How to claim warranty on Flipkart for earphones

Today I’m going to discuss how to claim a warranty on Flipkart for earphones. I recently purchased Mi in-ear earphones from Flipkart, and the product was defective, so I claimed replacement under the “warranty” program.

Flipkart is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal are the founders of this company. It is a private limited company that has grown to become one of India’s most successful e-commerce businesses.

I also see lots of complaints on social media about the Flipkart “warranty” program. So I want to say that that program is not a “Warranty,” it’s just an extended period of free replacement.

Note: You can find seven days replacement policy for headphones. If there is a problem with the headphones/earphones, you can seek a replacement within seven days of receiving the product on the Website/App/Mobile site.

How to claim warranty on Flipkart for earphones

Flipkart only offers seven days replacement policy on headphones. If the time limit has expired, you must seek warranty assistance from the manufacturer.

Products sold on Flipkart are 100% covered under the original manufacturer (OEM) warranty; if you buy any product from Flipkart which is not under Flipkart smart buy and problem occurs in headphones, then you can directly claim for warranty from the manufacturer without going through Flipkart.

You can find manufacturer contact details on the product page. 

  • Contact Manufacturer via email or mobile no.
  • Send your billing copy and claim a warrant.
  • Any problem, you can contact Flipkart customer support.

But if the manufacturer denies a product warranty, you can go for the Flipkart “Warranty” program, just an extended replacement period program.

How to claim Flipkart warranty program

How to claim warranty on Flipkart for earphones

You can purchase Flipkart extend warranty program from website. Then select the product which is covered under warranty or you want to extend warranty. Then claim the warranty. If you purchase any product which is under Flipkart smart buy then only you get warranty totally free.

If you want to know more about how it works, read the below points-

  • The product has to be of a minimum of 6 months(180 days) from the manufactured date. It can vary depends on the brand.
  • In case of a manufacturing defect or nonfunctional product, the only company will provide free replacement against that particular product model. 
  • If your product is discontinued or out of stock, then there might be a chance that the company may not replace the same model again. In that case, you have to claim a warranty from the company.
  • In case of any defect(not manufacturing), your product will be replaced or repaired free of cost by the same or equivalent model. Flipkart will not provide a different model; in that case, you have to claim a warranty from the company.
  • Only one replacement is allowed per user/customer during the given period mentioned above. After this time, you must contact the manufacturer directly for more assistance.
  • In my case, they did not replace it and did not provide any communication regarding my Mi Earphones. I already had been through two replacements under the “warranty” program, and they would continue to replace me until the time I claimed a warranty from the company.
  • Only in case of a manufacturing defect and under warranty will Flipkart replace it with a new product. 
  • If a problem occurs during of warranty period, then Flipkart cannot provide any support for that. 

In this way, you can claim a warranty on Flipkart for an earphones/product of manufacture date. Any defects occurring within a specific time frame will be covered under warranty.

You can connect with customer care for further support or replacement if the company denies a warranty or does not respond correctly.

For any other queries, feel free to ask me in the comment section below; I will try to help you all. Don’t forget to like and share this article so that more people can understand how it works. Thank You!

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