Headphones being the ultimate audio peripherals are the need of every common or professional person. After speakers headphones are the absolute choice for the best audio output & the great thing about headphones is that you can comfortably listen to any audio without disturbing your surroundings. 

In this regard, it is quite important to choose the right brand to buy the best headphones. You may have heard about Sony, Among the Best Headphones and Headset Brands in 2021, This is one of the known brands for offering a number of high-quality digital gadgets. With years of reputable history, Sony is considered to be a trusted brand for buying these Digi gadgets. So, this is for sure that you’ll get the best headphone of your choice here.

With the technological & functional changes, the series on headphones may differ in functionality. Concerning the current topic “Sony MDR XB55AP VS MDR XB75AP “, we are here to know about the distinctive features of both of these headphone technologies. Knowing about the facts and figures will make your choice of headphones even more precise. So, let’s get started with the discussion!

Features Of Sony mdr xb55ap vs xb75ap

Both headphones,Sony MDR XB55AP VS MDR XB75AP, are products of the SONY brand, so the quality of the headphones is surely good enough to use for any purpose. However, both of these headpieces are quite different in their features. So, we are here to discuss those exclusive features distinctively. 

Sony MDR xb55ap (Sony MDR-XB55AP Premium In-Ear Extra Bass Headphones with Mic)


Technical Specifications

  • 1-year warranty
  • 16 ohm of impedance
  • 110 dB/mW sensitivity
  • 12 mm headphone driver
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • 8 grams of weight
  • 1.2-meter cable length
  • Shiny metallic body
  • Tangle-free cable
  • You get four sizes of earbuds(SS/S/M/L)
  • Come with Inline and mic
  • Deep Bass features 4 Hz Minimum Frequency to 2400 Hz Maximum Frequency

Let’s Checkout The Features Of the Sony MDR xb55ap 


This exclusive headpiece is a recent upgrade to Sony MDR-XB50AP. Coming up with a designer look that is stylish, simple, and reliable. In fact, you can say the visual outlook of MDR-XB55AP is pretty much identical to its old version (MDR-XB50AP). 

With a decent and elegant outlook, the earpieces are a bit bigger in size. The metal plaque buildup on the back gives a solid, sturdy, and shiny look to this headphone. For the more convenient experience of users, the cables are flexible enough to avoid any tangling effect. 

Many users often face this problem with a number of headphone wires that while they place them in the pocket or pouch the wires get tangled or knotted. With the new headphone featuring high-quality durable wires, you’ll surely have a good experience. Not only is the cable durable enough but also has come up with enhanced connectivity options. The metallic L-shaped jack is good enough to support the headphones. 

Color Options

This best headphone with Extra-Bass is 3 shades of decent colors. That is black, white & blue. With its metallic accent casing, it can be paired with three of the variants that give a stylish and classy look to it. These earpieces are available with a SONY logo printed on each. 


The crucial thing to know about any headphones. This great quality headphone is superbly functional with classic features. The built-in microphone to support call connections. An attached button is very responsive to control a number of functions. Like you can answer your phone calls without touching your smartphones, you can control your music play & can easily shift between the tracks and you can also control the volume level with this button.  As far as the usability is concerned you can count MDR-XB55AP as the Best Wireless Earphones for Working Out & Running, as they are available with the flexible wire. 

Talking about the nozzles, that are designed with a perfect to fit approach. These nozzles are in-ear fit to provide you with the best sound experience & they completely cut out the external noise. So, while using these earpieces you can rest assured, you’ll not be disturbed by any outside distraction. 

These headphones are perfectly compatible to use with smartphones as well as PC or laptops. This means you can attach them to any device you experience with high-quality audio output. With this concern, people are more practical in their choice to choose these headphones. 

Sound Quality

An exclusive headpiece MDR-XB55AP, powered by SONY, is one of the best-selling earpieces. The reason for their high-selling rate is the un-affected sound quality. For those who are very fond of listening to music, these headpieces are perfect for catching every single beat of your favorite soundtrack. You can enjoy the best purity and clarity in sound with this earpiece. Moreover, it helps you well in taking your calls while driving to let you hear the perfect sound.  

These exclusively designed headphones are great to let you enjoy every single music beat. No matter if you are listening to hip-hop or slow music, you are sure to enjoy each and every bit. Moreover, for the 3D,8D, OR 10D songs these headpieces are best used. Overall the sound quality of these headpieces is great.

Bass Frequency ( Extra-Bass Headphones)

These headphones are superbly known for their extra-bass technology. There is no irritation while listening to music due to the best 12mm bass boost driver. Its enhanced bass technology allows folks to enjoy the intensity of deep bass. It offers you to enjoy good audio output at a variety of places. You’ll surely feel like a real club or festival ( watching live). 

To make the sound rumbling, the sub-bass has been strengthened and made more efficient. The sound of the XB55AP is less bloated since this region is nicely regulated, and the mid-bass is robust and powerful. The mid-range is significantly less apparent than other sets we’ve evaluated. And this is because the focus is on bass. The mid-range is laid-back and enjoyable to listen to, with a hint of sweetness and a well-rounded feel. XB55AP’s treble is nice, with adequate clarity and sparkle, but it doesn’t loosen up.

Accessories You’ll Have With Purchase

The Sony MDR-XB55AP has four pairs of black silicone ear tips in various sizes, one of which is double-flanged. A tiny carrying bag, a shirt clip, and a double-pin adaptor are also included for usage with a laptop or PC.

Let’s consider the other exclusive headphone technology

Sony MDR xb75ap (Sony MDR-XB75AP Wired Earphones)

Technical Specification

  • With an in-line remote mic, it’s compatible with smartphones.
  • Silicone earphones that are both comfortable and secure to use.
  • Aluminum housing with a Y-shaped cable and a length of 1.2m for rich, powerful sound
  • Extra-deep low-ends with Powered Bass Duct++
  • 12 mm dome type DRIVER UNIT (CCAW Voice Coil )
  • CORD LENGTH: Litz cable, Y-type, approx. 1.2 m
  • 16-ohm IMPEDANCE (OHM) (1kHz)
  • 112dB / mW SENSITIVITY (DB/MW)
  • Litz cable, Y-type L-shaped gold-plated 
  • 4-pole mini-plug Hybrid earpiece 
  • SS/S/M/L Carrying Pouch, approx. 1.2 m


Another masterpiece offered by SONY with the outclass audio technology. Meeting the recent audio standards of MDR-XB75AP, the premium headphone has come up with a bundle of features. This is basically an upgraded version of MDR-XB70AP. With the addition of some classic features, this headphone is a bit ahead of its predecessors.  

The earpieces feature a relatively bigger size. The reason for a variation in size is that they contain a 12mm audio driver in each. The finished aluminum back adds more grace to the overall design. Also, the back is finished with a concentric circular pattern. The extra-bass duct is fitted in between the inner and outer nozzle. 

With the classic structure, these headphones also feature highly flexible wire. The premium quality wire keeps your headphones tangle-free. No matter how you keep them with you the wires will be free of knots. The headphones are really lightweight. 

Color Options

This is highly impressive, available in a choice of black or green finishes. The unique combination of the color scheme has also made this headphone a good GO-To option. With the aluminum coating & these cool color shades, MDR-XB75AP is the prior choice for users.


The headphones are highly flexible to use. With an accurate design that perfectly fits ears, these headphones offer an incredible audio experience. The plastic nozzles are designed angularly to fix in the ear. Both the earpieces are clearly marked as Left or Right for comfortable usage. These headphones also pin up a stress reliever, so with the excess of use, your ears will not get tired or will not have pain afterward. The noticeable thing is that the left stress reliever has a tiny headed dot that helps you to locate these headphones in the dark. 

Considering the users’ comfort these headpieces also feature an in-line microphone to offer you more ease for voice communication. A small functional button is also attached with the in-line mic. That button is multi-functional to support attending calls, music play & pause & also for switching between the songs. 

These headphones can be used with Android OS, Windows, or Mac OS. With this extent of compatibility, you can use these headphones to connect any of your concerned devices for the high-end audio output. 

Sound Quality

The most obvious reason for the popularity of this headphone is its sound quality. Everyone loves to feel the beats, so this one is the best solution to go with. The 12mm neodymium drivers are perfect for producing crystal clear audio. The frequency range of these headphones is between 4hz-26000 Hz. 

This is a tested range to ensure that you hear the perfect pitch of the sound. Overall these headphones are perfect for high or deep low-end audio. These headphones are available with the aluminum coating that is manufactured to deliver high-quality clear, rich & dynamic bass sound across all frequencies. 

These highly exclusive earpieces pack some highly effective punches with their sound quality that nobody can resist using. It has a 10 band equalizer with treble knobs and bass. It also has a limiter function to set the volume. The overall sound quality is awesome, anyone who will use it will surely love it!

Bass Frequency- Extra Bass Technology

The enhanced bass technology in this Sony premium headset improves the sound quality. It amplifies deep bass and provides you with a concert-hall-like experience. With a rumbling bass that rattles and rubs my inner ear, the Sony XB75AP is a genuine BEAST. Expect a bass that can cover any intense genre with high requirements on the bottom end of the spectrum. 

The Sony MDR-XB75AP is ideal for those who want to have a good time while listening to music. The package screams Extra Bass, hinting at what you may expect. Although this may be a turn-off for audiophiles who want a balanced tune, this earphone is aimed at the electronic dance music crowd.

An EQ can produce insanely low levels and a powerful mid-bass. The Sony MDR-XB70AP was able to withstand up to 65 percent of the maximum power flowing from a FiiO A5 amplifier during our severe bass head testing, with an immensely punchier and deeper response. And this also has come up with a  high bass head rumbling and impact level. It has a lot of sub-bass power (and bass in general). 

Accessories You’ll Have With Purchase

Four sets of ear tips and a tiny pouch with a good fabric type are included with the Sony MDR-XB70AP unpacking. The unit’s packaging is modest and straightforward, with no elaborate decorations or features. The MDR XB75AP is the ideal travel companion thanks to its sleek carry case and tangle-free cord.

In The End!

SONY is the ultimate brand for manufacturing & selling high-end digital gadgets. On its way to winning this technological game, it has set up higher standards for other brands that are quite difficult to beat. Sony MDR XB55AP VS MDR XB75AP, two exclusive innovations for the best audio output are great to use. 

We have mentioned facts and figures related to each technology individually. You can differentiate between the classic qualities of both headphones. You can choose to buy one up to your convenience for the best results.

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