How to Fix Earbuds that Work on One Side?

Anyone who loves listening to music or watching movies alone in their own space knows the importance of an earbud. 

Sometimes when you are all set to spend some alone time with yourself and have a movie downloaded and ready, and all of a sudden, your earbuds on one side stops working! That is the worst experience ever. And it is not possible to run to the electronics stores to get it fixed. 

In this situation, you might need to learn how to fix your one-side earbuds. 

Here are some simple steps through which you can try to fix your one-sided earbuds. 

Diagnose the problem

Whenever a problem comes, not just in earbuds but everywhere, people try to understand the problem in a much proficient way. 

This is just what you should do when your earbuds on one side stop working. You should diagnose the problem and try to understand what is causing the earbud to stop working. 

There are some steps you can use to understand the problem of the earbud like:

  • Use another pair of earbuds on the same device.

When you try another pair of earbuds on the same device, you will understand whether the problem is with the device or the earbud. 

When you check if the same problem is seen in the new pair of earbuds, too, then the problem is simply with your device settings. 

If the new pair of earbuds is working perfectly fine, then the problem is with your earbud only. 

If the problem is with your device, it can be quickly taken care of using the following steps:

  • Go to your device settings
  • Select audio settings
  • Go to audio properties 
  • Check if the Mono option is ON or OFF If on, turn it off, and this will solve your problem. If it is already OFF, you check the earbuds’ audio level and make sure both are in balance. 

By following the above-given steps, the problem with your device will most probably be taken care of; if not, then you should get your device checked with an expert. 

  • Try connecting with another device.

We can’t cross out the option of the device being the problem without double-checking. 

To connect your earbud with another device, preferably a laptop or tablet. If the problem is carried on then, your earbuds need to be fixed. 

Troubleshoot the device

When you have found that the earbud is causing the problem and not the device, you should try troubleshooting the earbuds. 

Turning the device ON and OFF is one of the most common troubleshooting whenever a device doesn’t work. 

So you can try troubleshooting the device by truing the earbud OFF and ON; most of the time, this step will do the trick. 

If your earbud doesn’t work correctly even after this step is cleared, then some actual fixing is needed for your earbud. 

How to fix an earbud which doesn’t work on one side?

  • Check the earbud’s Bluetooth connection.

If the troubleshooting step doesn’t work, the first and foremost thing you should do is try disconnecting the earbud from your mobile or laptop and then unpair the earbud from the paired devices list. And after that, pair your devices again. This will have balanced your one side earbud not working problem. 

  • Try resetting the earbud.

Most of the time, by resetting the earbud, the connectivity problem of the earbud will be taken care of. And the earbuds on one side, not working problem will be solved. To reset your earbud follow the given steps accordingly:

  • Search for the power button on your device
  • Long pressing the power button
  • If a power ON and OFF button is not available on your device, then try disconnecting your device from your phone or laptop. 
  • After disconnecting, make sure to press forget connection option. 
  • Then again, connect your earbud to your device. 

Different earbuds have different reset options, so make sure you follow your device’s reset process as given. This step would have most probably solved your earbuds one side working problem. 

  • Check for internal damage.

If none of the above-given steps have solved your one side not working problem, then you should try checking for any internal damage in the earbud. 

You can either take the earbud to an expert or can try fixing it yourself. But taking the earbuds to a professional for checking internal damage is the best way if you are not familiar with the internal features of the earbud. And if the earbud is of a reputed brand, check if the earbud has got a warranty. 

Most of the famous brands provide the customer with at least a 12 months warranty. 

If your earbud is still in the warranty period, then you can take the earbud to its respective brand stores. 

  • Clean your earbud

The last thing you can try to get your earbud working is to try cleaning the earbud. 

Sometimes due to dirt and dust, the sound passage must have blacked. So check whether there is any excess amount of dirt or dust present in your earbud. 

If there is, take a clean cloth or tissue paper and clean your earbud by taking its ear protection. But make sure you don’t press anything too firmly while doing the cleaning if you are not familiar with the vulnerability or strength of your earbuds. 

If none of the steps have solved your problem, it is better that you take the earbud to its respective brand store or a repair store because there might be something wrong with the earbud’s inner functionalities.


All the solution that works on the one side of the earphone/earbud is not working have been said above. And now you can try all these methods and still if your earbuds problems have not been solved then taking your earbud to a professional or a repair shop will be the best idea. 


 Why is only one of my earbuds working?

If your earbuds are working on just one side, then you can check the audio setting on your laptop or phone. Make sure your Mono option is turned OFF and that your audio level is on balance. 

How do you fix earbuds that don’t work?

If your earbuds don’t work, you can follow the given steps:
1. Turn on your earbuds
2. Check if the earbuds are clean
3. Connect the earbuds to your device
4. Increase the volume of your phone 
5. Unpair and pair the earbuds
6. If not solved, try connecting with another device. 

Why is my left earphone not working?

Your earbuds/ earphones on one side are not working because either the earbud has not been cleaned in a long time and the dust and dirt have filed the sound system inside the earbud/earphone, or it can be because of some internal problems with your earphone/earbud. 

Why is my left Bluetooth earbud not working?

If your left Bluetooth earbud is not working, then you can go to your device settings and click on the accessibility options and go-to sound. Check whether Mono Audio is turned on or off. If it is on, then turn it off, and your earbud will usually start working. 

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