JBL Wave 100 TWS Review

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Today we will discuss JBL Wave 100 TWS Review. The JBL Wave 100 TWS is one of the latest launches of JBL. And after the launch of this product, it has got extreme popularity. That’s why this product is the topic.

Before directly jumping into the review, let’s first know some basic details about this product. When checking a new tech gadget, you must check the specification first, then go for features and other information.

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  • Brand: JBL
  • Model: JBL Wave 100 TWS
  • Driver size: 8 mm
  • Connector Type: Truly Wireless
  • Color: Available in different color varieties – Grey, Black, Blue & purple
  • Weight: 46.3 g (0.10 lbs)
  • Microphone available: Yes
  • Charging port: High-speed USB Type
  • Dimension: 2.3 x 2.3 x 0.9 inches

Key Features

Many features need to be mentioned if we are talking about the JBL Wave 100 TWS headphones. Let’s talk about them one by one.

The model has many features. I don’t discuss only one unique thing and explained everything about the new model. That’s why we have listed them out one by one.

My friend also told me that he is going to buy this model. So I thought this guide is helpful for my friend also.


JBL Wave 100 TWS Review

Design is one of the most notable aspects of any headphone. That’s why we should always look at the design of the headphone. The JBL wave 180TS Bluetooth headphone has an excellent and attractive design.

We already discussed the colors at the beginning of the post, but let’s again talk about them briefly for your information. There are many auctions of color in this JBL 100 TWS Bluetooth headphone.

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The top-grossing color of the headphone is black. The other variants of colors are grey, purple, and blue. The colors are good-looking and attractive. Though it has an ordinary design still in one word, the design is decent.

One thing that needs to be mentioned about the headphone box is that the box of the headphone has a unique design. The box that comes with the headphone is a lidless box. It makes it easy to remove the headphone from the box quickly.

The ear tips are designed to get fit into your ear.

Build quality

JBL Wave 100 TWS Review

If you are looking at the build quality of this product, be assured that the product quality will satisfy you. JBL has been providing good quality products, and it is not an exception. The JBL Wave 100TWS headphone has a plastic body design.

Sound Performance

It is what we should always check when we are purchasing any sound device.

The sound performance of this JBL Wave 100TWS is excellent. The sound output is clear and peaceful. It is equipped with JBL deep bass sound effects. Its sound effect gives perfect enhancement in the sound production of the product.

The size of this headphone is 8 mm. Which gives you a cloud output compared to its lower driver-sized headphones. Overall, the bass of the headphone is pretty much decent.

At last, what needs to be said is that the JBL Wave 100TWS justifies its price.

Battery Backup:

In the novel, one of the essential things of portable devices is their battery. Because if there is less battery backup time in your portable device, it is sure that you will enjoy less fun with your device.

This metal is applicable in our mobile, and that’s why we constantly check how much battery backup the mobile can provide before purchasing any mobile.

But when we go to purchase any headphones, we often forget to check the battery backup of the headphone. In the same way as mobile phones, we should also check the battery backup of the headphone to ensure that we can get maximum output from the headphone as long as we wish.

This JBL wave 100 TS headphone has a battery that gives about 20 hours of battery backup time. In typical cases, no human listens to music 20 hours a day, so what I mean to say is that the headphone battery will be able to serve the great musical experience for all through a day in just a single charge. The 46 mAh lithium-ion battery will handle this work.

JBL Wave 100 TWS Review

Digging into deep, you can find that the headphone will continuously serve music for 5 hours. Later you have to charge this JBL 100tws headphone with its charging case.

It is also required to check the charging time of the headphone. As per the company JBL, headphones take about 2 hours to charge from 0 percent to 100 percent.

JBL Wave 100 TWS Review

If you are a traveler, you must go for this type of headphone, which gives at least 15 hours of battery backup time.


JBL Wave 100 TWS Review

As we can know from the name, this product is a truly wireless headphone. The term TWS in the name of the headphone suggests that. It means that you are going to have a truly wireless experience with your headphones.

The main connectivity option that you will get with this headphone is Bluetooth. And Bluetooth is the most used method out there in the cases of wireless headphones and earphones.

This JBL wave 100 tws headphone comes with Bluetooth 5.0. This 5.0 ensures that you will get very high-speed connectivity with your mobile and headphone.

The range of the Bluetooth receiver that is being used in this headphone is 10 m. In typical situations, this distance is enough to pair your headphone device and your mobile.


JBL Wave 100 TWS Review

The product’s weight is just 10.2 grams for the two ear tips, with its charging case.

But, before buying any product of any company, we must have to know about the company.

About the company.:

The JBL Wave 100 TWS is a product of the company JBL.

JBL is a reputed company in headphones and earphones, probably the most popular company in this field. Unless you live in a case, you must have cleared the name of this company.

The beauty product of the company is fine, and it has excellent quality. So with this JBL Wave 100 TWS, you will not get dissatisfied with its quality.

Voice assistant support:

Voice assistant support is a new feature introduced in newer headphones that allows you to control your headphone through your voice and not headphone; you can also manage your mobile with voice assistance.

Different kinds of mobile operating systems have different types of voice assistants. For Example, Android has its Google assistant, iOS has its voice assistant, and a popular voice assistant of Amazon called Amazon Alexa.

But often, we can see that the manufacturer company provides support for just one or two assistance. But this headphone is an exception, and it includes support for three popular assistance mentioned above.

Frequently asked questions:

JBL wave 100 tws headphone good?

The JBL wave 100 tws headphone is good, and it is an efficient budget headphone for most common users.

What is the size of the driver in JBL wave 100 TWS headphones?

The size of the driver in JBL wave 100 TWS is 8 mm.

BL wave 100 TWS headphones are made of by which material?

The JBL wave 100 TWS is made of good-quality plastic.

What is the meaning of TWS in headphones?

TWS stands for Truly Wireless Support. It is a feature introduced in new headphones that allows you to connect your mobile with your headphone without any wire. TWS generally uses communication mediums like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

What kind of ear tips are available in the headphone?

This headphone has all the regular ear tips that a headphone should have. Large, medium and small ear tips are available with this headphone at no extra cost. You can choose them according to the size of your ear.

Are JBL TWS waterproof?

No, it is not waterproof. It means you cannot use the headphone for swimming or bathing. But if you are looking for sweat-proof headphones, you can check out this JBL Wave 100 TWS model. It is a beautiful model by the JBL brand.


Now we are at the bottom of the article. That’s all for now. I hope that I have given you a clear concept about the JBL wave 100 tws headphones review. If you have further queries, go to the frequently asked questions action of this article.

If you find your post helpful, please share it with your friends to let them know about this JBL wave 100 TWS headphone. The article is helpful for everyone who is looking for the headphone.

Let me know in the comments you would buy this model or not? or If you are still using the model, share some experience to help other peoples who read this guide.

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