registered and soon you will be informed about the nearby Boat service centre according to your pin code. And if there isn’t any service centre near you, a new window will appear. 

In the above registration complaint form, you have to fill in the details including the issue with the earphones, your full name, product information, and all. 

Don’t forget to attach the invoice, date of purchase, from where you bought the earphones. Now, agree to the terms and conditions, clear the CAPTCHA, click on “I am not a Robot” and submit. 

Step 3. When all the process is done and once your complaint is registered, you will get a tracking number from Boat and you can easily track the status. 

In a few days, boat will pickup your earphones from your given address and it is sent to the service centre. 

The team will check your product thoroughly  according to your complaint and figure out the defect. The product will be repaired and sent back to you and if the defect can not be recovered successfully, they will replace the earphones with new one, however, depending on the availability, the colour may change. 

If you find any step difficult, you will also contact customer service. 

How to contact boat customer service?

You can either call on these two numbers +91-2249461882 or  022-4946-1882 for calling boat customer care or you can also send mail to  [email protected] this is the official email address of boat customer care for any query or assistance. 

How to check status of boat warranty?

After submitting the complaint, you will get a ticket number from Boat customer care team.

With the help of this ticket number, you can track the warranty status of your boat earphones.

When you enter the ticket number, press the submit button and you will get all the latest updates of earphone warranty status. 

Things you should keep in mind before claiming warranty on Boat earphones

Now that you know about all the essential steps of warranty claim, you must keep a few things in mind for successful claims. 

  • Invoice for the purchase of earphones.  If you do not have an invoice, you can not claim warranty on Boat earphones.
  • Make sure that your earphones are in warranty period. If the warranty period is expired, you can not claim warranty on Boat earphones.
  • If your device has any physical damage, Boat will not replace your earphones. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I claim warranty on Boat earphones Flipkart?

There are two things that you can do, first, send a mail to the official email address [email protected] mentioning the problem and attach a copy of invoice that can be obtained from Flipkart account. Second, just contact the customer care of Flipkart and they will assist you further.

Can we claim Boat warranty twice?

Yes, you can get as many replacements as you want within the warranty period.

Can we claim Boat warranty without invoice?

No, you can not claim warranty on Boat earphones without invoice. Bill purchase or invoice is mandatory.

How do I claim Boult earphone warranty?

You can easily get your Boult earphones replaced by writing to Boult customer care at [email protected] or you can contact directly for help +91)9555-602-502. 

How do I claim warranty on my Amazon Boat earphones?

At the time of attaching the invoice, go to the order list on Amazon and there on the right side you will see the invoice list. Download the invoice and attach it. 

How do I claim my Amazon warranty for headphones?

As we’ve mentioned above, download the invoice from Amazon order list and attach a copy while registering a complaint. Or you can contact Amazon customer care for further assistance. 


All the processes and steps are easy and can be applied on all the products of the boat. I hope this guide has helped you in claiming the warranty on Boat earphones. If you are still facing any issue, feel free to tell us in the comment section.

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