ITek Dynamic Bass Headphones Review

Humans have been developing for ages in different areas of life. Making a society to live in and then making it a great place to carry on traditions has been a great adventure. And entertainment and relaxation have been a big part of our life.

Earlier people used to enjoy dance and music, which evolved with different era.

Earlier entertainment was based on live people performing for others. Plays, ballets, and live singing performances were one of the original forms of entertainment for people.

Things changed with the evolution of technology over time. Recorders came into play where people could listen to music anytime, they want.

Then radio technology took over the world where everyone could listen to programs from all over the world by just matching to a certain frequency.

This was a pinnacle in the entertainment industry but soon after this television took over everything.

Now not only one was able to listen to their favorite music or dance but also can watch it on a screen.

And finally, now we live in an era with the internet where you can hold a smart device or a music player and plugin earphones or audio devices to listen to them.

Now amusing ourselves with a form of entertainment isn’t limited to songs or plays, it exceeded far greater than that.

Now you can play games, watch movies, TV shows and do many things for a relaxing time. And in such hours, a nice audio device is one thing that can enhance your experience to a whole other level.

Nowadays, headphones give you a pleasant as well as satisfying sound, which isolates you from your surrounding world making you enjoy your own private space.

Noise-canceling headphones differentiate the outside noise and give you pure audio from your device.

This is why they are very popular amongst every age group. If you are having a headphone, you can relax with crystal clear sound.

These devices can make your experience more real while you are playing any game, or watching a movie or tv show.

There are almost tons of headphones available that come at different prices. But in this article, we are talking about a budget headphone i.e. ITek Dynamic Bass Headphones, which has a lot of interesting features.

What makes it worth purchasing?

The product we are talking about here is an excellent audio device from the very popular brand ITek, which is known for its excellent engineering in the field of sound.

This headphone is with the model name of ITek dynamic comfort padding bass headphone.

Now, this was released in recent years and already has thousands of users all over the world due to its popularity.

The item is so famous that it was Amazon’s bestseller wired headphones for almost a year.

The headphone is over the ear type and is wired with a 3.5 mm jack. The total product weighs around 0.6 pounds which is super light when compared to other products at this price range.

When you buy the box containing these headphones, you get a Dyna bass headphone which is very comfortable and stylish.

Also, there are various colors available in the market for this particular product. So, you can choose your style which suits your preferences.

This headphone is best known for its excellent bass. We all love great bass audio from our preferred game or movie and this device fulfill our wish. It delivers what it promises to do.

You can get crystal clear audio with a great surround sound experience which can make your listening experience awesome. And since it is very lightweight, you don’t feel it as a burden while using it.

This ensures that you can use this audio device for a longer period without any issues.

The earpads that are equipped in this headphone are very comfortable with a rubber cover makes it a smooth experience for you while listening to long music sessions in your world.

The headphone has also a 150mW power capability which makes it a very high-quality audio device.

The cans that constitute the headphone not only work as head-turners but also give an impression of chest-cavity shudders. 

This ultimately provides rich as well as deep bass with HD quality sound.

The speakers have a 2000 Hz frequency with a sensitivity of 95-3 dB. Also, the 1.5 m cable gives you the choice to move freely without worrying about the tangling wires.

There are large drivers in the earpads which gives you every detail about the audio streamline. Also, you get a built-in microphone which gives you the choice for hands-free calls. And as if all these things weren’t amazing, the product also comes with a warranty of 2 years, which is great for such a purchase.

Features of ITek Dynamic Bass Headphones

ITek Dynamic Bass Headphones Review

Below are some of the amazing features of this headphone which are explained in details to let you know the effectiveness of this product:

Lightweight and comfortable

The product is very comfortable because it has extra padding around the ears which are covered with rubber coatings to give you a feel of comfortability.

This also ensures that you don’t get annoyed after a long session of listening through these headphones.

Often it happens that heavy headphones, although provide a great sound experience but also irritate during long sessions of movies or games.

This is where ITek makes a mark. These headphones just weigh around 272.16 grams and still, they provide superior quality music which can have a lovely impact on your listening experience.

5 mm jack audio support

Most of the devices that we use have a 3.5 jack which is for external connections for audio from the device to any other speaker. And since this headphone has a 3.5 mm jack with a great 1.5-meter cable, you can connect it to any device you want since it supports most of them.

The great cable length gives you the freedom to roam anywhere without thinking about the tangled wires of the headphones. I guess this is one of the reasons why people love it so much.

Large drivers

This headphone has these large drivers on each side beneath the ear paddings which makes your listening experience so great.

Earlier it was believed that large drivers weigh too much which was too irritating. However, the engineers from ITek designed it such that these drivers feel lightweight.

Also, they are shaped perfectly to match the comfort level of the headphone. Talking about the main functionality of these headphones, they provide superior quality of music from the sides.

This not only gives you an extensive listening experience of bass but also is detailed and the audio is crisp.

Built-in microphone

The headphone also comes with a built-in microphone which has a great quality of noise cancellation so that you can enjoy a good call session or even enjoy gaming session chats without any difficulty.

The audio input that this mic gives is very clear and doesn’t have background noises making it super effective in various crowded scenarios.

Great warranty period

A dedicated product warranty of 2 years is provided to you with this headphone.

This means that you can enjoy your audio without worrying about its life since the after-sale service of the company is excellent.

You can go to any ITek care center and produce the Warranty and date of purchase slip and they will fix your device as soon as possible. So, with this product, you can leave your worries aside.

Surround sound experience

Probably this is the most important feature a customer can only enjoy when they have great headphones.

And this product delivers you the same. With this headphone, you get a complete HD quality sound with 3D experience because of its noise cancellation system which will help you isolate yourself from your surrounding world.

Pros of ITek Dynamic Bass Headphones

  • Superior quality of sound: The product has large drivers with a capability of 150 mW power which makes the experience very rich while enjoying the music. The headphone also has an impedance of 32 ohms with a sensitivity of 95-3 dB making it very powerful. All these technical features give you great quality of audio while listening to songs or gaming sessions. And since it is wired, there is no delay in the audio while going through an online session.
  • Great cable length: The long cable of 1.5 m ensures that you can get free movements without getting tangled in the wires and you get the freedom to go anywhere with it. Also, it is very easy to pack these making it easy for you to travel anywhere with them.
  • Universal 3.5 mm jack support: The 3.5 mm jack is a universal jack and supports most of the devices. This means that you can connect it to most of the devices and enjoy a great listening session. SO, you don’t have to worry about different plugins or anything while using it.
  • Comfortable paddings for long use: Last but not the least, the headphone has great ear cushions that provide you a relaxing feeling and because they are lightweight, so you don’t need to worry about that weight for long use. Whether you’re watching a movie or gaming with your friends, this product helps you through all of them.

Cons of ITek Dynamic Bass Headphones

Wired Cable: These days many headphones come with wireless support but this headphone is a wired type which can be a little setback for some users.


The following are some of the frequently asked questions which customers have regarding the product. This section answers all these questions with a great explanation:

Do they have a dual connection fitment?

No, these headphones don’t have any dual connection fitment. But they do come with a great cable length of 1,5 m which ensures that you don’t have to worry about your freedom to move. In addition to that, the headphones also have a 3.5 mm jack which will help you to connect with most of the devices.

Do they have a noise cancellation system?

Yes, they have an excellent noise cancellation system. This ensures that you get a crystal-clear audio experience that will let you enjoy your music without any disturbance from the outside world. Even the call through these headphones is great and doesn’t have background noises.

Is there a built-in mic available?

Yes, the headphone does have an in-built mic which helps you to call anyone you want with excellent and clear audio during the session. This also ensures that you can chat with your teammates during a gaming session without any latency.

Does this product have a warranty?

Yes, the product has a warranty of 2 years. So, if something happens with the headphone, you can always contact the tech support team of the company. They will ensure that you get it fixed as soon as possible.


The different features of this headphone are what make it a unique device for your own space. And the most important part about the whole deal is that it’s affordable.

There are no other competitors, which provide such features and quality of sound at a similar price.

Probably that’s the reason why people love this device. And more importantly, there are different adjustments that one can configure thus suiting to everyone’s need.

Moreover, these come with a dedicated product warranty so you don’t have to worry about different issues in the future.

If you have an ITek care near you, then you should probably leave the worry to them since their after-sale service is very good.

In our opinion, we would recommend this headphone because of its popularity as well as the comfort level it provides. You are always free to choose any headphones available in the market.

However, when you compare a similar budget headphone with this, they don’t stand a chance.

The technicality involved in making this device ensures that you get a quality experience from it. So, stop worrying and go purchase this product for a lifetime audio experience.

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