JBL C100TWS vs boAt Airdopes 441

It can be challenging to find the right set of headphones for you. JBL has been in the industry for decades, but are JBL C100TWS headphones worth it? This article will compare JBL’s latest model with boAt Airdopes 441 and help make your decision easier!

Yes, you might be thinking JBL C100TWS is an older model. JBL released the JBL C400BT headphones on 26 November 2019, but boAt Airdopes 441 launched on 28 September 2021 on Amazon.

JBL C100TWS vs boAt Airdopes 441, which model is better?

Today, I will discuss all these models so you can decide which one is best for you. Just go through my article and make a decision!


Keyword: JBL C100TWS vs boAt Airdopes 441

JBL is one of the major brands in the headphone industry and has been for decades. JBL launched many headphones and airdrops, which were of excellent quality and had a lot of features.

You can trust JBL to provide high-quality products.


The boAt is another famous headphone brand in the world. They have been around for a long time, providing high-quality products to their customers.

boAt headphones are also perfect, and I use boAt eardrops every day.

Both of these models are excellent, and you can purchase any of them without any hesitation.


It is one of the best models of JBL headphones. JBL C100TWS has been designed to deliver the best sound quality in its category.

The earbuds are lightweight and offer a comfortable fit that won’t fall out.

These wireless earphones feature Bluetooth 5.0 technology for a more comprehensive range & lag-free experience, up to 17 hours of combined playback support.

It is a truly wireless design with an auto-sync feature so you can pair only the right earpod, hands-free calling with crystal clarity.

boAt Airdopes 441

JBL C100TWS vs boAt Airdopes 441

The boAt Airdopes 441 TWS Earbuds with IWP Technology is an immersive audio earphone that provides you up to 30 hours of total playback time.

The earphones are IPX7 water-resistant and have a secure sports fit. It also has super touch controls, a built-in mic and CVC noise cancellation technology.

The boAt Airdopes Earbuds are available on Amazon at a price of Rs.1799 only.

Yes, boAt earbuds are a bit expensive, but they have great features, and you won’t be disappointed.

Ratings about these headphones

JBL C100TWS are excellent headphones but have a lower rating than boAt Airdopes.

On Amazon, JBL C100TWS gets 3.4 stars out of five by over 139 customers reviews. And Sony MDR-EX150AP gets about four stars out of five by more than 1,03,700 customer reviews.

Why should you try these headphones instead of other headphones?

Read the article and decide for yourself. Below are the reasons you should try these headphones.

  • Both headphones manufacture by famous brands like boAt and JBL. Brand value is the crucial factor when purchasing new earbuds online. You can trust both of these brands for their excellent quality and service.
  • JBL C100TWS wireless earbuds are comfortable to use and have a lightweight design. It is easy to carry around with you on the go.
  • The boAt Airdopes are IPX waterproof, which makes them ideal for working out at the gym. These earphones are sweatproof, so you do not have to worry about them.
  • If you are looking for a headphone with excellent sound quality, both headphones are enough. You will be able to enjoy your favourite music without any distortion in sound quality.
  • Both JBL C100TWS and boAt Airdopes are reliable products that will give you years of excellent service. If you want to enjoy your favourite songs or movies on the go, these headphones are suitable for you.
  • These models have a wireless range up to 30 feet and offer 18 hours of playtime, which is excellent.
  • JBL C100TWS is a little bit expensive than boAt Airdopes, but you will get all the features and excellent sound quality as well as remarkable battery life in JBL C100TWS. So it’s worth every penny!
  • So these are the reasons to choose these models instead of others.

You should also try these two brands for their high-quality products and amazing service!

Technical Difference


JBL C100TWS is available in one colour – Black, which looks excellent.

boAt Airdopes are available in Raging Red colour.

You can choose any one of these three options which you like the most.


Both of these brands are known for their excellent service and high-quality products.

JBL is a trendy brand in the audio industry, and boAt is also one of the most trusted names in India.

Both companies offer excellent customer support to give maximum satisfaction to customers.

You can trust boAt and JBL for their excellent products.


boAt Airdopes have a frequency of 20Hz-20KHz, which is excellent for deep bass and noise cancellation. JBL C100TWS also offers the same frequency response from 20Hz-20KHz.

Good frequency is essential as it is the critical factor for excellent sound quality. 

If you are a music lover, this feature should be your priority when purchasing earbuds online.

Both products are capable enough to offer a clear and crisp sound quality.

Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality, boAt Airdopes are excellent with deep bass and noise cancellation.

boAt earphones offer outstanding stereo sound performance, which makes the music more enjoyable than before. JBL C100TWS also has impressive sound quality, just like boAt earbuds but not as good as boAt Airpods.

You will experience a new level of sound with these headphones. It has a noise cancellation feature that is excellent for listening to music without disturbing or background noises.


The boAt Airdopes have a high-quality driver for deep bass and crisp sound quality. The JBL C100TWS also has an excellent driver, but it’s not as good as the one in boAt earphones.

Both earbuds have a driver size of ~16mm, which is good enough for clear sound.


boAt Airdopes are very comfortable to use, and you can wear them for hours without any discomfort. As these earbuds have a lightweight design, it is easy to carry around with you on the go.

The JBL C100TWS also offers an excellent comfort level as it has soft rubber ear tips which will not cause any discomfort to your ears.

You will be able to wear them for hours without feeling irritated or overwhelmed with these earphones as it has a lightweight design and soft rubber ear tips which provide maximum comfort level.


Both the brands are known for their high-quality products that will give you years of reliable service.

The boAt Airdopes are made up of premium quality materials that make them durable and long-lasting, so you can enjoy your favourite music for years without any worry about having to buy another pair of earbuds.

If you want good sound quality along with durability in cheap wireless headphones, then JBL C100TWS is an excellent option for you.

It has high-quality materials and offers good sound quality too, so it’s worth every penny spent on this model!


boAt Airdopes are very compact, making them easy to carry around with you anywhere without any hassle. JBL C100TWS also offers excellent portability as it has a lightweight design and compact size.

Both of these earphones are very easy to carry with you on the go without any hassle, so they’re worth purchasing if you want something convenient yet high-quality!

Mic Quality

The boAt Airdopes have a good mic quality for hands-free calls.

It has a built-in mic for taking hands-free calls, and it also offers excellent sound quality with a noise cancellation feature which is not available in JBL C100TWS earbuds.

JBL C100TWS does have a good mic, but boAt Airdopes are better in this regard as it has a good mic quality and noise cancellation feature.

To summarize, boAt Airdopes are excellent earphones for those who want deep bass with high-quality sound performance and superior comfort level. It is very lightweight, which makes it easy to wear for hours without any discomfort.

Battery Life

boAt Airdopes offer 70 Hours of battery backup in standby mode and 18 hours of music playback, which is excellent.

JBL C100TWS offers 18 hours of battery backup, but it also depends on the volume level you are using for listening to your favourite songs or movies.

Both battery capacities are excellent so that you can enjoy music without any disturbance.

JBL C100TWS offers a Quick Charging feature within 15 minutes, and you will be able to enjoy music for a more extended period.

Another hand, boAt offers a full charging feature within 1.5 hours, which is also great.

Both models have better battery life than other headphones available in the market, which makes them ideal for working out at the gym and listening to songs on the go.


JBL C100TWS vs boAt Airdopes 441

The JBL C100TWS has an IPX-rated waterproof technology that makes it sweatproof and weather-resistant, so you can also wear them at the gym or out jogging.

The boAt Airdopes do not have any waterproof technology, and it is only sweat-resistant, so if you like running in the rain, then JBL C100TWS earbuds will be a better option for you.

Both models are suitable for workouts and sports activities, so you can enjoy your favourite music while exercising or playing a sport.


The boAt Airdopes have a perfect fit in the ears, and you will not feel any discomfort even when wearing them for long periods.

JBL C100TWS also has a good design that fits perfectly but is slightly larger, making it less suitable to wear under your clothing or inside your pocket.

In the end, both earphones offer perfect fit and good sound quality, so if you want wireless earbuds for music listening or hands-free calls, then either of these models will serve your purpose.


JBL C100TWS is quite expensive than boAt Airdopes because of the features it offers, but you will be getting all those features in JBL, which are not available in any other earphones under Rs.1000 price tag.

boAt Airpods offer the best value for money in Rs.800 price range as it has incredible features. You will be able to enjoy your favourite songs for a longer time with its 70 Hour of battery backup, which is excellent when compared with other products in the market right now.


JBL C100TWS has an excellent warranty of one year which is incredible.

Both earphones offer the same warranty period so that you can choose either of them depending on your budget constraints and requirements for wireless headphones or earbuds with a mic.

You will be getting a good quality product at an affordable price range as both models are available under Rs. 3000.

Please Read This: How to claim warranty on boAt earphones

Voice Assistant

JBL C100TWS earbuds support Google Assistant and Siri if you want to use them for hands-free calling.

The boAt Airdopes also has an instant voice assistant feature, but this is not like JBL, so this might be a drawback when choosing these wireless earphones over JBL or any other market model.

Other difference

Both earphones are compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices, so it does not matter whether you have an Android smartphone or iPhone.

JBL C100TWS offers a noise cancellation feature that is not available in boAt Airdopes; however, the latter has a better battery life than JBL C100TWS.

boAt Airdopes have a better battery life than JBL C100TWS, and it is also lightweight, which makes them easy to wear for long hours.

When we talk about the sound quality, then boAt Airdopes offer deeper bass with high-quality sound performance, but JBL C100TWS offers well-balanced sound output in both high and low frequencies.

boAt Airdopes are made up of metal which makes them more durable than JBL C100TWS, but the latter is lightweight with a plastic body that looks stylish in black colour.

So these are the reasons why JBL C100TWS and boAt Airdopes earphones should be your priority when purchasing earbuds online.

JBL C100TWS and boAt Airdopes are some of the best products available in India as it has incredible features such as sound quality, battery life, noise cancellation, etc. At an affordable price range, which makes these two models your favourite priority when you plan to buy a new pair of headphones.

Pros and cons of these headphones

JBL C100TWS Pros

– Well-balanced sound output in both high and low frequencies.

– Google Assistant voice assistant feature is a plus point for hands-free calling.

– Noise cancellation feature is excellent when you want to concentrate on your work.

– It comes with a carrying case that protects it from physical damage and increases the battery life of earbuds by keeping them fully charged all the time.

JBL C100TWS Cons

– The sound might get distorted at high volume levels in

boAt Airdopes Pros

– You will be able to enjoy your favourite music tracks for a longer time as it has 5 hours of playback supports.

– It is lightweight with a metal body which makes them more durable than JBL C100TWS earbuds.

– Noise cancellation feature is best when you want to concentrate on your work.

boAt Airdopes Cons

– Noise cancellation feature might not be great when you compare the sound quality to other models.

Which model is best for me?

Suppose you want to buy wireless earphones for Rs.3000. In that case, boAt Airdopes is your priority as it has excellent battery life and sound quality at an affordable price range when compared with JBL C100TWS, which offers the same features but might not be effective in noise cancellation feature, which can be a drawback if you compare both models in terms of sound quality and battery life.

Frequently Asked Questions about these headphones

What is the difference between wireless earphones and headphones?

Wireless Earbuds are designed to fit in your ears like regular earplugs, while Headphones can be connected through wire.

Which one should I buy, JBL C100TWS or boAt Airdopes?

Both models are launched under Rs.3000 price range. Both models are equally good in terms of features and sound quality, but the main difference between these two wireless earphones is that boAt Airdopes has a better battery backup when compared with JBL C100TWS.

Does JBL C100TWS or boAt Airdopes earphones offer a noise cancellation feature?

Yes, both models of wireless headphones come with noise-cancelling features. But there is a difference in sound quality when comparing the performance between these two products, which makes boAt Airdopes better than JBL.

Is it compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices?

Yes, boAt Airdopes earphones are compatible with all the latest smartphones and tablets, including the iPhone, which makes these wireless headphones your priority when you plan to buy a new pair of headphones online as they offer unique features at an affordable price range.


The JBL C100TWS is one of the best-sounding Bluetooth speakers on this list. It’s also very durable and has an IPX6 waterproof rating, which means you can use it in all kinds of weather or take it to a pool party without worrying about damaging your speaker.

If none of these factors are essential for you to then go with the BoAt Airdopes 441 because they have better battery life than most other options on our list.

Ultimately, if sound quality is your priority, get the JBL C100TWS, but if battery life matters more to you so that you don’t have to charge often, get the BoAt Speaker instead!

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