Think JBL Tune 700bt Review Is Too Good to Be True?

JBL is known for delivering the best audio headphones in the market. JBL is an American company that manufactures headphones, earphones, and other loudspeakers in a wide range of varieties.

JBL offers an amber number of options in headphones, they manufacture Bluetooth headphones, wired headphones, and many more.

JBL tune 700BT review

Moreover, JBL recently has launched a Bluetooth headphone that is JBL Tune 700BT. And if you are planning to invest your hard-earned money in JBL tune 700BT then here we have reviewed the headphone in this article.

However, this headphone has been launched with decent Bluetooth on-ear headphones That deliver a premium quality of audio and feel quite classy.

JBL tune 700BT review

They are light in weight and can easily be carried Anywhere. Furthermore, this JBL tune 700BT Bluetooth headphone also comes with several advantages that you can rarely find any disadvantage of this JBL tune 700BT Bluetooth headphone.

It delivers a powerful pure bass sound and delivers an impressive sound quality. It is a stream of high quality with wireless sound if it and you can connect it with your Bluetooth device without any messy cords. It also indicates an inform you about the battery low coma Bluetooth pairing, power indicator, charger indicator, pairing successful.


  • Weight- this headphone is one of the lightest headphones in weight. If you compare it with other headphones, you can find it much lighter in weight as it is only 220 grams, which is not a figure to be measured.
  • Comfort– this is the most important feature that everyone looks for before making a purchase or buying anything. However, JBL tool 700BT Bluetooth headphones are very comfortable as they come with on-ear headphones that is one of the topmost advantages of this headphone who stop has no one of us will go for such headphones that are not compatible. However, you can use these headphones even for a long period. Moreover, if you use it in high audio volume, then it may pain in your ear but a little bit.
  • Quick charge- this headphone supports a quick charging feature. You can easily charge these headphones for five minutes and it will provide you to enjoy two hours of music time without any distraction. Moreover, it offers you 27 hours of battery life. It has a battery life that is more than sufficient for a headphone.
  • Sound quality- we all know that JBL deals with the best sound quality in all the electronic gadgets that day manufacturers. However, this JBL tune 700BT Bluetooth headphones feature a great sound quality. With these headphones, you will enjoy a great service off loud sound quality and will enjoy that deep bass. Now you can enjoy your music and experience the party feeling. 
  • Build quality- JBL is one of the topmost known brands that deals in the manufacturing of speakers and other music systems. Moreover, JBL two 700BT Bluetooth headphones are quite amazing in their build quality. As they feature a built-in mic that will help you in taking the advantage of a hands-free calling system.


  • Connectivity technology- Wireless.
  • Fit type- over year.
  • Item dimension- 20.5 X 6.2 X 22.3 centimeter.
  • Weight- 220 grams.
  • Microphone form factor- with the microphone.
JBL tune 700BT review

It delivers a special feature that it has a battery life of 27 hours that means you can enjoy and play with your music for a long period on charging it once. Also, it offers a special feature that in five minutes charging it provides you additional 2 hours to Enjoy your music seamlessly.

It also comes in multipoint connection connectivity that helps you in switching between two Bluetooth devices in a very quick way and seamlessly. Moreover, it also has a detachable audio cable that means you can either connect it or play it with AUX.

Furthermore, it has an audio wattage of all 40 watts and a voltage of 5 volts. It does not require any external battery support and is composed of a cell battery composition of lithium-ion. It can be used as without cable and cables are detachable. However, it is a wireless connection type Bluetooth headphone.


  • It comes with a full one-year warranty.
  • Support quick charge.
  • Battery life up to 27 hours. 
  • multi-connection point. 
  • Audio assistant access.
  • Sweatproof and waterproof.
  • Noise cancellation option.


  • However, it hardly has any drawback but it has a low bass system


Do these have Side tones?

No JBL tune 700BT does not features site tone or mic monitoring. This will disable you to hear your voice through the headphones.

Are these compatible with PS4?

The JBL Tune 700BT does not have a good supporting system for PS4. Moreover, you can go for the JBL quantum series.

Will this product work wet devices like Bluetooth headphone Jack transmitters?

Yes, JBL tune 700 BT works well with Bluetooth transmitters.

Does the Aux port also work with Mic?

Yes, you can use an aux cable for connecting the 3-pole connector. Moreover, this headphone is the only one that has an inbuilt mic.

How to pair JBL tune 700BT Bluetooth headphones?

To pair JBL tune 700BT Bluetooth headphones follow the steps down listed below –
1. Hold on to the power button for at least two seconds to turn it on.
2. Connect your Bluetooth with the headphone, the headphone will automatically enter in pairing mode.
3. Press and hold the power button for approximately 5 seconds for subsequent Pairing.
4. now choose JBL tune 700BT on your device with which you want to connect your headphones with.
5. Now you are all set to enjoy your music.


JBL tune 700BT Bluetooth headphone review has concluded with all the necessary information that you need if you are going to invest your hard-earned money in purchasing this headphone. Moreover, all the information has been collected from the best source to provide you all the detailed information. Moreover, this headphone is quite well in performance and can be preferred if you are a fan of JBL and want to enjoy music for a long time. Apart from all these the headphones’ design is quite well designed and the build quality is up to the mark. It has a premium look.

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