How to fix Sound delay on Bluetooth Headphones

Whether one wants to watch any videos on social media or play a gaming session or want to call a friend or stream any movie to chill out, sound delay while using any Bluetooth-compatible headphones is really annoying.

It kind of ruins the mood. No user wants to watch a video where the dialogues are not in sync with the animations of a movie. Correct?

Now, this gets worse when the user is playing any game and due to the audio delay, they lose it.

Well, there are a few handy as well as easy to apply methods by which one can easily solve the issue of sound delay in the Bluetooth headphones, whether they are using any PC or smartphone devices.

Reasons of Audio delay

How to fix Sound delay on Bluetooth Headphones
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A few of the common reasons why Bluetooth headphones create audio delay and their basic are:

#1. Signal Interference

Every Bluetooth device is equipped with a receiving end that runs on wireless connectivity.

Any external device such as TVs, smart devices, or laptops that use the same frequency as Bluetooth to transfer data is a liable cause for interfering with the signal thus creating an audio delay.

Well, the basic solution to such a problem is to go out of range of such devices to avoid delay issues.

#2. The device being out of range

The signal range associated with common Bluetooth headphones is about 10 meters.

When the user gets away from the device more than this range, connection issues occur.

This ends up causing the occasional audio delay. The best way to solve the issue is to use Bluetooth headphones that have a longer range of signals.

#3. Compatibility Issues

Pairing a normal Bluetooth headphone with any smart device is very easy, but when one tries to connect a previous generation Bluetooth headphone with a different version of Bluetooth compatible device.

Moreover, the headphone doesn’t support the improvements and thus causes delays in the sound.

So, it is best to use the latest generation Bluetooth device as well as headphones for better connectivity.

#4. Pairing issues

The process of pairing any device with a Bluetooth headphone widely varies with different variations. And when there are too many devices connected to the same source, the last ones get unpaired.

Now, this happens automatically thus creating a complete disruption. Following the pairing process carefully can solve such issues.

Fixing the delay in Mac

There are a number of solutions to fix the audio delay in Mac Devices. Those are:

1. Bluetooth Module Reset

To reset the Bluetooth module in the Mac device, one simply has to follow these steps-

  • First pressing the ‘Shift’ key and holding it simultaneously with the ‘Option’ key can open the ‘Menu Bar’
  • Then the user has to go to the Bluetooth menu, then Debug, and then click on the Remove all devices.
  • Again, after this, the user has to go to Debug and click on Reset Bluetooth device. Then just reconnect the headphone.

2. Deleting Old Bluetooth Files

Sometimes corrupted system files also cause delays in the sound of the Bluetooth headphones. Removing these files by the following steps can solve the issue:

  • Launch Finder by Option+Command+Space
  • Then Go>Go to Folder from the menu bar
  • When the popup window opens up, type /Library/preferences and click on Go
  • Search “” and move it to the trash
  • Then following the first step again, type ByHost after preferences and find the file named “apple.Bluetooth.xxxxxxxx” where the ‘xxxxxxxx’ is unique for every PC. Then move this file to the trash and restart the PC as well as headphones.

Fixing the Delay in Windows devices

There are four different methods by which one can solve the issue of audio delay in windows PCs:

1. Reconnecting Bluetooth Headphones

This is the easiest and most common way to solve the issue. Just disconnect the device with the headphone and then reconnect it with a power-on.

If the issue isn’t solved by this, the next steps can definitely help.

2. Restarting Windows Audio Service

It is the background program that deals with the audio playback and output sound from the PC. With a restart, it can solve the problem of sound delay. To do that:

  • Hold Windows key with R to start Run dialogue box.
  • Type the keyword MSC followed by pressing Enter.
  • Find Windows Audio from there and set the type to automatic on the general tab.
  • Then go to Recovery and then select Restart the service from the tab followed by OK.
  • Now select the same type of options for Windows Audio Endpoint Builder. Then restart the PC and headphones.

3. Updating the driver of Bluetooth

When one connects any audio device to the PC, windows by default installs the drivers on its own. Sometimes those drivers that are automatically installed are old ones and they cause various problems during the playing of any audio.

The below steps are a guide to install and update the Bluetooth driver in the PC:

  • Select the option of Device Manager from the list by clicking on the start button with the right button of the mouse.
  • Then drop the arrow along the Bluetooth to see the list of various Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • Then from the list, select the name associated with the Bluetooth headphone and select Update Driver from the options following the steps the PC asked.

4. Audio Playback Troubleshooter

The following steps can help the user to use the Windows Audio Playback Troubleshooter for eliminating the problem of sound delay:

  • First right clicks on the Sound Icon that is present at the bottom right corner in the taskbar of your PC screen and then, select Troubleshoot Sound Problems from there.
  • Select the Bluetooth headphone from the drop-down list that appears and select Next.
  • Follow the next instructions provided on the screen by PC.

Fixing the delay in Android smartphones and iPhones

There is a special component in every mobile device that is called a Bluetooth codec that handles operations such as encoding, decoding, and compression of the digital data to transmit through various wireless devices maintaining constant communication.

So, the most common reason found to be responsible for any audio delay in the transmission of data between the device and the Bluetooth headphones is the inappropriate selection of Bluetooth codec for the smartphone.

On the other hand, iPhone users are confined with the use of AAC codec, so they don’t face such problems because of the optimized delivery by Apple.

However, for android smartphone users the issue remains the same. But they do have the freedom of selecting a wide range of Bluetooth codec apart from the default SBC Bluetooth codec that is average when it comes to performance related to sound quality.

Bluetooth codecs such as aptX, AAC with different variations, and LDAC are some of the most common codecs available in the market. In general, aptX Adaptive and the HD version of aptX have the best customer review for sound quality as well as connectivity.

One can simply follow these steps to change the codec in an android device:

  • At first, tap on Settings>About Phone> Build Number. Then tap 7 times on the build number which will enable the developer options.
  • Now tap on settings, then additional settings, and from there go to developer options.
  • In the developer options, find Bluetooth audio codec and experiment with different codecs to find a suitable and balanced audio experience.

Apart from all these changes, one can follow these simple steps for both iPhone as well as an android device in order to get rid of the delay in the sound:

1. Battery Level

The user simply has to check the battery levels in the phone as well as headphones to get an effective audio experience. It doesn’t matter what device one uses, if there is a low battery, then definitely the system will malfunction.

Also, audio stuttering is another problem one user will face when the devices have a low amount of juice left. Charging the device when they need it is a good way of getting rid of such issues.

2. Reboot

It is by far the most simple and easy solution to this kind of issue. Rebooting the device as well as the headphones not only restarts every process but also clears background processes in the smartphone.

Now, this causes such delays in audio. It is not a sure method but when things aren’t working out, it is worth a try.

3. Setting performance Level to High

Android users have the freedom to choose different performance modes which are balanced, normal, and high. These setups limit the overall speed of the processor, thus controlling the overall performance of the phone.

So when one sets the high-performance mode, the lag in the audio gets decreased significantly. Although this does consume more battery, if one wants to solve the audio delay problem, then it is very much advisable.


There are numerous ways that have been discussed above to decrease the sound delay significantly. However, there is no way in the world one can simply eliminate the sound delay in Bluetooth headphones.

The use of the latest Bluetooth-compatible device and the use of optimized connections are some of the best possible solutions over all the other methods.

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