Nothing 1 Ear Earbud review

This article is about Nothing 1 Ear Earbud review. For several weeks there was no significant launch in the field of earbuds and headphones. But, A creative transparent earbud called Nothing Ear 1 was launched. 

Now the model is trending. This earbud has created a sudden agitation in the market. And, today, we are going to discuss it. The product launched on 17th August is the product that we will discuss is Nothing Ear 1.

But first, let’s know some basic things about the model:

Nothing 1 Ear Earbud review
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The Nothing ear 1 earbud is the very first product of the company Nothing. Nothing is a London-based new company with a great aim called “remove barriers between people and the technology” and the earbuds they had launched has got much popularity in the market.

But if you have any headphones now, you may be wondering should you buy this Nothing earbud  1?


There are some reasons for which you should consider buying this brand new headphone :

  1. It is a very recent headphone that has been lost in the market, and it is an extensively popular headphone.
  2. This Nothing ear 1 earbud is an entirely wireless headphone. The headphone you are using now may be a wired one, but as we all know, wireless staff provides better accessibility than any wired stuff. 
  3. So to get rid of the knot of words, you should consider upgrading to this wireless headphone.

Nothing Ear 1 review, Specifications & Features [Detailed Explanation]

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As we discussed above, this wireless headphone was first launched in India on 17th August. Let’s now look at some of its specifications which can give you precise technical details about this product:


  • Brand: Nothing
  • Model: Nothing Ear 1
  • Driver size: 11.6 mm
  • Connector Type: Truly Wireless
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 57.4 gm
  • Microphone available: Yes
  • Charging port: High-speed USB Type
  • Dimension: 2.3 x 2.3 x 0.9 inches

Key Features:

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When we talk about the design, we can not ignore the color because all the appearances depend on the color. The Nothing Ear 1 headphone has an entire transparent body with a white finish on the ear tips. 

The case of the headphone is transparent. The headphone design is pretty impressive but looks much similar to Apple’s earpods if we ignore the transparent design.

Build Quality:

Being a new brand, you may have questions over its build quality. The headphone, as usual, is made of plastic. As we said, the headphone is a bit transparent, so the company needs to focus on finishing the interior parts as an unfinished or untidy design may make an ugly impression on the users. Still, with good luck, the headphone passes this challenge.

Sound Performance:

Sound Performance is all you will need in a headphone, especially if you spend about 6k (INR) on a headphone.

And, in this case, Nothing Ear 1 has not disappointed us. The sound quality of this earbud is quite impressive. The sound quality of every earphone usually does depend on the drive size. 

This headphone has an 11.6 mm drive. This drive size is competitively enormous compared to most other earphones in this range. According to the view of price, it truly justifies its price and gives the whole value-for-money experience. The bass quality is also good. The stereo output is almost excellent.

Battery Backup:

No matter what profession you are in, no matter whether you stay in your house or stay outside your house most of the day, none of us want to keep on mobiles and wireless headphones with the charger all through the day. 

Particularly with wireless devices, we want that this device stays with all with just a single charge. That’s why whenever you are purchasing a wireless earphone, you should always check whether this device has a good battery backup or not. 

In this case, the Nothing Ear 1 gives about 25 hours of backup time in just a single charge. That’s the scenario when ANC is turned on. But if you turn ANC off, the battery backup time gets boosted for about 6 hours, and that gives you about 30 hours of battery backup time.

It is a great battery backup time and the best in class.

If you are a traveller, you must go for this type of battery.


The Nothing 1 Ear headphone is genuinely wireless. The main connectivity option that is available with this earphone is Bluetooth.

It is one of the best truly wireless headphones in its price range.

Indeed wireless stereo technology has been used in this earphone.

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Auto Sync Feature:

The earphone is available with an auto-sync feature.

The earphone can be easily synced with your mobile with the powerful app from NothingNothing. This app is available for both IOS and Android platforms. 

This app has some cool features. With this app, you can set the bass and some features to their extreme range. It’s great for a company to launch an earphone with All-in-One features.


It all stops for a buyer to buy a wireless earbud when they know that it is a heavy product. Companies are in the race to deliver the highest headphone, and NothingNothing is not an exception. 

Before some days, if you could get earbuds with as low as 20 gm of weight, that would be a great one. But, nowadays, earbuds have become more compact, and most of them are under just 10 grams.

But, this Nothing ear 1 earbud is even more lightweight. The earbuds weigh just 4.70 grams. And, this number blew my mind. The total weight of this earbud, along with its case, is about 57.4 grams.

The brand:

One of the significant drawbacks while purchasing these earbuds may be the barn. Because NothingNothing is a brand new brand, and we do now know much about this brand. 

But, be sure that this is not a fake brand; this is a good brand and has grown big in several days. It was launched in February 2021. We all know that the only product that the brand launched has got much popularity, so we should believe in this brand.

The main problem with this earbud:

Do not worry; the problem with this earbud is not in its performance or physical parts; it is with the services related to this product. 

We all know that whenever we get a damaged product or gets damaged, we have to take the product to the respective service center. 

But as this is a very new brand, the beard may not be an adequate number of service centers all around the country. If this is not a problem for you, you can go for this earbud.

How much do the Nothing Ear 1 cost?

It is the most common question you may be wondering. I want to say it is a lot cheaper than other trending earbuds Apple, Sony, etc. It costs around ₹5999.


Nothing gives you two-year warranty on the Ear 1 earbuds. 

Frequently asked questions:

Is Nothing Ear 1 a good sound earbud?

Yes, there is no doubt that Nothing Ear 1 is a good sound earbud. And, its vast popularity suggests it. In this article, we have written a detailed review about it with which you can understand the performance of these earbuds.

Is Nothing Ear 1 waterproof?

There is no evidence that this Nothing Ear 1 earbud is waterproof.

What is the unique thing in this NothingNothing Ear 1 earphone?

The most exciting and unique thing that we have found about this earbud is in its design. It offers a unique transparent design

Is Nothing Ear 1 worth it?

Yes, Nothing Ear 1 earbud is worth it as it provides good specifications.

How good is the sound quality of Nothing Ear 1 earbud?

The sound quality of the Nothing Ear 1 earbud is pretty excellent. The big driver of this earbud does its job.

How can I charge the Nothing Ear 1 earbud?

The Nothing Ear 1 earbud can be charged with a USB type c cable. The earbud is compatible with Q1 chargers.

How can I control the Nothing Ear 1 earbud?

The Nothing Ear 1 earbud can be controlled easily with the mobile app. You can search for the Ear (1) app in the respective app download center of the two platforms to download the app.

  • Famous for its unique transparent design.
  • Lots of features are enabled in this model.
  • Easy to pairing and using.
  • Limited Customization.
  • Performance could be better.

Final Verdict about Nothing Ear 1 review

So this was the detailed review of Nothing Ear 1 earbud. We hope that we have been able to give you a clear idea about this product.

For convenience, we have added the pros and cons so that you can make a quick judgment about the quality of the product at a glance.

In this review, we have included both of its advantages and disadvantages. You can read the details about the products and upgrade your old earbuds with this Nothing Ear 1.

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