How To Pair Skullcandy JIB Wireless Earbuds

Finally, bought your favorite Skullcandy jib wireless earbuds but having trouble pairing them with your Bluetooth device?  Don’t worry, it’s quite normal with new truly wireless headphones and we are here to walk you through all the pairing process. But firstly, let us make this clear that the same pairing steps work with almost all kinds of Skullcandy headphones. So, grab your brand new Skullcandy jib wireless earbuds and get into the article. 

Switch on your Skullcandy earbuds:- When you remove your earbuds from the case, buds will automatically turn on the pairing mode. 

Turn on the Bluetooth of your device:- Switch on your device’s Bluetooth and check on the list of Bluetooth devices, there you will see “Jib True”, select the option and when your earbuds LED light turns blue, your earbuds are connected. 

Confirm pairing:- Make sure you confirm pairing successfully. When paired, the LED light stops blinking and you will also hear an audio confirmation that your device is connected. 

If you have gone through all the pairing processes and are still unable to connect or you didn’t see the LED light, you should try again. And if it fails again, try resetting your earbuds.

If you are wondering like many others “how do I reset my Skullcandy Jib wireless headphones?” don’t worry, we have got you covered. Although, different brands of headphones have different functionality and resetting process, so make sure that you have read the instructions carefully.

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How to pair skullcandy jib wireless earbuds

  • Remove your jib true wireless earbuds from the case and power them off by pressing the button on both the buds for 4-5 seconds.
  • Once powered off, press the button of both the buds for 10 seconds to reset them completely.
  • Once both buds have been reset, put them back in this case.
  • When red LED light start blinking on buds, take them out again.
  • Now both the buds will turn on automatically and blue LED light start blinking.
  • When LEDs start flashing blue light, your buds will start syncing together.
  • Once synced, you will hear a beep or tone that indicates the syncing was successful.
  • Now, you should turn on your phone’s or device’s Bluetooth and search for Jib true in the list of available Bluetooth devices.
  • Now pair your Bluetooth to the device, once pairing was done, you will hear an audio that specify your device is successfully connected.

You are fortunate if you have these Skullcandy jib true wireless earbuds. Do you know why? It is because you can always use them in a mono mode which means if you want to use only one Jib true wireless earbud either left one or right one, YOU CAN!!! Thanks to the new Master Role Switching Capabilities technology that allows earbuds to be used in Mono mode. 

To use one of them, first, pair your earbuds to your device as described above and once they are paired together, simply put one earbud back into the case and the other bud will remain paired and function properly. But remember, you will not be able to control the media function of the bud you are not using.

As right bud is responsible for increasing the volume and track forward. Whereas the left bud will decrease the volume and trackback. So, the media functionality depends on the bud you are using. 

In case if you want to switch to stereo mode (use both the buds), simply pull out the other bud from the case and it will turn on instinctively and you are good to go.

Why are my Jib wireless headphones not connecting?

Wireless earbuds can be very frustrating when not connecting with the device even after you have tried every possible way to connect and you are sitting there scratching your head and thinking “why won’t my Skullcandy Bluetooth earbuds connect?” 

Well, first make sure that you have gone through all the pairing and resetting processes that we have listed above. And do read your Jib wireless earbuds manual to check if there is something that you are missing out on. Also, check out all the devices that come in the Bluetooth range to see if another device has connected to your earbuds.

If none of these things work out for you then you should check up on the following things as well:-

  • Re-establish the Bluetooth connection:- Delete the connection from your device and consideration linking your earbuds again. Just go to your device’s Bluetooth section and find the name of your jib wireless earbuds and tap on information symbol, now select the unpair option. Once the name is removed from your Bluetooth list, link your Jib earbuds again. This process might differ from device to device but you can always figure it out as it is quite simple.
  • Check out the battery percentage:- This is the most issue that occur while pairing the device with earbuds. As when the battery level runs low, the processor of the earbuds doesn’t work and operate properly. So, always make sure that your Jib true wireless earbuds are fully charged to avoid pairing issues.
  • Turn off your Wi-Fi:- Wi-Fi can also degrade your Bluetooth performance, so if you are downloading some files or videos with the Wi-Fi on, just turn it off for a while and then connect your jib earbuds. Once paired, you can turn your Wi-Fi on. This is because Bluetooth sends signals over 2.4GHz radio frequency to communicate with the device and when other Wi-Fi use the same frequency to communicate, it can interfere with one another.
  • Other barriers:- Household equipment like microwave oven and certain materials like plaster, fluorescent light that emit 2.4GHz can also cause Bluetooth connectivity issues. You should move your device and earbuds away from these materials.
  • Check the distance between Bluetooth device and earbuds:- Make sure that your phone, laptop or speaker are within the Bluetooth range of your Jib wireless earbuds. And also ensure that your earbuds are not already connected with someone else’s mobile phone or laptop. And also check if your phone is not connecting with another device or Bluetooth headset.

If you tried all of these approaches and are still unable to connect your earbuds with the device, then there is probably something wrong with your jib wireless earbuds.

So, you should exchange with another pair of earbuds if still in warranty period or you can take them to the gadgets specialist. 

How do I pair my skullcandy wireless earbuds for the first time?

There is no unique or special step that you must follow to connect your Skullcandy wireless earbuds with any device for the first time. But do not forget to read the instructions manual for detailed information about the pairing and resetting process. And even if you follow the above-mentioned steps to connect your earbuds, you can get the pairing process done very easily.

Pair the earbuds normally just like you pair other Bluetooth headsets with your phone or any other device. If still confused then you can always search for it online or just follow the steps that we’ve listed.

Just make sure that your earbuds are charged and do reset them before using them so that they can function smoothly.

It is also advised to reset your device before going on with the pairing process, as it will refresh the processor and get the device ready to operate nicely.

Keep in mind that the earbuds should be able to locate your device and Bluetooth pairing for Android and iOS is quite similar, just go to the Bluetooth menu, activate it and choose pair new device and select your skull candy jib true wireless earbuds. 

Whereas for Windows 10 and Mac OS pairing process can be different from Android and iOS. For Windows 10, select the Bluetooth icon on your laptop then tap on the “Show Bluetooth devices” and then choose your skull candy jib wireless earbuds.

If you are having trouble with finding a Bluetooth icon on your laptop then you can just search for it on the windows search bar.

For Mac OS, go to the Apple menu on your Mac and select System Preferences then choose Bluetooth and locate your skull candy wireless earbuds and connect. 

Confirm the pairing process by tapping on the pair option that pops up on your screen and it is DONE!!!

SkullCandy Jib true wireless earbuds features and specialty:-

Skull candy is quite unavoidable in the world of truly wireless earbuds due to a number of features and durability. Here is what these earbuds have got to offer:-

  • Look and comfort:- Basic design of earbuds has given with switchable rubber tips to provide extreme comfort and in different sizes to fit everyone. They look classy and unbelievable, come with buttons on each bud and modular rubber tips can work with any movement while keeping any type of discomfort away.
  • Battery life:- Skull candy jib true wireless earbuds claims to offer 22 hours of non stop entertainment due to amazing battery life. You can also enjoy one hour listening time with just 5 minutes of charging. So, make bigger playlist.
  • Media controller:- You will have buttons on each earbud to control volume and calls and also activate your Google assistant or Siri. 
  • Water resistant:- You must be worried that what if your earbuds comes in contact with water and get damaged, don’t worry because these skull candy jib wireless earbuds are completely water resistant.
  • Dual mics:- With listening to music and watching videos and movies, you will also have to make phone calls, so let us tell you that you will be having mics on both the earbuds for clear phone calls. So, you definitely won’t regret if you add these earbuds to your headset collection.
  • Warranty:- Skull candy mostly offer 1-2 years of warranty on its every product. So, if you have got damage pair or if your earbuds are not working as mentioned, you can always replace them or get them repaired.
  • Sound quality:- Skull candy wireless earbuds offer clear and stunning sound quality with heavy bass to make even a tiny step audible. The earbuds also have IPX-4 rating that means they are sweat resistant.
  • Material and Design:- The skull candy jib wireless earbuds are made from plastic with matte finish that gives decent look. And both the buds will have skull candy logo on them. 
  • Bluetooth range:- The earbuds offer the range of upto 30ft which is quite amazing, however, the listening experience may vary depending on the surrounding.
  • Master Role Switching feature:- This feature make both the buds master bud. You can control volume, hang up calls, activate Google assistant, play and pause from both each earbuds. It also allows you to use either left or right bud according to your comfort.
  • Low battery warning:- You will also be notified before 30 minutes ago when battery is about to dead by an audio “battery low” and red light will also start blinking in every 5 seconds. 

How to charge your skull candy jib true wireless earbuds?

How To Pair Skullcandy JIB Wireless Earbuds

To charge your skull candy jib wireless earbuds, you need to charge the case first. So, plug in the micro USB charging cable and let the case charge for one hour.

When the case is completely charged, put the earbuds inside the case. A Red LED light will be flashing from the earbuds while charging. Once the charging is complete, the LED light will automatically turn off.

What to do when earbuds are not charging?

If you are struggling to charge your earbuds, you should first ensure that the case is charged. Do check if any debris in earbuds or on the charging pin is blocking the connection. Also, make sure that the earbuds are placed properly inside the case and the cable is inserted into the charging port securely. 

After checking up on all these things, you should wait for a moment to start charging as it usually takes few seconds to begin. Still not charging? Request for a replacement immediately.

Hopefully, we have pointed out most of the issues that might pop up with skull candy jib wireless earbuds. Drop a comment below if we’ve missed out on something. 

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